TOP 20 Tournament Prize Money Earners in Disc Golf in 2024 – June Update!

PS! There are 6 FPO players and 14 MPO players in the TOP 20 tournament prize money earners list.

  • Gannon Buhr (MPO) has earned the most cash in 2024 so far, a total of $67,069 in 14 event.
  • Ohn Scoggins leads the pack in FPO division with a total of $36,329 earned in 16 events ($2,270.56 per event).
  • In FPO, Kristin Tattar, has the highest average earnings per event with $4,093.75 per tournament!
  • In MPO, Gannon Buhr, has the highest average at $4,790.64 per tournament.

Here are your TOP 20 Tournament Prize Money Earners in Disc Golf in 2024 – June 2024 update:

EventsAVG $ per eventTotal cash ($)
Gannon BuhrMPOUSA14$4,790.64$67,069.00
Anthony BarelaMPOUSA14$3,320.57$46,488.00
Calvin HeimburgMPOUSA11$4,219.00$46,409.00
Niklas AnttilaMPOFinland14$3,137.71$43,928.00
Ricky WysockiMPOUSA11$3,320.09$36,521.00
Ohn ScogginsFPOUSA16$2,270.56$36,329.00
Eveliina SalonenFPOFinland9$3,743.11$33,688.00
Kristin TattarFPOEstonia8$4,093.75$32,750.00
Missy GannonFPOUSA11$2,921.36$32,135.00
Holyn HandleyFPOUSA12$2,649.33$31,792.00
Ezra RobinsonMPOUSA16$1,948.94$31,183.00
Andrew PresnellMPOUSA18$1,388.28$24,989.00
Gavin RathbunMPOUSA13$1,708.23$22,207.00
Aaron GossageMPOUSA17$1,282.53$21,803.00
Ella HansenFPOUSA12$1,786.17$21,434.00
Kyle KleinMPOUSA10$1,825.50$18,255.00
Isaac RobinsonMPOUSA14$1,216.43$17,030.00
Cole RedalenMPOUSA14$1,209.43$16,932.00
Chris DickersonMPOUSA8$2,029.00$16,232.00
Simon LizotteMPOUSA7$2,280.71$15,965.00

Source – PDGA Player Statistics.

Who earned the most tournament prize money in disc golf in 2023?

Tattar averaged a staggering $5,283.95 per event (best in FPO) and Wysocki averaged $4,409.26 (best in MPO). Last year’s TOP 10 Prize Money Earners in Disc Golf can be found here –

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