How far can Albert Tamm throw?

How far does Albert Tamm throw?

Albert Tamm is the curent reigning and multiple Estonian National Disc Golf Champion and oh boy, he can throw far. But how far?

Lucky for us, he participated in Eagle McMahon’s “1 Mile Challenge”, where the goal was to throw as few shots as possible to beat the 1 mile distance marker. That’s ~1610 meters, 1760 yards or 5280 feet. 

How did Albert do in the 1 Mile Challenge?

Let’s take a look at the numbers of Albert’s “1 Mile Challenge” video. Albert also chooses backhand for maximum distance. His 10 throws averaged around 566.9 feet (173 meters) a shot. Worst shot at 465 feet (141 meters) and best shot at a staggering 626 feet (190.8 meters).

Here are all of the 10 throws he threw: (1) 526; (2) 626 *; (3) 606; (4) 614; (5) 620; (6) 568; (7) 532; (8) 568; (9) 465; (10) 554. * = Tamm’s personal best

Total Distance = 5669 feet

It’s safe to say that he successfully completed Eagle’s “1 Mile Challenge”. He even had 389 extra feet to spare.

How far can Albert Tamm throw?

Albert Tamm has thrown a Latitude 64 Ballista Pro to a distance of 626 feet (190.8 meters), but as he says in the “1 Mile Challenge” video, if he would practise more distance driving he could potentially reach even further distances. It’s safe to assume that Albert Tamm could probably reach 656 feet (200 meters) or even break the 700+ feet barrier (213+ meters).

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Definitely check out Albert Tamm’s “1 Mile challenge” video.

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