TOP 10 Prize Money Earners in Disc Golf in 2023

Ka-Ching! The 2023 Disc Golf Pro Tour is OFFICIALLY in the BOOKS! We once again saw multiple cash records being set & history being made. This time by none other than Kristin Tattar, Isaac Robinson and Calvin Heimburg.

Fun Fact! The TOP 10 tournament prize money earners in 2023 won a total of $921,550, that’s an 18.8% increase from last year! To make it to the TOP 10 list a player needed to earn at least $66,755, up +$11,944 from last year.

NB! The list of players & numbers might change a bit! Even though the DGPT season has officially ended there are still a lot of players out there, who are competing at tournaments & will most probably earn tournament prize money.

Without further ado. Here are the TOP 10 tournament prize money earners in disc golf in 2023:

#1 – Kristin Tattar: $116,247

Kristin Tattar sets a new PDGA Record with the most money ever earned in a single season with $116,247!
Image by DGPT.


And we thought Kristin Tattar‘s 2022 season was spectacular… Oh my…

Kristin Tattar’s 2023 season in a nutshell:

Kristin Tattar 2023 season in a nutshell
Image by DGPT & stats by Statmando.

Kristin Tattar, sponsored by Latitude 64, won ALL 4 MAJORS in the 2023 season! She won the 2023 FPO World Championship in a dominant fashion, that’s a back-to-back victory and she is now a 2X Disc Golf FPO World Champion!

Tattar didn’t stop there, she was once again the first player to cross the magical 6-figure tournament prize money earnings in a single season and she also set the new PDGA record with the most money ever earned in a single season at $116,247!

Kristin Tattar’s achievements this season (2023):

  • BACK-TO-BACK FPO World Champion!
  • BACK-TO-BACK DGPT Points Champion!
  • GRAND SLAM! First player EVER to win all 4 Majors in a 4-Major season!
  • 999 PDGA rating aka highest EVER rated FPO player!
  • $116,247 – Most money EVER earned in a single season (2023)!

I could go on and on, but I hope you get the point. Another spectacular season in the books for Kristin Tattar, just complete and utter dominance.

Kristin Tattar grand slam post via PDGA
Image by PDGA.

#2 – Isaac Robinson: $108,553

Isaac Robinson, 1X Disc Golf World Champion & sponsored by Prodigy, sets a new PDGA record with the most money ever earned in a single season by an MPO player at $108,553!

Isaac Robinson sets a new MPO record for the most ever earned single season

Isaac Robinson and Calvin Heimburg join Kristin Tattar, Paul McBeth and Ricky Wysocki as the only FIVE players in disc golf history to earn over $100,000 in tournament prize money in a single season!

Fun fact! Isaac Robinson earned $63,500 from just 4 events this season!

Isaac‘s biggest payouts of the 2023 season:

  • $30,000 – 1st place at PDGA Pro Worlds (Major);
  • $14,000 – 1st place at PDGA Champions Cup (Major);
  • $10,000 – 3rd place at USDGC (Major);
  • $9,500 – T4th place at DGPT Championship.

#3 – Calvin Heimburg: $107,025

Calvin Heimburg #3 top earner in 2023 disc golf season, a total of $107,025
Image by PDGA.

Calvin Heimburg’s, sponsored by Innova, biggest payout was from the DGPT Championship, where he finished 3rd and earned $14,000, 2nd biggest payout came from fifth place at the PDGA Pro Worlds earning him $10,000. The 2 DGPT Elite Event victories at Jonesboro Open & Las Vegas Challenge tallied in a combined total of $15,500.

Heimburg finishes his 2023 season with a total of $107,025 in tournament prize money earnings. This is the most tournament prize money he has EVER earned in a single season!

Calvin Heimburg & Isaac Robinson become 4th and 5th players in disc golf history to earn over $100,000 in a single season!

Calvin Heimburg’s 2023 season in a nutshell:

  • 2 DGPT Elite Event wins
  • 1 Silver Event win
  • $107K earned
  • 14 podiums

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#4 – Missy Gannon: $94,995


Missy Gannon, sponsored by Discraft, had a spectacular 2023 season! When it mattered the most and the biggest paycheck in pro disc golf history was on the line, “BIG MONEY MISSY” didn’t let down and won the DGPT Championship & the sought after $40,000!

Furthermore, she finished 2nd at the PDGA Pro Worlds earning another $10,000 and picked up a DGPT Elite Event victory at Discraft Ledgestone Open, earning her another $7,000. Missy Gannon earned a total of $94,995 in tournament prize money in 2023, this is the most she has ever earned in a single season!

