Recommended Disc Golf Bags

I’ve been playing disc golf since 2016. During that time I’ve played well over 3000 rounds of disc golf (including only 18 or more hole courses). For example, in 2022, I played a total of 613 rounds, exluding all the hours I put into fieldwork and putting practises, perhaps now you get it why the blog’s name is Disc Golf Fanatic …

Anyways, I’ll keep this recommended disc golf bags page as short as possible by highlighting only a few of the best bags per class.

So, without further ado, here are my recommended disc golf bags:

Disc Golf Bags for Beginners

Beginner disc golf players, here are my 2 bag recommendations for you!

Innova Starter Bag

Innova Starter Disc Golf Bag

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The Innova Starter disc golf bag is one of the best option for beginners on the market. In addition, the Innova Starter bag was also my first disc golf bag when I started playing in 2016 and I was very pleased with it, espeically because it’s so affordable.

It has a carrying capacity of between six and twelve discs. Its front part is made of mesh, where you can easily fit your go-to putter or disc for quick access. In addition, the bag’s bottom is reinforced with a water-resistant material and has a mesh pocket on the side which you can use to carry a water bottle. Get the Innova Starter disc golf bag here on

Infinite Discs Slinger Bag

Infinite Discs Slinger bag

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The Infinite Discs Slinger disc golf bag is probably the most underrated disc golf bag on the market. This bag is extremely comfortable, flexible, and affordable, specially designed for beginners. In addition, it costs less than 20$, that’s one heck of a deal!

Its key features include a carrying capacity of 10 discs. Its front pocket has a putter pouch, which you can use to carry two putters. The pull string is adjustable to any size, and it has a water bottle compartment. Its vertical zipper pocket allows you to carry small accessories like keys conveniently. There is a double eye-hole on its top, which allows you to clip your towel and bag-tag easily. Grab yours here on

Disc Golf Bags for Intermediate Players

Latitude 64 Core Disc Golf Bag

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The Latitude 64 Core bag has plenty of storage space. Despite being a “large” disc golf bag, it is very lightweight and fairly affordable, especially considering what you get.

The outstanding features of the Latitude 64 Core bag include a carrying capacity of up to 20 discs. The upper compartment can easily fit 2 putters, towels and clothes. In addition, it has two side pockets, these pockets allow you to conveniently carry extra towels, mini markers, snacks, extra bottles of water, and other small accessories like scorecards, pencils and keys. Furthermore, its straps and back panel are padded, and it only weighs 1.7 pounds (0.78 kilograms). Check out the Latitude 64 Core disc golf bag here on

Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack Bag

Dynamic Discs Trooper disc golf backpack

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The Dynamics Discs Trooper backpack is fairly lightweight and very durable. It is suitable for players of all skill levels, best for intermediate players.

Its main compartment has a carrying capacity of more than 18 discs, while the upper pocket can hold between 3 and 4 discs. A padded back panel and straps with zipper pulls on all zippers. It has two external pockets and a reinforced haul handle. Grab yours here on

Disc Golf Bags for Advanced-level and Professional Players

As I mentioned, I’ve been playing a lot of disc golf since I first started, in addition, I’m a professional disc golfer since 2021. Hence, I know a thing or two about disc golf and what kind of equipment to recommend to other fellow disc golfers. Here are my bag recommendations for advanced-level and other professional disc golf players:

Latitude 64 Luxury E4 Backpack Disc Golf Bag

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The Luxury E4 disc golf bag is used by a lot of Latitude 64 professional players and for a good reason. The bag can fit well over 20 discs, has putter pockets, extra storage space and is extremely durable with beefed up construction. What else would do you want from a disc golf bag? Grab yours here on

Dynamic Discs Combat Ranger Disc Golf Backpack

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Dynamic Discs Combat Ranger disc golf bag has plenty of room for your discs and everything else you need to storage during a round of disc golf. It can fit 20 discs in the main compartment, plus 2 putters in the signature on-deck side putter pocket. This bag has a lot of storage room and is made out of premium quality materials. It has a rigid construction using 600D Poly and 400D Dobby Nylon Oxford Fabric, combined with comfortable straps and a padded moisture-wicking back panel provide a great experience on any disc golf course. Grab yours here on

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