Best Disc Golf Discs for Kids & Juniors

Disc golf has gained immense popularity over the past several years, especially during the global pandemic, you know which one I am talking about … Following the closure of many traditional individual and team sports during the pandemic, a lot of people, including children, have started embracing disc golf. 

But, are there disc golf discs specifically made for children or should they just throw regular sized discs? Yes, there are! There are a variety of them, but which ones are the best? Well, you don’t have to worry about that as I have compiled a list of the best disc golf discs for your kid(s). Most of the discs in the list are lightweight discs, which are perfect for children as they are easier to throw.

Best Disc Golf Discs for Kids & Juniors

My #1 Pick – Dino Discs

Dino Discs disc golf logo

Dino Discs is a brand designed primarily for children. That is their objective: to get even more children to play disc golf.

For now, there are a total of 10 Dino Discs are available on the market, with each named after a dinosaur. Dino’s disc line contains three distance drivers, a fairway driver, four midrange discs, and two putters.

These Discs are all ultra-lightweight, with most of them weighing below 120 grams. The heaviest Dino Disc I’ve ever seen weighed 147 grams. Dino Discs are extremely children friendly due to their ultra-lightweight as well as a flexible plastic.

Dino Discs The Allosaurus & The Spinosaurus.

Other than having an ultra-lightweight, children actually love Dino discs for their colorful plastic and dinosaur prints. Some Dino Discs can also change color during the day and glow at night. The plastic of Dino Discs are visually appealing and have great grip.

Although, Dino Discs are also not PDGA-approved, making them illegal to use at any PDGA sanctioned events. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean Dino Discs are not great for children, on the contrary, Dino Discs are superb for children!

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My #2 Pick – Sune Sports Safety Line Disc Golf Discs

Sune Sports safety line discs
Picture from –

Sune Sports, a sporting goods company from Norway, has designed a line of disc golf discs for kids keeping in mind their safety. These discs are very light and soft, making them ideal for children of all ages. Sun Sports Safety Line discs are so soft that they can even be thrown around the house! NB! Don’t grip’n’rip one at your window to test it out, please!

The Safety Line currently has 8 discs. For example, the Cumulus putter has a low profile and a blunt nose. This disc is simple to toss and also works well for playing catch. The Cirrus is a mid-range disc with a little thicker rim than that of the Cumulus but the same soft plastic feel. Sune Sports Safety Line Discs range in weight from 110 to 120 grams.

And here’s the cool part! All of the Sune Sports discs are PDGA approved and can be used for tournament play!

Check the Sune Sports Safety Line out here on

Here’s a great example how soft the Sune Sports Safety Line disc golf discs are:

insanely soft sune safety line disc golf discs
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My #3 Pick – Dynamic Discs Junior line discs

best discs for juniors and children
Photo from Dynamic Discs –

Dynamic Discs Junior line discs are just a smaller version of their entire counterparts and are meant to fly with identical flight characteristics. The DD Junior line of discs is a lot of fun to throw because of their surprising stability and glide.

In addition, Dynamic Discs has a special basket called the Junior Recruit basket, which is particularly built for younger players. Junior discs, when combined with the Junior Recruit basket, are ideal for creating a short, entertaining course around your home, yard, or business, or for introducing younger children to the sport of disc golf.

There are three most popular varieties of this line of discs, which are larger than regular ‘marker discs’ and are particularly developed for juniors and children. The right polymer blend results in some of the most comfortable and long-lasting plastic in disc golf, the Dynamic Discs Lucid plastic. This transparent combination can withstand battering while retaining the disc’s original flight characteristics for many rounds of disc golf. There are 3 different discs as follows:

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Here’s a great example of the size of the DD Junior line discs compared to regular sized disc golf disc:

My #4 Pick – Discraft Mini Discs

Discraft Mini Discs Series

Discraft is one of the most famous companies in the disc golf community, their discs are top-notch and so are the Discraft Mini Discs series! These mini discs are a lot more fun on the field and bring a new degree of challenge to your kid’s disc golf game. Discraft features a number of mini discs specifically modified for children. Here are some:

Discraft Mini Discs’ stability will surprise you. You might think they won’t follow the flight line, yet they glide like lightweight full-sized discs of the same mold!

Check out the Discraft Mini Discs here!

Here’s a good size comparison of the Discraft Disc Sizes:

Discraft disc sizes

My #5 Pick – Divergent Discs

Divergent Discs disc golf discs

Divergent discs are specifically designed for beginners, but they suit well for kids as well!

Divergent discs come in one single high-quality plastic, rather than confusing parents with a variety of different plastics and pricing. This is a low-cost, grippy plastic combination of the same strength and toughness as quality plastics from other manufacturers. Most parents (who don’t play disc golf) are unaware that the identical disc mold in one plastic would most likely fly very differently compared to another plastic. For children and beginner disc golfers, this variability in flight paths may be quite aggravating.

Divergent’s MaxGrip plastic is the ideal go-to plastic since it is inexpensive and durable. In addition, rather than offering a wide range of different weights for one single disc (from 100 to 180 grams), Divergent Discs Molds are only available in simple & consistent weight ranges.

Check out the Divergent Discs here on

You may also want to check out this video reviewing Divergent Discs:


If you are looking for the best disc golf discs for your kid/s, all of the above-listed discs are great options! Personally, I would highly recommend the Dino Discs and Sune Sports Safety line to children below the age of 7, because of their extremely soft plastic to avoid any unwanted injuries.
Once they start outgrowing those discs, I would move on to Dynamic Discs Junior line or Discraft’s Mini Discs and then lastly Divergent Discs.

I hope you found this article helpful and will enjoy this awesome sport!

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