How far can Brodie Smith throw?

Brodie Smith, PDGA #128378, is a professional disc golfer and YouTube personality best known for his ultimate frisbee trickshots. Brodie is from Dallas, Texas, United States and he is also a 4 time Ultimate Frisbee National Champion & currently holds 6 Guinness World Records.

Smith is currently sponsored by Discraft and he has been a member of the PDGA since 2019 & turned professional in 2020.

How did Brodie Smith do in the 1 Mile Challenge?

Let’s take a look at the numbers of Brodie’s “1 Mile Challenge” video. Brodie, like many other professional disc golfers, chooses backhand throwing style for maximum distance. His 10 throws averaged 536.7 feet (163.5 meters) a shot. Worst shot at 470 feet (143 meters) and best shot at a staggering 640 feet (195 meters).

how far can brodie smith throw 1 mile challenge 2022 september

Here are all of the 10 throws he threw: (1) 512′; (2) 521′; (3) 470′; (4) 485′; (5) 500′; (6) 515′; (7) 556′; (8) 588′; (9) 580′; (10) 640′. 

Total Distance = 5367 feet, that’s 10 throws combined to a distance of 1.016477 miles.

How far can Brodie Smith throw?

Brodie Smith has thrown a Discraft ESP Nuke to a distance of 640 feet (195 meters), which he threw in his latest “1 Mile Challenge” video using a backhand throwing technique. It’s safe to say that Brodie Smith has a cannon of an arm and he most definitely has the power to regularly throw over 600 feet, but as he has only played disc golf for a few years, he is still developing his form and learning how the discs fly. I am sure that we will see Brodie Smith breaking the 650 feet barrier in the upcoming years.

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Check out this video from Brodie Smith “How far can I throw?”:

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