How far can Eagle McMahon throw?

How far can Eagle McMahon throw

Eagle Wynne McMahon, PDGA #37817, is a professional disc golfer from Boulder, Colorado, United States and he is widely considered as one of the farthest throwers in disc golf. Eagle started playing disc golf in 2007, when he was just 7 years old. He joined the PDGA in 2008 and started his professional disc golf career when he was just 11 years old at 2011. McMahon has a total of 48 career wins, including 1 Major victory at the 2018 Konopiste Open, 7 National Tours and he also was the 2018 Disc Golf National Pro Tour Champion. Eagle’s disc golf career earnings stand at $232,282.20 (As of February 2022). Eagle McMahon is currently sponsored by Discmania Golf Discs.

How far can Eagle McMahon throw?

Eagle McMahon has thrown a Discmania DD3 Cloud Breaker to a distance of 707 feet (215.5 meters), which he threw in the 2021 Las Vegas Challenge distance competition using a 360-backhand throwing technique. McMahon is probably one of the few if not only disc golf player in the world, who can consistently break the 650′ barrier and occasionally even 700 feet distance barrier with his backhand throws. He is also known for his incredible forehand distance, which he can throw 450 to 500 feet regularly and max out at 550 feet.

Grab your Discmania DD3 here on

Discmania S-Line DD3

Eagle McMahon’s “The Mile Challenge”

Eagle McMahon came up with the idea of a “Mile Challenge”, this was inspired by Tristan Tanner’s “Combine Challenge“. The idea is pretty straight forward, how many throws does it take to throw a mile aka 5280 feet?

In his very first Mile Challenge attempt, Eagle chose to go with the 360-backhand throwing technique.

Here’s all of the 10 throws Eagle threw:

(1) 527′ (160 meters); (2) 556′ (169 meters); (3) 583′ (178 meters); (4) 595′ (181 meters); (5) 603′ (184 meters); (6) 672′ (205 meters)*; (7) 490′ (149 meters); (8) 619′ (188 meters); (9) 490′ (149 meters); (10) 285′ (87 meters). * = Farthest drive out of 10 throws.

Total Distance = 5394 feet (1644 meters)

The disc Eagle McMahon threw in the challenge using backhand: Discmania DD3 Cloud Breaker.

In addition, Eagle also has made a video about the same challenge, but throwing forehand/sidearm. He also tries the 360-forehand technique to get even more distance. Check out the videos down below.

Eagle McMahon “The Mile Challenge” backhand edition:

Eagle McMahon “The Mile Challenge” sidearm/forehand edition:

No wonder the Discmania DD3 also made it to my “Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers” list. If you are looking for more disc golf distance drivers, I’d recommend you to check out this article –

If you made it this far, I highly recommend subscribing to Eagle’s Vlogs YouTube channel.


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