Recommended Disc Golf Discs

I’ve been playing disc golf since 2016. During that time I’ve played more than 2000 rounds of disc golf (including only 18 or more hole courses). For example, in 2020, I played a total of 596 rounds, exluding all the hours I put into fieldwork and putting practises, perhaps now you get it why the blog’s name is Disc Golf Fanatic …

Anyways, I’ll keep this recommended disc golf discs page as short as possible by highlighting 3 player classes and 3 discs per class. FYI, I’ve used all of these discs in the past and I am currently using the Discraft Zeus, Discraft Buzz, Innova Wraith, Innova Roc3 and Latitude 64 Pure.

So, without further ado, here are my recommended disc golf discs:

Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

Beginner disc golf players, recommending only 3 discs to you is a tall order, but I will try my hardest.

My two cents for beginners are:
1. Don’t throw distance drivers only, try out putters, midranges and fairway drivers as well;
2. As you don’t have the skill set nor the power to throw discs very hard, try throwing understable discs, these wil go much further than stable & overstable discs.

Distance Driver – Innova Valkyrie

Innova DX Valkyrie

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Innova Valkyrie is an understable fairway driver, which in it’s lighter weights gives beginners the extra distance they might be looking for and advanced players use the disc mainly for rollers and huge turnover shots. Grab your Innova Valkyrie here on

Midrange – Innova Mako3

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Innova Mako3 is a perfect disc for beginners, the Mako3 is also one of the straightest flying midrange discs in the game and will allow you to look like a pro when throwing it. In addition, this disc has a lot of glide, which will result in added distance. Grab your Mako3 here on

Putter – Innova Aviar

Innova Aviar

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For the first 3 years of playing disc golf the Innova Aviar was my go-to putter and approach disc. The Aviar is, without a doubt, one of the most popular disc golf putters in the world. No wonder the majority of Innova professional disc golfers use the Innova Aviar as their go-to putter. In addition, this is a putter that has helped professional players win more championships than all other putters put together. You can grab one here on

Disc Golf Discs for Intermediate Players

Distance Driver – Innova Wraith

Innova DX plastic Wraith

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Innova Wraith requires a bit less arm speed (power) than a Destroyer, so it’s a perfect intermediate player distance driver. The Innova Wraith is usually used for throwing long hyzerflips and is loved due to it’s understability. The DX plastic suits best for beginners as well as intermediate players as it’s very cheap and grippy. If you are looking for more durable plastic, I’d recommend checking out the Halo Star, Champion or Star plastic. Grab your Innova Wraith here on

Midrange – Innova Roc3

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If you’re an intermediate player, you’ll love the consistent finish that this amazing Innova Roc3 midrange gives you. It’s available in various plastics including Star, GStar, DX, Champion, and Metal Flake. To this end, I have to admit that this is an out of the box midrange with the most flexible line you’ll ever see. Grab yours here on

Putter – Latitude 64 Pure

Latitude 64 Pure

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I am currently bagging and throwing Latitude 64 Opto-X plastic Pure for approach shots and driving off the tee for shorter holes. I have to say that Latitude 64 Pure is my favorite and probably the best if not the best throwing putter of all-time. Also, the Pure is not just for throwing, a lot of intermediate level players use it for putting. The Pure is unquestionably one of the best putters from Latitude 64 that you should have in your bag. Grab a Pure here on

Discs for Advanced-level and Professional Players

I’ve been a professional disc golfer since 2021 and my PDGA rating is somewhere near 950. Hence, I know a thing or two about disc golf and what kind of discs to recommend to other fellow disc golfers. Here are my dics recommendations for advanced-level and other professional disc golf players:

Distance Driver – Discraft Zeus

Discraft Zeus

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The Discraft Zeus is Paul McBeth’s first distance driver in his lineup and his go-to distance driver. If you do not know who Paul McBeth is, do you even disc golf?

Zeus is the go-to distance driver that’s perfect if you’re a power thrower looking for maximum distance. Whether you prefer backhand or forehand throws, this disc is an excellent disc that can fabulously handle all sorts of angles due to its stability.

The Zeus is available in the ESP plastic and Elite Z plastic, which both are designed for high performance, has a good grip to it and has a lot of durability. Get your Discraft Zeus here on

Midrange – Discraft Buzzz

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The Buzzz is, without a doubt, the best midrange disc golf disc money can buy. It’s one of the most popular midrange disc golf discs in the world thanks to its consistency, reliability, and stability. In essence, Discraft Buzz is an ultra-dependable, versatile, and straight flying midrange disc golf. You can get your own Discraft Buzzz here on

Putter – Discmania P2

Discmania P2

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The P2 is a great putter that’s specifically designed with professional players in mind, but can still be a good option for players of all levels. This is an excellent putter if you love fade-in shots and spin putts inside and outside the circle. Given its stability, the P2 is superb for approaches and tackles, especially in strong headwinds.

As World Champion, Avery Jenkins notes, this is an excellent putter that can handle various conditions, as well any torque that you throw at it. Grab yours here on