2022 DGPT Champions and highest rated rounds

2022 DGPT and Major tournament champions

EventDateMPO WinnerFPO Winner
DGPT Championship (ES)Oct. 13-16Ricky WysockiKristin Tattar
U.S. Championship (M)Oct. 6-9Gannon Buhr
Throw Pink Women's DG Championship (XA)Oct. 6-9Catrina Allen
DGPT MVP Open at Maple Hill (ES)Sept. 22-25Simon LizotteNatalie Ryan
DGPT Green Mountain Championship (ES)Sept. 16-18Ricky WysockiKristin Tattar
DGPT Silver Series Butler County Classic (A)Sept. 9-11Joel FreemanKristin Tattar
PDGA World Championships (M)Aug. 30-Sept. 3Paul McBethKristin Tattar
DGPT Des Moines Challenge (ES)Aug. 19-21Simon LizotteKristin Tattar
DGPT Ledgestone Insurance Open (ES)Aug. 11-14Ricky WysockiMissy Gannon
DGPT Silver Series Mid America Open (A)Aug. 5-7Alden HarrisSarah Hokom
DGPT Great Lakes Open (ES)July 29-31Calvin HeimburgNatalie Ryan
European Open (M)July 21-24Eagle McMahonPaige Pierce
DGPT LWS Open at Idlewild (ES)July 8-10Isaac RobinsonCatrina Allen
U.S. Women’s Championship (M)June 30-July 3Hailey King
DGPT The Preserve Championship (ES)June 24-26Bradley WilliamsPaige Pierce
DGPT Silver Series Beaver State Fling (A)June 10-12Garrett GurthieValerie Mandujano
DGPT Portland Open (ES)June 2-5Simon LizotteValerie Mandujano
DGPT OTB Open (ES)May 20-22Simon LizottePaige Pierce
DGPT Silver Series Santa Cruz Masters Cup (A)May 13-15Gannon BuhrSarah Hokom
DGPT Dynamic Discs Open (ES)April 28-May 1Ricky WysockiKristin Tattar
DGPT Jonesboro Open (ES)April 22-24Calvin HeimburgKristin Tattar
PDGA Champions Cup (M)April 14-17Chris DickersonPaige Pierce
DGPT Silver Series Open at Tallahassee (A)April 8-10Albert TammStacie Hass
DGPT Silver Series Music City Open (A)April 1-3Chris DickersonMissy Gannon
DGPT Texas State Championship (ES)March 24-27Ricky WysockiPaige Pierce

DGPT Silver Series Open at Belton (A)March 18-20Chris DickersonCatrina Allen
DGPT Waco Charity Open (ES)March 11-13Paul McBethValerie Mandujano
DGPT Las Vegas Challenge (ES)Feb. 24-27Drew GibsonCatrina Allen

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2022 TOP MPO Highest Rated Rounds

(A-tier and higher tournaments, 1075+)

