European Disc Golf Championships 2023 – Disc Golf Traveler’s Guide

The European Disc Golf Championships will take place for the first time in Estonia, at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, from August 16th to 20th, 2023.

Are you traveling to Estonia to watch the European Disc Golf Championships? This article has compiled all the most important tips for the disc golf tourist for the European Disc Golf Championships week.

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Interesting facts about Estonia’s disc golf scene

  • Kristin Tattar’s birthplace – Current #1 FPO player in the World & 2022 FPO World Champion;
  • The vast majority of players use DiscGolfMetrix instead of UDisc to keep score;
  • Around 30,000-40,000 disc golfer players in total;
  • 1445 Active PDGA members (as of Dec-2022);
  • Estonia has around 200 disc golf courses!

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Estonia’s Disc Golf in Numbers (2022)

European Disc Golf Championships @Tallinn

This year’s European Championships (PDGA XA-Tier Tournament) will be held in Estonia at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds from the 16th to 20th of August.

There are a total of 180 participants from close to 30 European countries expected to attend, who will battle it out in 4 different divisions – MPO, FPO, MJ18 and FJ18.

Notable players playing at the event:

Kristin Tattar (EST) – #1 FPO player in the World, reigning FPO Disc Golf World Champion;

Niklas Anttila (FIN) – Defending European MPO Champion, highest rated European player, 2-time Finnish Champion;

Henna Blomroos (FIN) – Defending European FPO Champion, 5X Finnish Champion;

Eveliina Salonen (FIN) – 1X Major winner & 4X Finnish Champion;

Jakub Semerád (CZE) – 2021 Czech Champion, 2022 Euro Tour Champion,

Mauri Villmann (EST) – Estonia’s highest rated MPO player.

Albert Tamm (EST) – The Bazooka! 4X Estonian Nationals Champion, 1X DGPT Silver Series Champion & USDGC distance Champion.

The most up to date registered players list can be found here –

Previous EDGC Champions: MPO – Niklas Anttila, FPO – Henna Blomroos.

Niklas Anttila 2021 Disc Golf European championHenna Blomroos FPO EDGC 2021 champion

About the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds:

  • Perfect venue for a large-scale disc golf event;
  • Middle of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia;
  • Easily accessible from the port & airport;
  • Can easily fit thousands if not tens of thousands of spectators;
Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, Gustav Ernesaks Memorial
Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, Gustav Ernesaks Memorial

2023 European Disc Golf Championships Course Map:

A championship-level, 18-hole pop-up course will be built just for the EDGC2023 event. Designed by Seppo Paju himself.

EDGC2023 course map

EDGC 2023 for spectators

EDGC 2023 detailed schedule

If you’re a disc golf fan, be sure to come and watch the European Disc Golf Championships live at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds in Tallinn, Estonia. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the excitement and camaraderie of the sport in person and see some of the top players in Europe compete for the title of European Champion.

Additional spectators info can be found here on the European Disc Golf Championships website.

Finnish flag

Finnish disc golf fans if you plan a trip from Finland to Estonia, I recommend taking the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn. The port of Tallinn is only ~3.5km away from the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. For more information, check out this info article  –

CityBee – Mobility when you need it

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Whether you need a vehicle for short trips between your hotel and the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds or for excursions near Tallinn, European Disc Golf Championships partner CityBee has got you covered. Make sure to use the exclusive code EDGC23 to enjoy the first 5 km of your journey for free with Citybee.

How to use?
1. Open
2. Click on the “Menu” button in the bottom right corner
3. Choose “Discounts” and enter the discount code EDGC23
4. Navigate back to the main page and book a car

You can use the discount code once during the period from 12.08 to 21.08

Live and Post-Production Coverage

Tee times and the full schedule can be found here. Exact tee times will be determined few days before the start of the tournament.

Post-produced coverage

Both post-production and live coverage is brought to you by Disc Golf Stream and MDG Media, the post-produced tournament videos will be uploaded to MDG Media YouTube channel. With their expertise in disc golf events, you can expect high-quality, in-depth coverage that brings you closer to the action and provides insights and analysis from top players and experts.

Live coverage

EDGC 2023 media partners Inspira & Delfi will also broadcast the event. The complete schedule will be available at the beginning of August.

Disc Golf Stream broadcasts the European Disc Golf Championships live for subscribers. The broadcast is also viewable on-site on large screens.

There will be a total of 8 LIVE broadcasts from all the 4 competition days, both MPO and FPO feature & lead cards with English & Estonian commentary.

Disc Golf Stream 2023 logo

DGS subscription fee is fairly affordable, being only $11.99 a month for the 2023 season. PS! With the discount code “WELCOME” you get 50% off from the first month! Leaving it only to less than 5€/$6 per month!

Disc golf courses in the Tallinn area

Short park courses for quick rounds:

Discland Disc Golf Center

Only a 15-minute drive from downtown is the Discland Disc Golf Center, which has two layouts, a total of 24 holes (A + B layout). The center also has a disc golf shop & putting area + driving net. NB! Daily fee 4€.

Address – Paldiski mnt 124B, 13517 Tallinn.

Discland disc golf center insideDiscland disc golf center

Kurna Disc Golf Course

Kurna course is FREE TO PLAY!

Address – Õlleköögi tee 8, Kurna, 75307 Harju maakond.

One of my personal favorites & the most popular disc golf course in Estonia! Even though some of the teepads are a bit tired/concaved, the overall course is usually well maintained making it a truly enjoyable disc golf course. Average course length is around 70-90 meters, but don’t let the distance fool you, there’s plenty of out-of-bounds and tricky holes on this beautiful course.

