Simon Lizotte IN THE BAG – Team MVP

Simon Lizotte is a professional disc golfer from Germany, now based in the United States. He has been a top-ranked player in the sport of disc golf for nearly a decade and he’s best known for his incredible long-distance throws and crazy “Simon Lines”. Simon Lizotte is widely considered as one of the most entertaining disc golf player to watch and he is one of the most talented disc golf player of all-time.

Pro Disc Golfer Simon Lizotte Signs a 10-Year, $10 Million Contract with MVP Disc Sports

In the beginning of the 2023 season, Simon Lizotte signed a 10-Year, $10 million sponsorship contract with MVP Disc Sports.

MVP will pay Lizotte a guaranteed seven figures a year along with a six figure signing bonus, with an uncapped potential for more earnings through disc sales and performance incentives.

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Inside The Simon Lizotte MVP Deal: The Contract, How it Came Together, and What’s Next

Simon Lizotte in the bag 2023, full list of MVP/Axiom/Streamline discs

February 17th 2023 update!

PS! Just like Simon said in his latest in the bag video, this list will change as he gets to know MVP discs and how they fly!

BagGripEQ AX5-
Putting putterMVP AnodeElectron
Throwing putterStreamline StabilizerNeutron SL
Throwing putterMVP SpinNeutron
Throwing putterMVP GlitchNeutron
Throwing putterAxiom ProxySoft Neutron
MidrangeAxiom HexNeutron
MidrangeAxiom HexEclipse 2.0
MidrangeAxiom PyroPrism Proton
MidrangeMVP DeflectorNeutron
Fairway driverAxiom CraveNeutron
Fairway driverMVP ResistorEclipse 2.0
Fairway driverAxiom FireballNeutron
Fairway driverMVP TeslaProton
Distance driverMVP DimensionNeutron
Distance driverAxiom PanicNeutron
Distance driverAxiom DeliriumNeutron
Distance driverStreamline TraceNeutron
Distance driverAxiom DefyNeutron

Where to Buy Discs What Simon Lizotte is Using?

The best place to buy discs thesedays is to order them from an e-shop. I ALWAYS recommend if you are looking to buy discs with reasonable price and fast shipping.

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What Disc Golf Bag is Simon Lizotte Using?

Simon Lizotte is using a GripEQ AX5 disc golf bag.

The AX5 can fit 22 discs and is made out of superior materials and worksmanship. The GripEQ bags are widely known as one of the best disc golf bags on the market. Check out the AX5 here on GripEQ.

What MVP Putting Putter is Simon Lizotte Using?

For the upcoming season of 2023 Simon Lizotte is considering using the MVP Anode in Electron plastic.

Check out the MVP Anode putters here on Infinite Discs.

What Putting Putters are Professional Disc Golfers Using?

Ever wondered what putting putters other professionals like Ricky Wysocki or Paige Pierce use? I’ve compiled a huge list of professional players and their putting putters, check it out here –

What MVP Throwing Putters is Simon Lizotte Using?

For throwing putters, Simon Lizotte will be throwing Streamline Stabilizer, MVP Spin, MVP Glitch and Axiom Proxy.

Here’s one of the craziest putter throws ever recorded during a professional disc golf round, of course thrown by non other than Simon Lizotte. He threw a putter 492 ft …

What MVP Midranges is Simon Lizotte Using?

Simon Lizotte is throwing a total of 4 different MVP & Axiom midranges:

Looking for Disc Golf Discs for Beginners?

Here’s a list of the Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners –

What MVP Fairway Drivers is Simon Lizotte Using?

Here’s a list of fairway drivers Simon is using from the MVP’s line-up + which plastic:

What MVP Distance Drivers is Simon Lizotte Using?

At the beginning of the 2023 Simon is bagging a total of 5 different MVP distance drivers:

Simon Lizotte MVP Signature Tour Series Discs

Simon Lizotte’s first Tour Series MVP disc is the Axiom Discs Eclipse Hex! MVP & Simon call it the “Leapin’ Lizottl’”.

Get a Leapin’ Lizottl’ Hex here on Infinite Discs.

Simon Lizotte MVP Tour Series Axiom Eclipse Hex, leapin' lizottl' disc

VIDEO – Simon Lizotte In The Bag 2023 – Team MVP

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