PDGA ratingPlayer nameEventRoundDate
1108 Paul McBethMemorial ChampionshipFirstMarch 3
1098Paul McBethMemorial ChampionshipSecondMarch 4
1093Simon LizotteDGPT Jonesboro OpenSecondApril 23
1092Paul McBethPDGA Champions CupFinalApril 17
1091Drew GibsonDGPT Las Vegas ChallengeSecondFeb. 25
1091Joel FreemanUnited States DGCThirdOctober 8
1090Jacob CourtisShelly Sharpe MemorialFinalJan. 16
1090Eagle McMahonEuropean OpenFirstJuly 21
1090Gannon BuhrUnited States DGCFinalOctober 9
1088Paul McBethDGPT Texas State ChampionshipFirstMarch 25
1086Eagle McMahonEuropean OpenSecondJuly 22
1086Paul McBethEuropean OpenSecondJuly 22
1086Gannon BuhrDGPT Ledgestone OpenFirstAugust 11
1086Cale LeiviskaKansas City Wide OpenFirstAugust 25
1085Thomas GilbertDynamic Discs Tournament Capital OpenFirstMay 27
1084Sullivan TiptonCity of Mobile ChampionshipsFinalMay 8
1084Tristan TannerPDGA World ChampionshipsFirstAugust 30
1084Calvin HeimburgUnited States DGCThirdOctober 8
1084Joona HeinänenUnited States DGCThirdOctober 8
1083Paul McBethEuropean OpenFirstJuly 21
1083AJ CareyEuropean OpenThirdJuly 23
1082Cole RedalenDGPT Waco Charity OpenFinalMarch 13
1082Calvin HeimburgDGPT Texas State ChampionshipSecondMarch 26
1082Ricky WysockiDGPT Texas State ChampionshipSecondMarch 26
1082Ben CallawayDGPT Silver Series Santa Cruz Masters CupFinalMay 15
1082Matt OrumDGPT Silver Series Santa Cruz Masters CupFinalMay 15
1082Niklas AnttilaFinnish Nationals 2022SecondAugust 7
1082Paul McBethDGPT Des Moines ChallengeSecondAugust 20
1081Cale LeiviskaShelly Sharpe MemorialFinalJan. 16
1081Anthony BarelaMemorial ChampionshipSecondMarch 4
1081Chris DickersonDGPT Silver Series Open at BeltonSecondMarch 19
1081Paul McBethDGPT Silver Series Open at BeltonSecondMarch 19
1081Adam Hammes DGPT The PreserveFinalJune 26
1081Jakub SemeradPCS Sula OpenSecondJuly 14
1081Ricky WysockiDGPT Green Mountain ChampionshipSecondSeptember 16
1081Simon LizotteDGPT MVP Open at Maple HillFinalSeptember 25
1080Albert TammDGPT Silver Series Open at TallahasseeFirstApril 8
1080Kyle Klein303 OpenFirstMay 6
1080Andrew MirandaDGPT Silver Series Santa Cruz Masters CupSecondMay 14
1080 Garrett GurthieDGPT Silver Series Beaver State FlingSecondJune 11
1080Cole RedalenDGPT Great Lakes OpenFinalJuly 31
1079Corey EllisDGPT Ledgestone OpenFinalAugust 14
1078Lauri LehtinenDGPT Silver Series Music City OpenFinalApril 3
1078Chris ClemonsRiver City OpenSecondJuly 16
1078Simon LizotteDGPT MVP Open at Maple HillSecondSeptember 24
1078Corey EllisDGPT MVP Open at Maple HillSecondSeptember 24
1078Väinö MäkeläDGPT MVP Open at Maple HillSecondSeptember 24
1077Andrew MarwedeMemorial ChampionshipThirdMarch 5
1077Ian HamiltonBowling Green OpenFirstApril 8
1077Chandler FryRiver City OpenFirstJuly 15
1077Joel FreemanDGPT Silver Series Butler County ClassicFinalSeptember 11
1077Ricky WysockiPDGA World ChampionshipsSecondAugust 31
1077Paul McBethPDGA World ChampionshipsThirdSeptember 1
1077Chris ClemonsPDGA World ChampionshipsThirdSeptember 1
1077Matthew OrumPDGA World ChampionshipsThirdSeptember 1
1077Isaac RobinsonPDGA World ChampionshipsThirdSeptember 1
1077Jake MoonPDGA World ChampionshipsFourthSeptember 2
1077Isaac RobinsonUnited States DGCFinalOctober 9
1077Matthew OrumUnited States DGCFinalOctober 9
1076Ricky WysockiDGPT Texas State ChampionshipFinalMarch 27
1076John Willis IIDGPT Texas State ChampionshipFinalMarch 27
1076Isaac RobinsonDGPT Portland OpenFirstJune 2
1076Joel FreemanDGPT Silver Series Beaver State FlingFinalJune 12
1076Cole RedalenDGPT Silver Series Beaver State FlingFinalJune 12
1076Bradley WilliamsUnited States DGCSecondOctober 7
1076Cale LeiviskaCarolina ClashFirstDecember 2
1075Noah MeintsmaDGPT Las Vegas ChallengeSecondFeb. 25
1075Paul McBethDGPT Waco Charity OpenFirstMarch 11
1075Luke HumphriesDGPT Waco Charity OpenFirstMarch 11
1075Nick CarlDGPT Waco Charity OpenFirstMarch 11
1075Thomas GilbertDGPT Waco Charity OpenFinalMarch 13
1075Kyle KleinDGPT Waco Charity OpenFinalMarch 13
1075Gannon BuhrDGPT The PreserveFinalJune 26
1075Joel FreemanCharlie Vettiner OpenSecondJuly 2
1075Drew GibsonDGPT Des Moines ChallengeSecondAugust 20
1075Niklas AnttilaDGPT Green Mountain ChampionshipFinalSeptember 18

