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Anthony Barela, from Mesa, Arizona, United States, is one of the farthest throwers on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. In 2022, Barela earned a total of $29,878 in tournament prize money, finish 21st in the DGPT points standings and was ranked 15th in the MPO Disc Golf World Rankings by UDisc. In addition, in the beginning of the 2023 season Anthony joined Discraft’s Elite Team, the highest sponsorship tier at the company.

Anthony Barela in the bag 2024, full list of discs:

BagGRIPeq AX5-
Putting putter Discraft FocusCT Rubber blend
Throwing putterDiscraft Challenger OSPro-D
Throwing PutterDiscraft LunaBig Z
Throwing PutterDiscraft ZoneGlo
MidrangeDiscraft MaltaESP
MidrangeDiscraft BuzzzESP
MidrangeDiscraft BuzzzZ-Glo
MidrangeDiscraft Buzzz SSESP
Fairway driverDiscraft RaptorCryZtal
Fairway driverDiscraft Captain's RaptorZ Special blend
Fairway driverDiscraft Captain's RaptorESP Swirl
Fairway driverDiscraft AthenaESP
Fairway driverDiscraft AnaxCryZtal
Distance driverDiscraft VenomBig Z
Distance driverDiscraft VenomESP
Distance driverDiscraft ForceESP
Distance driverDiscraft ForceBig Z
Distance driverDiscraft NukeESP
Distance driverDiscraft NukeTitanium
Distance driverDiscraft NukeESP

Where to Buy Discs that Anthony Barela is Using?

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What Putting Putter does Anthony Barela use?

For putting putters Anthony Barela is using the Discraft Focus in CT Rubber blend.

Check out this insane putt by Anthony:

What Throwing Putters is Anthony Barela Using?

Anthony likes Discraft Challenger OS, Lunas and Zones as his throwing putters.

What Midranges is Anthony Barela Using?

Barela is currently using the Discraft Malta, Buzzz in ESP and Z-Glo plastic and Buzzz SS in ESP plastic.

What Fairway Drivers is Anthony “AB” Barela Using?

During the 2023 season AB will be using the Discraft Raptor, Captain’s Raptor, Athena and Anax.

What Distance Drivers is Anthony Barela Using?

Discraft Venom – Z plastic

Discraft Venom – ESP

Discraft Force – ESP

Discraft Force – Z

Discraft Nuke – ESP

Discraft Nuke – Titanium

Discraft Nuke – ESP

VIDEO – Anthony Barela In The Bag 2023:

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