Statement from PDGA Euro Tour:

Unfortunately, we will not be able to host full PDGA Euro Tour this year again, so the whole Tour is cancelled. While some events might proceed, either locally, or on an international level, the situation in Europe does not allow us to call it a full Tour as we would want it to be and so players will not be collecting points towards final standings. We will still try to support each event individually depending on what local conditions allow and how organisers will decide to run the event.

What does cancellation of PDGA Euro Tour 2021 mean to Europe’s disc golf?

Cancellation of the PDGA Euro Tour 2021 was pretty much the last straw to most of the over the ocean (mainly USA’s) MPO and FPO, who wished to participate in any bigger A or B-tier disc golf events in Europe.
There might still be chance to participate in some of the events as the restrictions may vary from country to country, but it’s pretty safe to say that we will not be seeing a large influx of USA’s TOP disc golf MPO & FPO ahtletes in Europe in the year 2021.

Here’s a list of cancelled PDGA Euro Tour 2021 events:

  • Estonian Open 2021.

A list of events, which might proceed but under restrictions:

Source & more information on the official PDGA Euro Tour homepage. Click here to read!

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