TOP 10 Prize Money Earners in Disc Golf in 2022

Money talks. In the 2022 season we saw multiple cash records being broken. For example, Kristin Tattar was the first EVER disc golf player to reach a total of $100,000 in tournament prize money earnings & Ricky Wysocki set a new PDGA record with the most money ever earned in a single season.

Fun Fact! The TOP 10 prize money earners in 2022 earned a total of 17% more than the TOP 10 in 2021. In 2022 the TOP 10 players earned a total of $775,918.

Without further ado. Here are the TOP 10 tournament prize money earners in disc golf in 2022:

#1 – Ricky Wysocki – $105,776

Ricky Wysocki is the #1 prize money earner in disc golf in 2022. He also set a new PDGA record with the most money ever earned in a single season – $105,776. Wysocki had an incredible 2022 season, even though he didn’t win a Major this year, he won a total of 5 DGPT Elite Series events including DGPT Championship, where the prize money was a staggering $35,000.

Ricky Wysocki set a new pdga record with the most money ever earned in a single season 2022 - 105776

#2 – Kristin Tattar – $103,141

Wow, just … WOW … Kristin Tattar’s 2022 season is without doubt one for the record books!

Her first FPO World Championship title. First player ever to reach over $100,000 in a single season tournament winnings. First in 2022 FPO DGPT points standings. All podium finishes through the 2022 season & Disc Golf Pro Tour FPO player of the Year. In total Kristin Tattar earned $103,141.00 prize money during the 2022 season.

Kristin Tattar is the first ever disc golfer to earn over $100,000 in a single season

#3 – Paul McBeth – $100,103

The disc golf GOAT aka greatest-of-all-time Paul McBeth earned a hefty $100,103 in the 2022 season. In addition, he won his 6th World Champion title. Paul’s biggest prize money winnings were from the PDGA World Champiomships $20,000 and 4th place at the DGPT Championships $9,000.

Paul McBeth 2022 season prize money earnings

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#4 – Gannon Buhr – $86,973

Just to put things into perspective how good the 17-year-old Gannon Buhr is … He won the 2021 DGPT Rookie of the Year title and earned a total of $18,934 in 2021. And now he’s a 1-time USDGC Champion ($25,000 prize money), 4th in the 2022 prize money earners list, finished 3rd at the DGPT Championship ($14,000 prize money) and he’s still under age!

how much money did gannon buhr earn in 2022

#5 – Calvin Heimburg – $69,753

Calvin Heimburg won 2 Elite Series events in the 2022 season and his biggest tournament prize money payouts were from 3rd place at USDGC, $11,000, and $8,500 for 1st place at DGPT Jonesboro Open.

how much money did calvin heimburg earn in 2022

#6 – Simon Lizotte – $64,467

Simon Lizotte had probably one of the wildest seasons I’ve ever seen. In total he won 4 DGPT Elite Series events of which the most $ came from MVP Open, $12,500 and Des Moines Challenge $11,000. Simon Lizotte earned a total of $64,467 in prize money in 2022.

how much did simon lizotte earn in 2022

#7 – Ohn Scoggins – $63,387

Even though Ohn Scoggins didn’t win a single DGPT Elite Series event, she finished 2nd 5-times and she is the 2022 FP40+ US Masters and World Masters Champion. Ohn’s biggest prize money earnings came from 2nd place at the DGPT Championship, $20,000, and $6,250 from 2nd place at the Ledgestone Open. Furthermore, Ohn Scoggins is the 2nd highest FPO tournament prize money earner in the 2022 season!

Fun fact! Ohn Scoggins cashed in 4 different divisions in 2022:

$220 in MPO;
$63,387 in FPO;
$92 in MP40;
$5915 in FP40.

Total of $63,387 in 2022.

how much did ohn scoggins earn in 2022

#8 – Paige Pierce – $60,944

The 5-time FPO World Champion Paige Pierce earned a total of $60,944 prize money in 2022. Her biggest winnings came from two Majors she won, $8,000 for 1st place at the PDGA Champions Cup and $8,000 for 1st place at the European Open 2022. Paige Pierce is 3rd highest FPO tournament prize money earner in the 2022 season!

how much money did paige pierce earn in 2022

#9 – Isaac Robinson – $60,336

Isaac Robinson had an incredible ending to his 2022 season, he came 2nd at the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship, cashing in an incredible $20,000. In addition, Isaac won the Idlewild Open, $7,000 and had multiple TOP 5 finishes at the DGPT Elite Series events.. In total Isaac Robison earned a hefty $60,336 and is 9th at our prize money earners list.

how much did isaac robinson earn in 2022

#10 – Catrina Allen – $54,651

Finishing off the TOP 10 Prize Money earners in 2022 is the 2-time FPO World Champion Catrina Allen. Catrina got $10,000 when she won the TPWDGC and $6,150 for 2nd place at the Idlewild Open. She is also 4th FPO players in the TOP 10 Prize Money earners in disc golf in 2022.

how much did catrina allen earn in 2022

Here’s a full list of the TOP 20 Prize Money Earners in Disc Golf in 2022:

NamePDGA #DivisionCountryCash
Richard Wysocki38008MPOUnited States$105,776
Kristin Tattar73986FPOEstonia$103,141
Paul McBeth27523MPOUnited States$100,103
Gannon Buhr75412MPOUnited States$86,973
Calvin Heimburg45971MPOUnited States$69,753
Ohn Scoggins48976FPOUnited States$69,614
Simon Lizotte8332MPOUnited States$64,467
Paige Pierce29190FPOUnited States$60,944
Isaac Robinson50670MPOUnited States$60,336
Catrina Allen44184FPOUnited States$54,811
Missy Gannon85942FPOUnited States$54,405
Chris Dickerson62467MPOUnited States$53,942
Matthew Orum18330MPOUnited States$49,846
Joel Freeman69509MPOUnited States$48,120
Niklas Anttila91249MPOFinland$42,579
Valerie Mandujano62879FPOUnited States$42,342
Aaron Gossage35449MPOUnited States$41,083
Kyle Klein85132MPOUnited States$38,971
Corey Ellis44512MPOUnited States$36,837
Chris Clemons50401MPOUnited States$35,667

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