The Ultimate Innova SUPER HEROPACK Bag Review

Innova Super HEROPACK Review

This review is based on over 2 years of hands-on experience with the Innova Super HeroPack bag.

Innova Super HeroPack is a high-quality disc golf bag, which is an updated version of the previous and very popular HeroPack.

Old vs. the new HeroPack

Compared to HeroPack, Super HeroPack is bigger and stronger and is equipped with a new lightweight rigid frame. The bag has roomy side pockets where you can accommodate all the things you need to take along the disc golf course. With waterproof locks, plumber pockets and durable 600D fabric, it is one of the most durable bags available.

How durable is the Innova Super HeroPack bag?

My Super HeroPack bag has seen all kinds of weather, from extreme cold as low as – 30 degrees to extremely hot +35 degrees in celsius. Snow, rain, sunshine, you name it, the bag has seen it all. In addition to weather, I think the terrain breaks the bag apart even more as it comes to rest on the ground every time you line up your next shot. Grass, mud, rocks, tree branches and so on slowly, but surely wear out the material.

During the 2 years I’ve had my Innova Super HeroPack, the bag has suffered some minor and a few major battle wounds. But all in all it has served me well. The Innova Super HeroPack has proven itself to be extremely durable disc golf bag and I would recommend it in a heart beat to anyone. Also, despite the few major battle wounds, if it survived my grueling 900 rounds of disc golf in 2 years, it will most definitely serve you even better!

900 rounds in 2 years? This number might sound crazy, but trust me it is not!

In the last 2 years I have played more than 650 regular rounds of disc golf (all rounds with 18 or more baskets) + participated in more than 250 tournaments (regular weeklies and other bigger tournaments), which means about 900 rounds of disc golf in the last 2 years. This number does not include field work nor putting practises as I can’t measure them as a round of disc golf.

900 rounds in 2 years. That’s more than a round of disc golf a day for a time span of 730 days. Let that sink in.

All the while I was carrying my discs and supplies with Innova Super HeroPack bag.

Discgolfmetrix most active player


NB! Most of the players own bags that do not look as rugged as my disc golf bag and I have to keep reminding myself that I play way more often than they do. My 2 years of wear and tear on the disc golf bag is most probably their 10 or even more years of disc golf.

What parts of the Innova Super HeroPack bag will most probably fail first?

I’d say the first parts to fail would be either the shoulder straps or the water bottle holders. Both of these places have immense wear and tear as you pick up the bag and place it down all the times.

Innova Super heropack bag review photo 4
Worn out shoulder straps.
Innova Super heropack bag review photo 16
I accidentally stepped on one of the straps and broke the plastic mechanism. Replaced it with a simple metal carabin and it works like a charm.
Innova Super heropack bag review photo 5
Worn out water bottle pocket. I fixed the water bottle issues with simply putting a mini marker into the bottom of the holder and it spreads the load more evenly and stops the bottle from tearing through the pocket.
Innova Super heropack bag review photo 12
A better view of the underbelly of the bag. Surprised that the rubber “legs” work that effectively as there are close to no major damages or rips of the fabric.
Innova Super heropack bag review photo 14
As you put discs inside the compartment and take them out all the times, the fabric of the compartment will eventually give and break. Luckily, the discs cover up the space so nobody will even see it.
Innova Super heropack bag review photo 13
Little to no wear and tear on the underside of the U shaped compartment.
Innova Super heropack bag review photo 9
A look inside the bag if you take out the U shaped disc compartment. No visible wear and tear.
Innova Super heropack bag review photo 11
The backside of the bag, which holds the soft padding, is still looking extremely good.
Innova Super heropack bag review photo 21
Innova Super HeroPack frontside look.

How many discs can Innova Super HeroPack bag fit?

Innova Super HeroPack bag can easily fit 30+ discs if you fully load up every compartment and pocket you can possibly find. I usually carried around 21 discs,which included my 1 main putter ontop, 19 different discs at the big compartment and 1 main go-to driver in the front pocket. I did not use the big pockets for discs as they usually held towels, snacks, powerbank, soft drinks and I could easily fit a hoodie or even a jacket in there.

The bag has reinforced sides and bases and U-shaped disc separator. Softened and adjustable brackets, top handle, 2 big water bottle holders and many pockets to accommodate your things.

Innova Super HeroPack bag contains everything necessary and nothing excess. A lightweight HeroPack backpack weighs less than 2 kilograms of durable material. The top and bottom putter pocket keeps your main putters dry all the time and easily accessible. Additional softenings on the back also ensure comfort in long and difficult circles. Innova Super HeroPack is a suitable disc golf bag for both daily disc golfers and Sunday players.

Innova Super HeroPack bag features

  • Easily accommodates 20 to 25 discs, if fully loaded 30+ discs;
  • Waterproof putter pocket locks;
  • 600D nylon material;
  • Strengthened and removable upper and side parts;
  • Waterproof and additionally reinforced underpart;
  • Soft lined pocket for precious things;
  • Mini holder on sides (fits 2-3 minis);
  • Under and upper putter pocket;
  • Two large bottle holders (fits 1.5l bottles with ease);
  • Two extra pockets for personal items;
  • Reversible length and softened shoulder straps.

Overall weight of the fully loaded disc golf bag

All of that cargo space comes at a cost, unless, you are not using it.

Let’s say that you are going to play on a big disc golf tournament and you need all of your supplies + discs with you, how heavy will the disc golf bag be?

Innova Super heropack bag review photo 19
An overview of all of the supplies I carry in my disc golf bag.

As I mentioned before the bag itself weights around 2 kilograms, while being completely empty.
An average disc golf disc weights around 173 – 175 grams and you carry around 23 discs, which means you’ll be carrying around 4 kg’s of plastic. Plus, we don’t want to be dehydrated so let’s say 2 litres of water = 2 kg.
In addition, multiple towels, powerbank, birdiebag, pencils, minimarkers, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray and etc, which would combine another 2 kilos of weight and if we stacks the numbers all up. We’d be looking at a disc golf bag, that weights more than 10 kilograms. It might not sound much, but over time it will exhaust you more than you’d like.


If you are looking for a disc golf bag that has a lot of cargo space, accomodates 20+ discs, has durability and is fairly priced, I would 100% recommend checking out the Innova Super HeroPack.

Grab one here on

Innova Super heropack bag review photo 3


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