Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers for Beginners

As a beginner, you may find it challenging to pick a fairway/control driver that fits for you as you learn disc golf. Lucky for you, we have created a list of the best disc golf fairway drivers for beginners. Bear in mind, to become a good disc golfer, just like in any other sport, you have to practice and constantly work on your form. Therefore, you should start with discs that you can control even as a beginner disc golfer.

Fairway/control drivers are a good start for beginners since they can be controlled more easily, that’s the reason why they are called “fairway drivers” and “control drivers”. Keep in mind that you can always upgrade to distance drivers when you are confident of your throws, have enough arm speed and develop your skills. These fairway/control drivers will also be of much help even after becoming a seasoned player since they are not limited to beginners only.

A vast majority of players who’ve gone through beginner phase would recommend a beginner disc golfer an understable fairway driver as their first disc. Why? As a beginner disc golfer you probably will not have the arm speed to throw high-speed distance drivers nor proper form to control your release angles. Here’s where fairway/control drivers come in, fairway & control drivers have a slower speed rating, meaning a beginner is able to generate enough power to make the disc fly as it’s really meant to fly. In addition, all of the fairway drivers listed in this list have a high glide rating, which means they will stay in the air a lot longer resulting in extra distance.

Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers for Beginners

My #1 Pick – Innova Leopard3

Innova Leopard3 fairway driver

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Speed: 7.0, Glide: 5.0, Turn: -2.0, Fade: 1.0

Looking for the best fairway/control driver for beginners? Presenting, Innova Leopard3, this disc is an excellent choice for beginners, who want to take their game to the next level. It is an understable fairway driver and it can be used for throwing the most basic shots in disc golf, such as hyzer and anhyzer throws or more advanced throws such as hyzerflips, turnovers and even rollers. The Innova Leopard3 has excellent grip due to its narrow rim and depth, and it should be your go-to driver for control and distance as a beginner.

Leopards are frequently found in beginner packs due to their consistent flight path, high glide and low fade. That’s why beginners will probably be able to throw the Innova Leopard further than they can any other disc.

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My #2 Pick – Latitude 64 Diamond

Latitude 64 Diamond fairway driver

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Speed: 8.0, Glide: 6.0, Turn: -3.0, Fade: 1.0

Latitude 64 Diamond is one of the highly recommended discs for beginners who are learning and refining their form or just want to have fun playing disc golf. The Diamond has just enough speed, a lot of glide, and turn to optimize the distance traveled for weaker throwers, especially beginners,

It also comes in 145-159 gram weights, which may assist novice disc golfers in overcoming distance limitations. The Diamond is not only a remarkable disc for beginners, but it also comes in different plastics, such as Opto line plastic, which is exceptionally durable and used by most of the Latitude 64 female professional players.
For years, this disc will withstand abuse and keep its flying characteristics. Diamond can also fly dead-straight as it’s an understable disc making it great for tunnel shots. This disc will go straight if you throw it on a hyzer angle and let it flip up.

Furthermore, because of the disc rim’s size, it’s easy to get a good hold on it and throw it as hard as you wish. Also, regardless of how much force you put into this disc, you can throw it nice and slow, and it will maintain the line, which is an admirable essential feature.

Check out the Diamond here on

My #3 Pick – Discraft Heat

Discraft Heat fairway driver

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Speed: 9.0, Glide: 6.0, Turn: -3.0, Fade: 1.0

Discraft Heat has an excellent glide and makes it easy for beginner disc golfers to achieve the distance they want. If released flat, the Discraft heat will go straight as an arrow, glide and have a small fade at the end.

This disc has a reliable and consistent flight that will work well for any beginner, especially ones with slower arm speed. It is also a very comfortable in the hand due to its rim, which is just perfect in size, not too thin nor too wide.

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My #4 Pick – Latitude 64 River

Latitude 64 River fairway driver

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Speed: 7.0, Glide: 7.0, Turn: -1.0, Fade: 1.0

Latitude 64 River is a reliable fairway driver that has an extremely high glide rating of 7, making it an excellent and easy to use disc golf fairway driver for beginners who are entering the sport of disc golf. For beginners River will fly straight and glide for a long time before fading just a little bit.

The River feels comfortable in the hand, and the Opto plastic provides a firm grip when throwing those distance shots. This disc is consistent on long drives as well as short approaches, holding a hyzer and anhyzer line dependably. If you are a beginner who is looking for a disc that glides forever in the air, the River from Latitude 64 should be your go-to distance disc.

