The 13 Best Disc Golf Shoes for 2024

Any disc golfer will respond differently if you ask them: “Which is the best disc golf shoe?”

Although the popularity of disc golf has grown immensely over the years, it still does not compare to other major sports where shoes have been designed specifically for the sport by shoemakers. Every disc golfer has to choose the best disc golf shoes for jogging and other related activities. However, this problem does not prevent any disc golfer from finding the ideal shoe for their needs. You require some top-notch attires out there. The shoe you use on the course is where it all begins.

Everyone desires quality, comfort, and an affordable price. We’ve got it covered. The best disc golf shoes for your are covered in this article.

But quickly, let’s go over some important information why you need proper footwear while playing disc golf.

Why Choosing Quality Shoes is Important!

Playing Style

Although disc golf isn’t a contact sport, you use a lot of physical effort. To do this, disc golfers require good equipment, particularly shoes that can withstand the constraints we subject them to. Every shot involves spinning, jumping, turning, and torquing; if the shoes can’t withstand that, the result may be impacted.


The disc golf courses we play on feature a wide range of all sorts of surfaces and terrain characteristics. Some courses, for instance, are solely on a grassy fields, some on the other hand are rocky and gnarly trails which wind through woodlands and hiking trails. But as most courses are off-road and in our beautiful forests, you’ll need a dependable shoe to overcome the upcoming topographical problems.


Every round we play disc golf, throughout the regular 18 holes, disc golfers typically walk 1 to 2 miles, often times even 3 miles per round. Additionally, if your feet aren’t comfy, your score may suffer. You want shoes that will keep your feet comfortable as well as ones that can withstand the way you play and the terrain. This list of footwear will accomplish that.

Let’s look at them!

The 13 Best Disc Golf Shoes

My #1 Pick – Adidas Terrex Swift R3 Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes

Adidas Terrex Swift R3 Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes

Adidas has made significant strides in the hiking footwear industry, and its Terrex Swift line stands out against the competition. A low-cut, waterproof hiking shoe with good protection and stability, the R3 GTX is also reasonably light.


Overall, the design is stiff. This isn’t a major criticism of comfort because the shoe fits well right away and didn’t loosen up or develop hot patches even during the long competitive rounds. The Swift Terrex R3 is precisely what you need if you want a sturdy, protective shoe that is made to last.


It weighs 1 pound 13 ounces for a pair of men’s size 9 shoes, which is about normal for the level of stability and protection you get. For instance, the well-known Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX weighs 1lb. 11.5oz. less, while La Sportiva’s similarly designed Spire GTX weighs 1 lb. 15 oz.


The Swift Terrex R3 by Adidas has big and long-lasting lugs that provide outstanding traction. The treaded soles have a characteristic chevroned form, and Adidas collaborated with tire manufacturer Continental to create the rubber.


Its protection features are likely its major benefit, along with stability. Contrary to what their appearance would imply, these shoes have a much more hiking boot-like feel underfoot.

Stability and Assistance

Although the Swift R3 GTX is a moderate shoe, its stability is amazing. The sturdy structure and inflexible design assist hold your ankle and foot in place. The lacing method also performs a good job of keeping the area around the foot snug.


  • Exceptional defense from the trail.
  • Hiking boot-like feel but is more streamlined;
  • Exceptionally stable for a low-cut shape;
  • With a strong, reinforced top and a sturdy tread design;
  • Well-made and ought to last a long time;
  • Excellent all-terrain traction that held onto anything from dirt to rock.


  • Compared to other lightweight hiking shoes, they feel stiffer and more rigid.

Grab yourself the Adidas Terrex Swift R3 Gore-TEX shoes here on Amazon.

2nd BEST – Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Another hiking shoe that is comfortable to wear during a round of disc golf is the Merrell Moab 2 shoes. I think this shoe is among the greatest Merrell models which suit the best for disc golf.

The hardness and durability are some of the features that impress me the most. It can survive any damage from continual movement and clinging to the ground throughout gameplay because it is designed with elevated leather and an upper made of mesh. Even if used frequently while playing numerous rounds of disc golf, it is durable enough to last a long time.

This shoe is comfortable both on the field and on the course. The airy mesh lining allows for some breathability while the air cushion on the heel absorbs impact and adds stability. In addition, the midsole gives feet extra support and comfort, especially when walking off trail.