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2022 TOP FPO Highest Rated Rounds

(A-tier and higher tournaments, 1000+)

PDGA ratingPlayer nameEventRoundDate
1038Kat MertschOklahoma OpenFinalOctober 23
1033Kristin TattarDGPT Des Moines ChallengeFirstAugust 19
1033Kristin TattarPDGA World ChampionshipsFourthSeptember 2
1030Paige PierceDGPT OTB OpenSecondMay 21
1030Kristin TattarDGPT Green Mountain ChampionshipSecondSeptember 16
1028Eveliina SalonenEuropean OpenSecondJuly 22
1028Catrina AllenThrow Pink Women's DGCSecondOctober 7
1028Henna BlomroosThrow Pink Women's DGCSecondOctober 7
1028Ohn ScogginsThrow Pink Women's DGCSecondOctober 7
1026Kristin TattarPDGA World ChampionshipsFinalSeptember 3
1023Kristin TattarPDGA World ChampionshipsFirstAugust 30
1023Catrina AllenDGPT Waco Charity ClassicFinalMarch 13
1023Holyn HandleyPDGA World ChampionshipsThirdSeptember 1
1023Eveliina SalonenPDGA World ChampionshipsThirdSeptember 1
1023Kristin TattarThrow Pink Women's DGCThirdSeptember 8
1022Kristin Tattar DGPT Jonesboro OpenFirstApril 22
1021Henna BlomroosDGPT Green Mountain ChampionshipFirstSeptember 15
1020Kristin TattarDGPT Dynamic Discs OpenSecondApril 29
1020Paige PierceDGPT Texas State ChampionshipFirstMarch 25
1018Maria OliviaUSWDGCSecondJuly 1
1018Paige PierceDGPT Ledgestone OpenSecondAugust 12
1016Valerie MandujanoDGPT Waco Charity ClassicFinalMarch 13
1016Henna BlomroosPDGA World ChampionshipsThirdSeptember 1
1016Valerie MandujanoPDGA World ChampionshipsThirdSeptember 1
1016Ohn ScogginsPDGA US Masters ChampionshipsFirstSeptember 8
1016Paige ShueThrow Pink Women's DGCThirdSeptember 8
1016Missy GannonThrow Pink Women's DGCFirstOctober 6
1015Catrina AllenDGPT Las Vegas ChallengeSecondFeb. 25
1015Paige PierceDGPT The PreserveFirstJune 24
1014Eveliina SalonenDGPT Waco Charity ClassicFirstMarch 11
1014Ella HansenDGPT Green Mountain ChampionshipSecondSeptember 16
1014Kristin TattarDGPT Green Mountain ChampionshipFinalSeptember 18
1014Valerie MandujanoDGPT ChampionshipSecondOctober 14
1013Valerie MandujanoDGPT Silver Series Open at BeltonFinalMarch 20
1013Catrina AllenDGPT The PreserveFinalJune 26
1013Kristin TattarDGPT Green Mountain ChampionshipFirstSeptember 15
1013Natalie RyanDGPT MVP Open at Maple HillThirdSeptember 24
1013Ohn ScogginsPDGA US Masters ChampionshipsSecondSeptember 9
1012Eveliina SalonenMemorial ChampionshipFirstMarch 3
1012Kristin TattarMemorial ChampionshipFirstMarch 3
1012Paige PiercePDGA Champions CupThirdApril 16
1012Deann CareyMyrtle Beach OpenFirstNovember 4
1011Paige PierceDGPT Las Vegas ChallengeThirdFeb. 26
1011Catrina AllenPDGA Champions CupFinalApril 17
1011Catrina AllenDGPT Silver Series Beaver State FlingSecondJune 11
1011Kat MertschPDGA World ChampionshipsFinalSeptember 3
1010Sarah HokomDGPT Silver Series Santa Cruz Masters CupFinalMay 15
1010Catrina AllenDGPT Silver Series Santa Cruz Masters CupFinalMay 15
1010Holyn HandleyDGPT The PreserveSecondJune 25
1009Jennifer AllenThrow Pink Women's DGCFinalOctober 9
1009Emily BeachThrow Pink Women's DGCFinalOctober 9
1009Catrina AllenThrow Pink Women's DGCFirstOctober 6
1009Sarah HokomThrow Pink Women's DGCFirstOctober 6
1008Kristin TattarDGPT MVP Open at Maple HillFinalSeptember 25
