Best Disc Golf Facebook Groups

There are hundreds if not thousands of different Disc Golf Facebook groups out there, but which ones are the best? Well, it all depend on what are you looking for. Are you trying to fix your disc golf throwing form, buy/sell/trade your disc golf equipment, join your local disc golf community or just belong to an awesome disc golf group, where you can talk about disc golf? There’s pretty much a group for every disc golf related thing out there.

Here are a few of my favorites and the best disc golf facebook groups:

Disc Golf Fanatics Facebook Community

5000+ disc golf fanatics

Disc Golf Fanatics Facebook group is a community for all disc golfers to post videos, news, memes, questions or anything else disc golf related! It’s a public group so anyone can join and share content posted in the group.

This group is owned and ran by me (Disc Golf Fanatic).

Check the Disc Golf Fanatics Facebook group here –

Best Disc Golf Form Check Facebook Group

Disc Golf Form Check Facebook Group

Looking to improve your disc golf throwing form or want tips on how to throw farther? The Disc Golf Form Check Facebook group is the perfect place to look for help and get answers!

It is the best and biggest disc golf form check Facebook groups out there. It has over 23 000 members and has very active community, members of the group are polite and almost always reply with constructive criticism.

Check it out here –

Best Disc Golf Humor Facebook Group

disc golf humor facebook group

Disc Golf Humor Facebook group is one of the biggest if not the biggest disc golf group in Facebook. At the time of writing this article (11th February 2022) Disc Golf Humor group has over 44 000 members! It’s run by Dilligaf Disc Golf Facebook page and the Humor group is extremely active, members post 10+ posts on average per day.

The group is intended for all Disc Golf related humorous material and for Disc Golf lovers to share a laugh. You are encouraged to post pictures, videos, stories, or other humorous disc golf related items. If you are looking for disc golf related humor this group is for you!

Check it out here –

Best Facebook Disc Golf Discs Selling Group

DDGA dollar disc golf auctions facebook group

Dollar Disc Golf Auctions Facebook group is one of the biggest if not the biggest disc golf auction/selling groups. It has well over 50 000 members!

It’s an extremely active marketplace to sell/buy disc golf discs.

Check out the DDGA group –

Disc Golf Valley Players Page Facebook Group

Disc Golf Valley Players page facebook group

This Facebook group is for everything Disc Golf Valley including some great tournaments, finding people to play with, game discussion, game updates, tips and more! If you’re new to the page or just have some questions, make sure that you check out our Announcements section. They’ve compiled some great resources to help answer some of your most frequently asked questions, as well as help you get started with the game!

Click here to check it out –

Other Mentionable Disc Golf Facebook Groups

Disc Golf Donations Group

This page is to help sellers get the most for their disc golf related products as well as for the purchaser to get an awesome deal.

Look it up here –

Disc Golf Buyer Feedback Group

There’s even a Facebook feedback group for people who buy/sell/exchange discs in Facebook.

“This group is to post your positive and negative feedback with the people you have dealt with on the facebook disc golf groups.”

Check it out here –

The Disc Golf Thrower Exchange Group

Looking to exchange your disc for another? This group is a perfect place to do it.

Check out the group here –

Disc golf collector exchange Group

Disc Golf Collector Exchange is a place to ask questions about disc golf. It is also a place to trade, sell, and show off collections. This group setting is a friendly environment so no profanity, trash talking, and bad behavior will be tolerated. You will be removed from the group. Let’s help grow the sport and help educate one another.

Check it here –

Disc Golf Dyers Group

This Facebook group was created to help all you disc golf fanatics who like to dye your discs come together and share your dyes, techniques, mixtures, and of course our favorite your mistakes!(because hey we all make them so we might as well help each other learn from them!)

Look it up here –


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