With its rubberized toe cap, this shoe also safeguards your feet’ toes. I’ve damaged the toes on several pairs of shoes that I’ve worn out, but this pair is completely different. The padded toe makes this shoe last a lot longer. It also offers a great deal of comfort to your feet in general. This shoe is among the greatest arch-assist shoes available because of the zonal arches and heel support.

The shoe’s tiny toe box is the only little flaw with it. I believe it causes the toes or the foot in general some discomfort. You might want to order half or 1 size bigger than you normally wear.


  • Liner made of permeable mesh;
  • A safety cap gives the toe comfort and security;
  • Designed to offer toughness and durability;
  • The synthetic sole offers increased sturdiness;
  • Cushioning in the heels adds to the comfort.


  • Bulky and a bit heavy;
  • Narrow toe box.

Get the Merrell Moab 2 waterproof hiking shoes here on Amazon.

3. adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX hiking shoes

adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX shoes

Durability, comfort, and waterproofing capabilities are the major elements that assist players on the course when looking for the finest shoes for disc golf. This is what this pair of Adidas Terrex R2 Swift GTX trail hiking shoes possess. Because it provides the best characteristics that every disc golfer needs. It’s understandable why top professional disc golfers like Paul McBeth prefer this shoe as one of their go-to options.

Professional disc golfers like Paul McBeth, Kevin jones and many more use the Terrex R2 Swift shoes.

Gore-Tex makes these Terrex R2 Swift shoes one of the best disc golf shoes out there. It holds up reasonably well in slick circumstances, shielding both feet and keeping them dry all day. The Gore-Tex membrane is a special substance that the manufacturer uses to improve the waterproofing capabilities of the shoe.

Get the adidas Terrex R2 Swift GTX here on Amazon.

4. Adidas Terrex AX3 Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes

adidas Terrex AX3 GTX shoes

The Adidas Terrex AX3 Gore-Tex hiking shoes are another suitable shoes for disc golfers. This shoe has a rubberized outsole that offers an excellent grip on the ground during the X-step or approach shots run-up, making it one of the best disc golf shoes on the market.

This shoe’s traction is particularly noticeable when navigating through difficult terrain. Despite the complicated surface condition, it gives your foot a great deal of comfort in every situation.

PS! Pro players like Ezra Aderhold & Juliana Korver use the AX3 shoes.

Get yourself a pair of the adidas Terrex AX3 here on Amazon.

5. Nike Pegasus Trail 3 Gore-Tex Running Shoes

Nike Pegasus Trail 3 Gore-Tex Running Shoes

The first time I wore my the Nike Pegasus Trail 3 Gore-Tex running shoes, I felt like I was walking on clouds.

This shoe has excellent grip and enhanced midfoot structure for safe, neutral support. Even when inclement weather tries to slow you down, the waterproof upper keeps you moving along rocky & slippery trails. Don’t allow bad weather to keep you from playing disc golf; lace up and face the weather!

The rubber outsole has an athletic, ATV-tire-inspired appearance. As you transition between terrains and trails, traction-enhancing nubs provide a smooth journey, and additional texture at the sole and toe makes you prepared for inclines or declines.

The shoe supports midfoot by a flexible fit band system, allowing you to take solid steps on a variety of surfaces. Full-length React foam offers cushioning underfoot that smoothly transitions between harsh pavement and softer terrain.


  • Excellent waterproofing;
  • Grips onto anything, both dry and wet;
  • Excellent for a trail to road transitions;
  • Superb for hiking & disc golf;
  • Responsive;
  • Dependable on rocky & gnarly ground;
  • Comfortable;
  • Lighter than other Gore-Tex shoes;
  • Possibly the most attractive running shoe available.


  • Pricey;
  • Not the best durability;
  • Not the best for summertime.

Grab a pair of Nike Pegasus Trail 3 Gore-Tex shoes here on Amazon.

6. Adidas Terrex AX4 Hiking Shoes

Adidas Terrex AX4 Hiking Shoes

The Adidas Terrex AX4 hiking shoes are propelled by a dual-density construction that combines the sturdiness of a hiking shoe with the softness of a cushioning trail running shoe for use on everything from gnarly mountain trails to rooty forested trails.

The shoe’s top side bears the Terrex® emblem, which is a trail-specific footwear, reliable lace closure, mesh and polyester upper structure that is permeable. It also has dual thickness EVA midsole for better support and cushioning.

Tough ContinentalTM rubber outsole for increased traction and durability.

Check the adidas AX4 shoes here on Amazon.

7. Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX Trail Running Shoes

Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX Trail Running Shoes

An aggressive, top-notch trail running shoe that impresses in many categories is the Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX. Its upper part is made of Gore-Tex material and is intended for muddy and off-trail adventures.

The Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX is unbeatable on longer hikes and gnarly trails, rainy, and muddy areas. If you’re going to play disc golf on a new & gnarly course, this is the shoe you should wear. Even though it has some shortcomings, it is robust and incredibly reliable to assist you through the unexpected.

Get a pair of Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX here on Amazon.

8. Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoe

Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoe

Another hiking shoe with various characteristics that cater to the demands of many disc golfers are these ones, Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX hiking shoes. I have tried and evaluated many different shoe types for the disc golf game for my many years of playing, so this shoe is among them. This company, in my opinion, makes among the best soles for sports shoes that are appropriate for a round of disc golf. It is polymeric, which gives the shoes a ton of durability.

This shoe comes highly recommended if you play on courses with lots of hikes and descents. When I play disc golf, this shoe also keeps both of my feet comfortable. This shoe’s molded sock lining, which provides adequate breathability and comfort for the feet, is another feature I enjoy about it.

Get a pair here on Amazon.

9. Nike Wildhorse 7 Trail Running Shoes

Nike Wildhorse 7 Trail Running Shoes

The Nike Wildhorse 7 trail shoes are undoubtedly one of the best shoe for pacing through rugged and off-trail terrain. The shoe has incredible grip on and off the fairway, no matter the conditions, and its added protection is a game changer. This is one heck of a comfortable shoe, especially for disc golf. Although it isn’t incredibly soft, it has just enough give to keep your feet protected yet feel extremely comfortable in the gnarliest terrains. But all of this comes with a hefty price.

Pro players like Kyle Klein, Ricky Wysocki and Drew Gibson use the Nike Wildhorse trail running shoes.

Check the price here on Amazon.

10. Nike Pegasus 3 Trail Running Shoes

Nike Pegasus 3 Trail running shoes for disc golf

The Nike Pegasus 3 trail running shoes are incredibly comfortable and breathable footwear. These are excellent for summertime disc golf rounds. Just like their Gore-Tex version, these have cloud-like wearing experience and excellent grip on every surface.

Check out the Nike Pegasus 3 Trail running shoes here on Amazon.

11. Vans UltraRange EXO shoes

Vans UltraRange EXO disc golf shoes

Vans’ previous attempts at a pure lifestyle shoe, such as the Ultra Range and the ISO, predate the Ultra Range Exo. Therefore, it is evident that Vans did what they do best when creating an incredibly comfortable lifestyle shoe: a good midsole on a good outer sole. This shoe has a sporty appearance. Additionally, it is exceedingly light.

If you’re looking for disc golf shoes from Vans, the Vans Ultra Range EXO shoes are the best disc golf shoes out there.

Professional disc golfers like Drew Gibson and Ben Callaway use the Vans UltraRange Exo shoes.

Check out the Vans here on Amazon.

12. Adidas Terrex Agravic TR GTX Trail Running Shoes

Adidas Terrex Agravic TR GTX Trail Running Shoes

The Adidas Terrex Agravic TR GTX has a lightweight EVA midsole, which acts as a cushion and is flexibile for a long lasting comfort. Its Gore-Tex will keep your feet dry even in the wettest of conditions. The shoe is made out of high abrasion resistant synthetic material, which is highly durable, making it perfect for disc golfers. The shoe has reliable grip, looks sporty and stylish.

Simon Lizotte and Kona Panis are the two most famous pro disc golfers who use the Adidas Agravic TR GTX shoes.

Grab yourself a pair of adidas Terrex Agravic here on Amazon.

13. Vivobarefoot Magna FG

Vivobarefoot Magna FG shoes

Another interesting shoe that can be used for walking, jogging, and working out is the Vivobarefoot Magna FG. It provides the classic minimalist shoe feel, thanks to its lightness, incredible flexibility, and improved sensitivity underfoot. It’s cozy and suitable for people with broader feet as well. Professional disc golfer Eagle McMahon use Vivobarefoot’s products during his disc golf rounds, so why shouldn’t you?

Professionals like Nate Perkins and Eagle McMahon use the Vivobarefoot shoes.

Grab a pair here on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

When playing disc golf, a player requires the finest disc golf shoes in addition to the proper discs and other equipment.

All disc golfers can affirm that footwear will be crucial to each disc golfer’s performance, you want shoes that have reliable grip and are comfortable in all sorts of terrain and weather. Because of this, selecting the proper disc golf footwear is essential before a player begins throwing discs.

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