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My #5 Pick – Latitude 64 Sapphire

Latitude 64 Sapphire

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Speed: 10.0, Glide: 6.0, Turn: -2.0, Fade: 1.5

Latitude 64 Sapphire is the fastest disc in this list and specifically designed for beginners. It’s easy to grip, fast and lightweight. Usually discs weigh 165-175 grams, but the Sapphire weights are under 160 grams. Seemingly small, yet significant weight difference makes the disc less stable than heavier discs. Hence, the Latitude 64 Sapphire is a perfect disc for disc golf beginners, especially for females and kids.

Grab a Sapphire here on

Just read this review from a beginner disc golfer:

Sapphier is hands down my favorite long Fairway Driver as a beginner. This has the ability to hold a repeatable and predictable line. Flies best for me in Opto MyDye and Gold.

This is a great disc for beginners. The rim height is ideal for new players. It has enough glide and rim mass to get it out there and give you decent “long” throws. Distance means a lot to beginners because we get so little out of each toss. And this is great at helping give positive feedback and fine tune a beginner’s max throws.

I recommend this and the Dynamic Disc Breakout which flies a little straighter with less turn for all beginners.

Option #6 – Prodigy F Model US

Prodigy F Model US fairway driver

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Speed: 10.0, Glide: 5.0, Turn: -2.0, Fade: 1.0

The Prodigy Ace Line’s F Model US is yet another understable disc that can be handled comfortably by beginner players. Although it has a speed of 10, this disc is a solid, high-quality understable fairway driver with an excellent glide and low fade.

When thrown firmly and flat or with a slight anhyzer release, the disc will fly straight for a long distance before ending with a minuscule fade. As per its physical characteristics, it is quite shallow and has a broad rim with a thin edge that feels and flies more like a maximum distance driver, although it is labeled a fairway driver. Check out the F Model US here on

Option #7 – Innova Valkyrie

Innova Valkyrie fairway driver

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Speed: 9.0, Glide: 4.0, Turn: -2.0, Fade: 2.0

For a decade, the Valkyrie, one of the most popular fairway drivers in the world, held the World Distance Record title, when Christian Sandström threw a record-breaking 820′ that was set way back on April 26, 2002 with an Innova DX Valkyrie.

Players of various skill levels can utilize the Valkyrie. It is an excellent driver for a beginners’ first excursion into distance driving and those still working on their technique since it fights to stay flat when thrown.

This disc will help you gain a lot of strokes and keep your out of trouble on the course. The Valkyrie’s popularity has ensured it is available in almost every plastic Innova has to offer, including Champion, DX, Star, Pro, and even Glow Champion. Grab yours here on

Option #8 – Discmania Essence

Discmania Essence fairway driver

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Speed: 8.0, Glide: 6.0, Turn: -2.0, Fade: 1.0

Discmania’s Evolution series has added a slew of new molds to its already outstanding selection. The Discmania Essence, the latest addition to the roster, is a very glidey 8-speed that can achieve great distance. For beginners, the Neo plastic Essence is an excellent straight flying disc. In addition, the Neo plastic has an excellent grip, and it can serve you for a long time as it’s hard-wearing.

Because of the Essence’s understable characteristics, it is best suited for those seeking their first distance driver. For beginners it suits best for smooth forehand or backhand throws and for more advanced players it fits best for tailwind throws and is a superb roller disc. Although this disc is designed for beginners and novices, many disc golf professionals love it as well. Get your Discmania Essence here on

#9 Latitude 64 Maul

Latitude 64 Maul fairway driver

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Speed: 7.0, Glide: 7.0, Turn: -2.0, Fade: 1.0

The Latitude 64 Maul is an excellent fairway driver for lengthy glide flip shots. It’s an excellent disc for novice disc golfers since it’s simple to handle and has a tremendous amount of glide.

The Maul is comparable to the well-known Latitude 64 River, although it is a little more understable and can get you quite some more distance. It is also comfortable in hand and can get you straight flying shots even without using much effort to throw it.

It makes a beautiful soft curve with a mild fade towards the end when thrown with power, resulting in a fairly straight flight. Check out the Latitude 64 Maul here on

#10 Innova Sidewinder

Innova Sidewinder fairway driver

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Speed: 9.0, Glide: 5.0, Turn: -3.0, Fade: 1.0

Innova Sidewinder is an easy to control fariway driver and it will fly where you want it, even for beginners. You will be amazed by the results with the Sidewinder, especially if you are a novice disc golfer who has never thrown a hyzerflip shot. It is an understable disc that is constant and dependable.