Missy Gannon $94,995 total earnings in 2023

#5 – Kyle Klein: $93,766

Kyle Klein, sponsored by Discmania, came in clutch at the end of the season! Earning $30,000 at USDGC + $22,000 at the DGPT Championship, Kyle Klein becomes the first player to earn over $50,000 in payout for a single month. In addition, Klein won WACO (+$7,500), came in 2nd at the European Open (+$8,250) and finished 6th at the PDGA Pro Worlds (+$7,200)!

A total of $93,766 tournament prize money earnings in the 2023 season puts Kyle Klein in 5th spot in our list.

#6 – Gannon Buhr: $87,911

Another spectacular year for the young gun! Gannon Buhr, sponsored by Prodigy, won 3 DGPT Elite Events & 2 Silver Events, his biggest earnings came from 1st place at the Des Moines Challenge ($12,250) and 1st place at LWS Open at Idlewild ($10,000). In addition, he finished 6th at the DGPT Championship from where he raked in another $8,000. $87,911 is the most Gannon Buhr has ever earned in a single season! His previous record was $86,973 from the 2022 season.

Picture by DGPT.

#7 – Ohn Scoggins: $84,443

Ohn Scoggins, sponsored by Innova, finally snagged a DGPT Elite Event victory by winning the Discraft Great Lakes Open, where she cashed in $10,000, but the biggest boost came from the season ending DGPT Championship Final, where she finished tied for 2nd place with Kat Mertsch and they both got paid a whopping $18,000!

Furthermore, Scoggins also won the FP40 US Masters & is the reigning FP40 World Champion!

Fun fact! Ohn Scoggins cashed in 3 different divisions in 2023:

$150 in MPO;
$79,918 in FPO;
$4,375 in FP40.

Total of $84,443 in 2023.

Ohn Scoggins earned a total of 84,443 USD in the 2023 disc golf pro season

#8 – Ricky Wysocki: $83,776

Ricky Wysocki, sponsored by Dynamic Discs, is the #8 prize money earner in disc golf in 2023. Wysocki had a below mediocre season due to constant injuries, but he finished with a BANG! Ricky won the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship & the $40,000 paycheck boosted his 2023 season earnings from TOP20 to 8th place! In addition, Ricky won one Silver Event and the Preserve Championship (Elite Event), where he cashed in $8,000.

Ricky Wysocki earned a total of 83,776 USD in the 2023 DGPT season
Photo by DGPT.

#9 – Eagle McMahon: $78,079

Eagle McMahon, sponsored by Discmania, won two DGPT Silver Events, Beaver State Fling & Discmania Open. His season’s biggest cash checks came from podium finishes at Major events. 3rd place at the PDGA Pro Worlds and 2nd place at the Champions Cup, where he won $13,500 and $7,251. In addition, 2nd place finishes at DGLO and MVP Open, where he raked in $10,000 per event!

Eagle McMahon season earnings in 2023
Photo by DGPT.

#10 – Matthew Orum: $66,755

Finishing off the TOP 10 Prize Money earners in 2023 is Matty-O, 1X DGPT Elite Event winner! Matt Orum won the 2023 MVP Open from chase card, this is Orum’s first career Elite win 20 years, 3 months, and 16 days since his first Elite (NT) start! He raked in a hefty $18,000 in tournament prize money, in addition, for 3rd place at the Pro Worlds he won $13,500.

Matty-o 2023 season earnings disc golf

Here’s a full list of the TOP 20 Prize Money Earners in Disc Golf in 2023:

NameDivisionCountryEventsAVG $ per eventTotal cash ($)
Kristin TattarFPOEstonia22$5,283.95$116,247
Isaac RobinsonMPOUSA33$3,289.48$108,553
Calvin HeimburgMPOUSA25$4,281.00$107,025
Missy GannonFPOUSA26$3,653.65$94,995
Kyle KleinMPOUSA23$4,076.78$93,766
Gannon BuhrMPOUSA32$2,747.22$87,911
Ohn ScogginsFPOUSA31$2,723.97$84,443
Richard WysockiMPOUSA19$4,409.26$83,776
Eagle McMahonMPOUSA25$3,123.16$78,079
Matthew OrumMPOUSA25$2,670.20$66,755
Simon LizotteMPOUSA18$3,368.44$60,632
Anthony BarelaMPOUSA31$1,895.87$58,772
Holyn HandleyFPOUSA27$2,089.96$56,429
Hailey KingFPOUSA18$2,767.89$49,822
Kat MertschFPOUSA26$1,894.04$49,245
Cole RedalenMPOUSA30$1,639.00$49,170
Aaron GossageMPOUSA32$1,527.16$48,869
Bradley WilliamsMPOUSA23$1,923.96$44,251
Joel FreemanMPOUSA30$1,456.07$43,682
Adam HammesMPOUSA28$1,553.14$43,488

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