Recommended Gear

I’ve been playing disc golf since 2016. During that time I’ve played more than 3000 rounds of disc golf. For example, in 2023 I played 538 rounds & in 2022 a total of 613 rounds and in 2021 535 rounds, exluding all the hours I put into fieldwork and putting practices, perhaps now you get it why the blog’s name is Disc Golf Fanatic …

I’ve tried and tested hundreds of different discs, bags and other disc golf related equipment & accessories, here are my top recommendations in each category:

Best Disc Golf Discs –

Best Disc Golf Discs

My top discs for disc golf beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional players.

Best Disc Golf Bags –

Best Disc Golf Bags, my recommendations

My recommendations for the best disc golf bags.

Best Disc Golf Baskets –

Best disc golf baskets, Mäetaguse Innova Discatcher basket

My recommendations for portable and permanent disc golf baskets.

Best Disc Golf Shoes –

best disc golf shoes for the 2024 season

My recommendations for the best disc golf shoes.

Best disc golf rangefinders –

The best rangefinders for disc golf, is Bushnell worth it
The best rangefinders on the market, here’s my recommendations.

Best disc golf starter sets


The best beginner sets on the market, ranked by price!