1008Eveliina SalonenDGPT MVP Open at Maple HillFinalSeptember 25
1008Paige PierceDGPT MVP Open at Maple HillFinalSeptember 25
1008Ohn ScogginsDGPT MVP Open at Maple HillFinalSeptember 25
1008Valerie MandujanoDGPT Silver Series Beaver State FlingFinalJune 12
1008Missy GannonDGPT Ledgestone OpenSecondAugust 12
1008Alexis MandujanoDGPT Ledgestone OpenFinalAugust 14
1008Henna BlomroosPDGA World ChampionshipsFirstAugust 30
1008Ohn ScogginsPDGA US Masters ChampionshipsFinalSeptember 11
1008Kristin TattarDGPT ChampionshipThirdOctober 15
1007Ella HansenDGPT Dynamic Discs OpenThirdApril 30
1007Missy GannonDGPT Silver Series Music City OpenFirstApril 1
1007Natalie RyanDGPT Great Lakes OpenSecondJuly 30
1007Ohn ScogginsDGPT Green Mountain ChampionshipSecondSeptember 16
1007Henna BlomroosDGPT Green Mountain ChampionshipSecondSeptember 16
1007Kat MertschDGPT MVP Open at Maple HillFirstSeptember 22
1006Kristin TattarDGPT Jonesboro OpenSecondApril 23
1006Hailey KingUSWDGCThirdJuly 2
1006Maria OlivaRiver City OpenFinalJuly 17
1006Macie VelediazDGPT MVP Open at Maple HillSecondSeptember 23
1005Kristin TattarMemorial ChampionshipThirdMarch 5
1005Valerie MandujanoUSWDGCFinalJuly 3
1005Jennifer AllenAustralian DG ChampionshipsFinalNovember 20
1004Paige PierceDGPT Las Vegas ChallengeFirstFeb. 24
1004Catrina AllenDGPT Las Vegas ChallengeFirstFeb. 24
1004Kristin TattarDGPT Las Vegas ChallengeThirdFeb. 26
1004Catrina AllenPDGA World ChampionshipsSecondAugust 31
1004Emily BeachPDGA World ChampionshipsFinalSeptember 3
1004Paige PiercePDGA World ChampionshipsFinalSeptember 3
1004Jessica WeesePDGA World ChampionshipsFinalSeptember 3
1004Henna BlomroosPDGA World ChampionshipsFinalSeptember 3
1004Hailey KingPDGA World ChampionshipsFinalSeptember 3
1003Sai AnandaTreasure Valley CupFirstMarch 26
1003Holyn HandleyTexas State Championship (A-Tier)SecondApril 2
1003Kristin TattarDGPT Ledgestone OpenFirstAugust 11
1003Ohn ScogginsDGPT Ledgestone OpenFinalAugust 14
1002Valerie MandujanoDGPT Portland OpenFirstJune 2
1002Catrina AllenPortland OpenSecondJune 3
1002Missy GannonDGPT IdlewildFinalJuly 10
1002Holyn HandleyThrow Pink Women's DGCFinalOctober 9
1001Jennifer AllenMemorial ChampionshipSecondMarch 4
1001Henna BlomroosMemorial ChampionshipSecondMarch 4
1001Catrina AllenDGPT Dynamic Discs OpenFinalMay 1
1001Catrina AllenDGPT Dynamic Discs OpenThirdApril 30
1001Kristin TattarPDGA Champions CupSecondApril 15
1001Paige PierceDGPT Ledgestone OpenThirdAugust 13
1001Ella HansenPDGA World ChampionshipsFirstAugust 30
1001Holyn HandleyDGPT MVP Open at Maple HillFinalSeptember 25
1001Natalie RyanDGPT MVP Open at Maple HillFinalSeptember 25
1001Macie VelediazDGPT MVP Open at Maple HillFinalSeptember 25
1000Alexis MandujanoDPGT Silver Series Open at BeltonFirstMarch 18
1000Catrina AllenDGPT Silver Series Santa Cruz Masters CupFirstMay 13
1000Kona Star PanisDGPT Des Moines ChallengeFinalAugust 21
1000Kristin TattarDGPT Silver Series Butler County ClassicFirstSeptember 9
1000Lisa FajkusDGPT Silver Series Butler County ClassicFirstSeptember 9
1000Missy GannonDGPT ChampionshipSecondOctober 14

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