The Sidewinder’s rim grip is grippy and comfortable. It’s ideal for hyzers that flip up and glide for an extended time. Many disc golfers use this disc in the woods for it’s easy to control characteristics and forward carry. Grab one here on

#11 Infinite Discs Sphinx

Infinite Discs Sphinx fairway driver

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Speed: 9.0, Glide: 6.0, Turn: -3.0, Fade: 1.0

The Sphinx from Infinite Discs is a superb control driver that provides novice golfers with plenty of distance. Even when thrown softly, it has a lot of turn and just a slight fade, allowing you to land the disc in the middle of the fairway. The Sphinx can fly with precision and controlled with ease, making it a great beginner-friendly fairway driver.

It’s the ideal disc for novices and those seeking to increase their distance. Additionally, it is a superb understable utility disc for long anhyzer throws, hyzerflips, or rollers for advanced players. Pick one here on

#12 Westside Underworld

Westside Underworld fairway driver

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Speed: 7.0, Glide: 6.0, Turn: -3.0, Fade: 1.0

The Westside Underworld is a great disc to start you off as a beginner disc golfer. It features a 1.9cm rim and has a pleasant grippy feel, making it a favorable disc for beginners by giving them better control and more distance. Seasoned players will also find this disc ideal as it can provide them long-distance straight hyzer flip throws. Grab yours here on

#13 Dynamic Discs Witness

Dynamic Discs Witness fairway driver

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Speed: 8.0, Glide: 6.0, Turn: -3.0, Fade: 1.0

The Dynamic Discs Witness is a superb disc for disc golfers with slower arm speeds that helps them achieve a gliding S-Curve. The Witness has stood out as an excellent fairway driver that helps beginners achieve a pronounced glide and distance. Additionally, it becomes a great pick for players wanting to gain distance without compromising accuracy due to its understable flight path and incredible glide. Furthermore, it can be used for controlled hyzerflips, anhyzers, and rollers. Check out the Dynamic Discs Witness here on

#14 MVP Relay

MVP Relay fairway driver

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Speed: 6.0, Glide: 5.0, Turn: -2.0, Fade: 1.0

The MVP Relay is a special fairway driver as it only has a speed rating of 6. By making the disc slightly slower it’s more straightforward to handle, especially for beginners. Making this understable disc easy-to-throw and ideal for novice disc golfers. The MVP Relay is a cross-breed between a midrange and a fairway driver, for this reason, especially for new disc golfers, it’s a simple decision why you shoud try out the MVP Relay. Grab one here on

#15 Prodigy F7

Prodigy F7 fairway driver

🛒 Check Price on InfiniteDiscs

Speed: 7.0, Glide: 5.0, Turn: -3.0, Fade: 1.0

The Prodigy F7 is an understable beginner-friendly fairway driver. It’s a fantastic option for novice players and also great for rollers and turn-over shots. The F7 is an amazing control driver and a terrific disc to start with if you’re a beginner player seeking to improve your distance.  As a result, even if you are new to disc golf, you shouldn’t have any problems throwing this disc and enjoy the flight. Check out the Prodigy F7 here on

#16 Axiom Discs Insanity

Axiom Discs Insanity fairway driver

🛒 Check Price on InfiniteDiscs

Speed: 9.0, Glide: 5.0, Turn: -2.0, Fade: 1.5

The Axiom Discs Insanity best imitates a beat in MVP Inertia whereby it has a significantly more neutral fade and requires less force to perform certain Inertia flight.

This disc has a small rim that makes it comfortable in the hand, and the beginners can effortlessly get more confident throwing it and get extra distance. Although it is understable, it is remarkably controllable. Beginners will enjoy throwing this disc due to its versatility ranging from hyzers to turn over shots to full-power distance drives. Grab yours here on

Final Thoughts

As a beginner, you cannot go wrong with any of the discs in this list. These fairway/control drivers should be the cornerstones to your disc golf career and a start point to help you find consistency and extra distance. In addition, this list of the best disc golf fairway drivers for beginners includes discs that are so good in fact that majority of the disc golfers who use and go through beginner phase will return to these discs once they are more skilled. Hence, you should try several of these discs to find out what fits best for you.

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