Estonia’s Disc Golf in Numbers (2020)

Disc golf in Estonia has exploded in the past few years, especially in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic and shutdown of sporting centres, sporting facilities and the rest of the economy. As people were looking for alternative outdoor sporting activities they found disc golf, which is extremely beginner friendly, affordable and overall a fun outdoor activity.

As of May 2021 Estonia has well over 20 000 active disc golf players. Over 1700 PDGA members of which 1018 were active in 2020 and with its 212 courses, Estonia has one of the highest densities of disc golf courses per square kilometer, and also one of the highest number of disc golf courses per capita, 1 course per 6250 citizens.

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According to Disc Golf Metrix Estonia’s player base grew 25% in 2020, from 16 035 to 19 995. FIY, Disc Golf Metrix is a popular Estonian disc golf app/website for scorekeeping, organizing events such as weeklies and it is widely used in Europe. Read more about Disc Golf Metrix by clicking here.

As Disc Golf Metrix has it’s own rating system, quite similar to PDGA rating points, there were a total of 462 different players who managed to play a round of disc golf, which was rated 1000 or higher. The year’s highest Metrix rated round was recorded by Silver Lätt on 30th September 2020, who got an astonishing 1100 rating points for a round of disc golf.

On the graph down below, we can see disc golf rounds played in Estonia during the entire year of 2020. The year peaked at 3rd October when players recorded a total of 13 242 rounds in a single day!

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2020 Disc Golf Metrix statistics, rounds played in Estonia


Estonia's Disc Golf In Numbers, 2020 edition

TOP 50 Estonia’s Most Played Disc Golf Courses in 2020

The total number includes both competitions and regular practice rounds.

#Course name Rounds played in 2020
1 Männiku Wakepark 19730
2 Tartu Roosi DG18004
3 Kurna DiscGolfPark 15206
4 Coolbet Järve Discgolfipark 13855
5 Discland 11571
6 Jõulumäe 9332
7 Vooremäe 9295
8Keila Hartwall Jaffa 9217
10Saarepeedi 7604
11Valgeranna discgolfi park 6914
12Sportland Prodigy Elva Discgolfi park 6686
13 Tartu Tähtvere Dendropark 6515
14Rakvere 6493
15Viimsi Discgolfi Park 6103
16Järta (Märjamaa) 5449
17Pirgu 5345
18 Viljandi Rotary Discgolf park5335
19 Kõrvemaa5321
20 Alutaguse 5177
21 Mändjala 5128
22 Muraste 185124
23 Ebavere Discgolf Park 4559
24 Karujärve Disc Golf Park 4363
25 Tõrva 4280
26Võru Kubija 4187
27Mäetaguse 4020
28Kohila 4016
29Pärnu jõekääru 3732
30 NORDIC HOUSES DG park 20 3486
31 Annikoru discgolfipark 3466
32Palivere 3339
33Holstre-Polli 3323
34Ääsmäe 3315
35Tamsalu 3258
36 Tapa 3178
37 Kernu 3144
38Väätsa 2723
39 Keila Talvekas Discgolfpark 2020 2548
40 Kiviõli Seikluskeskus 2494
41Tallinna Lauluväljak 2429
42 Paunküla Heaolukeskuse discpark 2424
43 Tallinna Lauluväljaku Discgolfpark (Suvi 2020) 2366
44 Musumänniku 2340
45Pühalepa 2314
46 Järva-Jaani 2245
47 Sindi discgolfi park 2218
48Valgjärve 2151
49Türi 2059
50 Tõstamaa 1907

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