Largest Margins of Victory in Disc Golf History, Major Tournaments

Mixed Professional Open (MPO)

The largest margin of victory in a major tournament in the MPO disc golf history belongs to Ken Climo, when he won the 1994 Worlds by 18 strokes.

StrokesMPO playerEvent
18Ken Climo1994 Worlds
15Ken Climo1999 USDGC
14Ken Climo2002 Worlds
14Dave Feldberg2008 Worlds
13Ken Climo1993 Japan Open
12Dave Feldberg2006 European Open
11Barry Schultz2006 USDGC
11Ken Climo2007 USDGC
11 Dave Feldberg2008 Japan Open
11Paul McBeth2015 Scandinavian Open
10Ken Climo1991 Worlds

Female Professional Open (FPO)

The largest margin of victory in a major tournament in the FPO disc golf history belongs to Juliana Korver, when she won the 1999 Women’s National by 36 strokes.

StrokesFPO playerEvent
36Juliana Korver1999 Women's Nationals
27Valarie Jenkins2010 Japan Open
25Elaine King1997 Worlds
21Valarie Jenkins2008 Players Cup
21Valarie Jenkins2015 Aussie Open
20Paige Pierce2017 Aussie Open
19Chris O'Cleary1989 Japan Open
19Amy Schiller1990 Worlds
19Juliana Korver1999 Worlds
18Des Reading2005 Worlds
17Valarie Jenkins2011 European Open
17Paige Pierce2019 European Open
16Elaine King1993 Worlds
15Elaine King1994 Worlds
14Valarie Jenkins2009 Worlds
13Juliana Korver1998 Worlds
13Lesli Todd2000 Women's Nationals
13Paige Pierce2021 USWDGC
12Valarie Jenkins2008 Japan Open
12Valarie Jenkins2008 Worlds
11Tita Ugalde1987 Japan Open
11Elaine King1992 Worlds
11Juliana Korver2000 Worlds
11Juliana Korver2003 Worlds
11Angela Tschiggfrie2006 USWDGC
10Amy Schiller1990 Japan Open
10Elaine King1991 Worlds


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