Summertime weeklies on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Registration on DiscGolfMetrix.

The infamous Kurna 17th hole & its elevated basket: (Yes, I’ve ACED this hole!)

Kurna 17. raja tops - Tõnis Soppe

Järve 6-hole layout disc golf course

Excellent pitch & putt course right next to the Järve original 18-hole layout! If you are looking to score some ACES, this is the course! The average length of the holes are between 30-60 meters.

Check out all of the Estonian courses here –

It goes without saying that all disc golf travelers have discs in their car trunk. If you have time from watching the European Open, you should consider heading to these courses in the Tampere area.

Männiku Disc Golf Course

Männiku course is free to play!

Address – Männiku tee, 75511 Tallinn.

Only a 20-minute drive from the downtown of Tallinn. Even though Männiku course loops around the Valdeku quarry lake, there’s only a few water holes on the property. The Männiku disc golf course is another prime example of a typical Estonian forest disc golf course, plenty of pine trees and narrow gaps. The course is a clear forest course that has a total of 19-holes.

NB! There’s an active shooting range right next to the course, so don’t be alarmed if you hear guns popping off!

Maardu Disc Golf Course

Located in the city of Maardu and about 25-minute drive from Tallinn’s downtown. Maardu disc golf course was opened in the middle of June 2023, so expect it to be a bit rough, but it’s a fun 23-hole mainly wooded course with elevation changes and a few water holes. NB! Be sure to bring bug spray!

Viimsi Disc Golf Course

NB! Not cart friendly, a lot of holes are extremely gnarly & rocky.

There are wooded disc golf courses and then there’s Viimsi disc golf course. If you are looking to hit gaps (or trees) and tunnel shots then you are in for a treat! Viimsi course is extremely wooded, gnarly and challenging – In a fun way! In addition, Viimsi course has one of the biggest and best teepads in the Tallinn area!

Viimsi course is free to play!

Viimsi course address – Lubja, 74010 Harju County.

Viimsi viimane rada 18th disc golf course Viimsi discgolfi 5. rada

Muraste Disc Golf Course

Free to play!

Address – Kivivabriku tee, Muraste, 76905 Harju maakond.

A 30-minute drive from Tallinn’s downtown, the Muraste disc golf course plays inside and around an old quarry. A solid 18-hole and somewhat challenging course due some of its longer par 3’s and par 4’s. The course is located on top of an old cliffed coast so expect plenty of wind!

Kõrvemaa Disc Golf Center

A 45-minute drive from Tallinn is the Kõrvemaa Hiking and Skiing Center, home two top-notch course. Kõrvemaa is a pay-to-play course, the daily fee is extremely affordable, being only 3€ per player.

Address – Oja talu, Pillapalu küla, Anija vald. Harjumaa 74502.

Kõrvemaa Disc Golf Center has a total of 39 unique holes = 21 (PRO layout) + 18 (AM layout).

The PRO disc golf layout is probably one of the most famous disc golf courses in Estonia due to its use at the Estonian Open. In addition to the pro layout there’s a solid “AM” layout right next to the pro layout, so while you’re there, why not play both of them? A Kõrvemaa disc golf marathon as we call it, and trust me, the “AM layout” is pretty difficult as well.

Furthermore, the Sportland Kõrvemaa Hiking and Skiing Center also offers accommodation and has excellent food at their café!

My Pro Tip! First play the AM layout for warm-up, then enjoy a meal, a soup for example, at the cafe and then play the PRO layout.

Here’s a video of Seppo Paju throwing over the final hole at the Kõrvemaa PRO-layout:

Järve Disc Golf Course

Located south of the Ülemiste lake, the Järve main 18-hole disc golf course is another prime example of a typical wooded course in Estonia. The course has huge turf teepads and is one of the most popular courses in Estonia, right next to Männiku and Kurna courses.

Other highlights from a tourist’s perspective

Selecting the best sights to see from Tallinn’s many attractions seems like an impossible feat, but Visit Tallinn has given it a shot! Their list ranges from heritage sites unique in the whole world to fascinating museums and neighborhoods! Check it out by clicking here.

top 10 places in tallinn you have to see

Tallinn’s Old Town

One of the best preserved Hanseatic town centres in the world. A stone’s throw away you’ll find the city’s business centre with modern towers and luxurious hotels, trendy neighbourhoods and large shopping centres.

The coastal vibe

Tallinn’s luring coastline dotted with promenades and sandy beaches is especially rewarding during the summer but offers scenic views of the iconic cityscape throughout the year.

Easy to access

Tallinn is the first point of entry to Estonia for most visitors, and if you’re the kind of person who likes to jump right in, then you’re in luck, as Tallinn city centre is never more than 15-minutes drive away regardless of if you happen to arrive by plane, train, coach or ferry.

Official travel guide to Estonia –

Visit Estonia Tallinn, where to go? –

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The Official Accommodation Partner of the Event is Tallink Hotels

Tallink Hotels is the official accommodation partner for the EDGC2023, offering a comfortable stay for players, delegates, and spectators in Tallinn. To support the tournament, a special promo code “DISCGOLF23” is available for booking accommodation, providing a 15% discount on stays at Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel & Tallink Express Hotel.

The two hotels provided by Tallink Hotels are situated at the port, just 4.8 kilometers from the competition venue, 5.2km from the airport, and 1.6km from the Old Town, right in the heart of the city center. To reach the competition venue, guests can choose from various transportation options, such as bus, scooter, or taxi. Before the event, a discount code for scooters will be available, and a taxi partner will also be on hand.

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