3 Best Dynamic Discs Putters For Beginners

Putting is one of the most important key components in disc golf. There’s even a saying “drive for show, putt for dough”, which originates from ball golf, but fits like a glove to the disc golf scene. Hence, having a reliable putting putter plays a pivotal role in improving your game and capitalizing on your shots. To ease your search for the best beginner-friendly putting putters, I’ve created a list of 3 putters from Dynamic Discs, which are excellent for beginners.

My #1 Pick and the Best Dynamic Discs Putter for Beginners

Dynamic Discs Gavel

Dynamic Discs Gavel Putting putter
Speed: 3; Glide: 5; Turn: -2; Fade: 0.5; Stability: Understable

If you’re already a fan of Dynamic Discs Easy-To-Throw line and are impressed by the products launched under it, the Dynamic Discs Gavel is one such disc. The Gavel joins the Proof and Breakout in the series. 

If you’d hold Gavel and Judge (my other favorite Dynamic Discs putter) simultaneously, you’d notice that both the putters carry a similar shape and bead. However, there is a slight difference between the two. That is, the Gavel has a small diameter and low profile. Thus, I’d recommend the Gavel if you’ve smaller hands. 

Furthermore, its speed, glide, turn, and fade ratings adjudges it suitable for a multitude of shots such as longer putts, turnover throws and even hyzerflips. Grab your Dynamic Discs Gavel here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

My #2 Pick – Dynamic Discs Deputy

Dynamic Discs Deputy putter

Speed: 3; Glide: 4; Turn: -1.5; Fade: 0; Stability: Understable

Another beginner-friendly and understable putter on the list is the Deputy. What separates it from the other puttrs you’ll come across is its capability to scale straight flights (at low speeds) and turnover flights (at fast speeds) with ease. Another striking point about the Deputy is its beadless design. 

Furthermore, the Deputy is a must-have putter for players, who prefer a small and slim putter for shots such as straight putts, turnover throws off the tee, and touchy upshots. Check out the Deputy here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

My #3 Pick – Dynamic Discs Judge

Dynamic Discs Prime Judge Putter

Speed: 2; Glide: 4; Turn: 0; Fade:1; Stability: Stable

The Dynamic Discs Judge is a versatile putter with great stability and a comfortable grip despite being given a domey look by the manufacturers. Not to forget it’s the proud owner of the 2013 Disc of the Year award!

The Judge has a glide rating of 4 and that justifies the efficiency with which the putter flies in the air. If you are constantly hitting the basket’s cage with your putts, you should most definitely try out the DD Judge.

Overall, I recommend you to try out the DD Judge if your list of favorite shots includes stable putts, straight & overstable approaches, and turnover throws off the tee.

Get one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.


For your information! These putters are also the top-selling ones from the Dynamic Discs, mostly because they are beginner-friendly and have a deadly combination of control and accuracy. 

With disc golf gaining momentum and attracting players globally, why stay behind the race? Go and get your beginner-friendly Dynamic Discs putters today!

Try them out and let me know which of these putters made it to your bag. Till then, happy disc golfing!

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