Recommended Disc Golf Baskets

I’ve been playing disc golf since 2016. During that time I’ve played more than 3000 rounds of disc golf (including only 18 or more hole courses). For example, in 2022, I played a total of 613 rounds and this excludes all the hours I put into fieldwork and putting practises, perhaps now you get it why the blog’s name is Disc Golf Fanatic …

Anyhow, I’ll keep this recommended disc golf basket page as short as possible by highlighting only the best portable and the best permament disc golf baskets.

So, without further ado, here are my recommended disc golf baskets:

Best Portable & Foldable Disc Golf Baskets

MVP Black Hole Pro HD Basket

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Black Hole Pro HD portable disc golf basket is engineered for fast and easy assembly, it takes less than a minute to assemble. Hence, it’s a perfect home practice basket or even for tournaments because of it’s realistic putting experience. In addition, the MVP Black Hole Pro HD is PDGA approved. Check out the MVP Black Hole Pro HD basket here on

DGA Mach Lite Fold-Up Basket

DGA Mach Lite foldable disc golf basket

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The DGA Mach Lite disc golf basket is the best options for disc golfers who are looking for a portable and easy to set up disc golf basket. This DGA Mach Lite foldable disc golf basket gives you precisely that. You can dismantle and break down the basket and carry it with you to wherever you want to go. It’s the perfect portable disc golf basket for backyard putting sessions and fieldwork. Making the DGA Mach Lite the best portable and foldable disc golf basket.

DGA Mach Lite portable and foldable disc golf basket

It’s a PDGA approved basket made of sturdy steel frames and has a 1 year warranty. This foldable basket has a base and wide top with 16-dual layer chains. In addition to the above, it is incorporated with the reflex chain and sliding link technology to offer you the best experience during your leisure training or on the course. Check out the DGA Mach Lite here on

The Best Permanent Disc Golf Basket – Innova DISCatcher Pro

Innova disccatcher pro🛒 Check Price on InfiniteDiscs

Innova DISCatcher Pro basket is the standard and most common disc golf basket globally. It’s mainly designed for permanent installations, but can be used as a portable basket with the portable base. It’s a high-quality disc golf basket and an excellent investment any disc golf course should make. Below are some of its outstanding features, which are worth every penny despite the relatively high price.

Like I mentioned earlier, these baskets are extremely popular and can be found everywhere. Here’s one at Mäetaguse disc golf course, Estonia.

Mäetaguse disc golf park basket

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Recommended Disc Golf Discs