My Top 5 Highest Rated Rounds in 2022

The 2022 disc golf season was a blast!

I competed in a total of 20 PDGA sanctioned events in 3 different countries – Estonia, Finland and Lithuania. Four of which were A-tier events, 6 B-tier events and 10 C-tier events.

Current rating: 958 (as of 20-Dec-2022)

Here are my 5 highest rated rounds from the 2022 season:

Round ratingEvent
1037EPT - Estonian Open 2022 R2
1000Elwa Challenge 2022 R1
994Prodigy Championship R3
988Nordic Titanium TROPHY 2022 R1
987Prodigy Championship R2

My 3 worst rounds:

894 – Nordic Titanium TROPHY R3;

899 – EPT Estonian Open R1;

903 – Pro Ehitus Järvakandi R2.

Stats via PDGA –

Tournament coverage videos of me:

Elwa Challenge 2022 MA1 Finaal F9 – Mõts, Ambur, Soppe, Koni

Elwa Challenge 2022 MA1 Finaal B9 – Mõts, Ambur, Soppe, Koni


Hi there! I am Tõnis from Estonia and I'm a professional disc golfer. I've been playing disc golf for over 7 years. I am a true disc golf fanatic. I hope you enjoy my disc golf blog.

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