Estonians Played the FIRST EVER Disc Golf Event in an Active Shopping Mall at T1 Tallinn, Estonia!

On January 22nd 2023 Estonian disc golf club Five Under hosted an event inside of one the biggest shopping centres in Estonia, T1 shopping centre at Tallinn. This was the first time ever disc golf was played in an active shopping mall.

I had the privilege to be part of the organizing crew & play at the event as well. Here’s a few

  • Total of 250+ PLAYERS!
  • 65 unique holes and 2 rounds;
  • 8 miles and 8 hours of pure fun;
  • ~125 000 throws in total.

Even the local media picked it up, 90 second video + a few pictures, check them out here –

Here’s a few pictures of the holes:

My videos from the event:

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