4 Best Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Bags for Beginners

Disc golf doesn’t revolve around discs only. To enjoy your game to the fullest, there are several other things you’d need apart from discs. To store all of your discs, equipment and other accessories in one place, you’d need to get yourself a disc golf bag. 

A disc golf bag is a hard-to-say-no-to sort of thing for any disc golfer. Whether you’re a novice or pro-level athlete, you’d need a bag, if not today, but in the future for sure. 

Here, in this article, I will introduce you to top four Dynamic Discs disc golf bags for beginners. So, let’s start.

Best Small-Size Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Bags

If you’re a beginner, who carries roughly 4-8 disc golf discs to the course and other smaller accessories, I recommend the following small-sized Dynamic Discs bags. 

Dynamic Discs Sniper Messenger Bag

Dynamic Discs Sniper Messenger Disc Golf BagFor beginners who might not carry more than 10 discs to play around, this Sniper Messenger disc golf bag from Dynamic Discs is what I highly recommend.

Similar to the previous model, Sniper Messenger has a minimal footprint and weighs under a kilogram. You can easily pack up to 10 discs at once. The exact number may vary depending upon how many putters, midranges, and drivers you want to carry. 

The company has also fitted a comfortable and padded shoulder strap to assist you while traveling. And guess what? There is also an on-deck pocket in the front to keep your go-to discs. Not to forget the additional storage space provided by the zippered side pockets. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

Dynamic Discs Cadet Backpack

Dynamic Discs Cadet Shoulder Disc Golf BagThe first bag on the list is the Cadet backpack from Dynamic Discs. It’s a lightweight model with a small footprint to hold 17+ discs at once. Additionally, you get dual zippered pockets to store other stuff, such as keys, wallets, etc. 

If you still feel a lack of space for your discs, Dynamic Discs have fitted in two mesh pockets on either side to stuff some more discs. You also get a D-ring to hang the towel to use conveniently during play. 

Last but not least, the adjustable straps assist you in carrying the bag from one place to another. Get yours here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

Best Medium-Size Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Bags

The next category of disc golf bags is the medium-size category. These bags are best for tournament players who would need to pack 15-20 discs. Here are the best medium-sized bags from Dynamic Discs I’d recommend. 

Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack

Dynamic Discs Trooper disc golf backpack

The Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack disc golf bag can accommodate more than 18+ discs, midranges, drivers, and putters. The company claims the Trooper as one of the most comfortable bags on the market.

It comes with padded shoulder straps and a carrying handle that makes you forget you’re carrying a backpack. To enhance the storage space, you get three additional side pockets to store other mundane stuff, including the keys, your wallet, phone, etc. 

If you’re wondering about the water bottle space, Dynamic Discs has covered that base pretty well here. There is a drawstring-secured water bottle holder that can secure a 32-ounce bottle easily. Check out the Dynamic Discs Trooper backpack here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

Best Large-Size Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Bags

Ideally designed for the pro or advanced disc golfers, the large-sized disc golf bags have the most storage space to firmly pack everything for your next tournament. These are quite expensive but worth every penny.

Dynamic Discs Paratrooper Backpack

Dynamic Discs Paratrooper backpack disc golf bag

The Dynamic Discs Paratrooper is just like an elder brother to the Trooper backpack from the same brand. It’s superior on all fronts – space, durability, padding, and ease of carrying. 

Right at the center, you have the main compartment to hold over 18 discs. To add more discs to this number, the company has provided multiple storage spaces on the sides and top. Moreover, there are a couple of drawstring-secured water bottle holders as well. 

If your last experience with disc golf bags wasn’t sweet due to stability issues, rest assured of supreme stability with the Paratrooper due to its bottom rail system. The bag weighs around two kilograms. Grab yours here on InfiniteDiscs.com.


So, there you go. To buy the most appropriate Dynamic Discs disc golf bag on the market, make sure you’re clear with your needs and expectations. For vast majority of players a disc golf bag is like a one-time investment. So, don’t put your money in any random bag that won’t fulfill all of your needs. 

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