How to Choose a Disc Golf Putting Putter?

There are multiple factors you should consider before choosing your go-to putting putter, but before making a decision, remember the following quote from Lee Trevino, one of the greatest players in golf history.

It’s the Indian, not the arrow. –  Lee Trevino

The feel of the disc in your hand

The first and foremost consideration in choosing your go-to putting putter is the feel of the disc in your hand. It’s got to feel like it’s meant to be, almost as if it’s an extension of your arm and fingers.

Just grab the disc and wiggle it around in your hand. How does it feel? Does it make you feel ready to take on the world or is there something bothering you? Is it too shallow, too deep, too grippy or too stiff? With hundreds, if not thousands, of putters out there, if this particular one doesn’t feel right, just try the next one. Trust me, you will eventually find a putter that feels comfortable in every position in your hand.

The Open at Austin_MPO_R2_Khuver 268
Niklas Anttila putting. Photo by DGPT.

Try various plastic types

If you thought there were a lot of putters out there, just wait until you hear about all the different plastics they come in… Some plastics are good, some are not that good for putting. But some are straight up horrible. Too slick, too soft or too stiff.

The grip of the disc’s plastic is one of the most important factors, in my opinion, when choosing your go-to putting putter. The neat part is that you can change your putters depending on the situation, for example, opt for stiffer plastic when it’s hot outside and softer plastic for colder conditions. But in general, some like their putting putters stiff, while others prefer softer plastics. If the plastic is too grippy or isn’t grippy enough, has some weird dents or imperfections or just feels off, you might want to consider getting the same putter but in a different plastic instead.

Beaded vs beadless?

Some people like putters with beads, and some prefer beadless. This one’s just personal preference. I’ve tried and tested both beaded and beadless putters, at the moment I am putting with Latitude 64 Macanas, which is a beaded disc golf putter. But like I mentioned, I’ve tried beadless putters before, at the moment they just don’t feel right for me.

Do I need a different putter for those long range putts?

Short answer: No, you do not need a separate putting putter for long range putts.

Long answer: If you constantly miss short from deep outside of circle one, why not try something new to capitalize in some of those long range putts? Keep in mind that I am talking about putting, not throwing. If you are looking for throwing putters here’s a great list, check it out by clicking here.

Back to the matter at hand. A few makes from outside circle one might be the difference between having a stellar round or even winning & losing. Hence, many players prefer using a completely separate & more glidey putting putter for those long circle two putts (33ft-65ft) or even outside circle two putts. I know for a fact that some players even prefer using midrange discs from beyond 70ft.

The key here is to have a putter or a disc with a high glide rating. Any disc that has a glide rating of 5 or higher and is fairly neutral or even understable in flight will do the trick. For example, MVP Glitch, Innova Aero & Latitude 64 Keystone come to mind as very glidey putters, same with Streamline Discs Pilot and Latitude 64 Macana.

USDGC_Scenics_KHuver 61
USDGC hole 7. Photo by DGPT.

What about a putter that helps you correct your misses?

Understanding where you tend to miss the most can really level up your putting game. Let’s face it, we all deal with some inconsistency on the putting green, whether it’s missing low, high, left, or right. Pinpointing these tendencies is key to identifying areas for improvement. While you might consider getting more overstable putters if you constantly miss to the right or understable if you miss short, in the long run, I would be more concerned about fixing ones stance and putting form and practicing putting instead of trying to find and buy a disc that helps you correct these misses.

Ricky Wysocki putting, picture by DGPT.

3 simple tips on how to become a better putter in disc golf:

1. Practice putting. One of the easiest ways to become better in putting is to practice it. When was the last time you practiced putting? Trust me, even an hour once a week will lead to better results.

2. Practice putting outdoors & in real life situations. Indoor putting practice is fun and all, but what if you need to put on an extra layer of clothes or the wind picks up? The best way to handle such situations is to have already practiced in such conditions. So put on your regular disc golf outfit and go practice putting outdoors.

3. Practice putting from different distances and from different stances. You never know when you’ll need to throw a turbo-putt during a round or putt from a knee. Practicing for all sorts of different scenarios will definitely help you improve your putting game in the long term and lead to better results!

BONUS TIP! Try out the JYLY putting game! For more information about this awesome putting game click here.

Avoid these discs as your go-to putting putters!

If possible, I would highly recommend avoiding overstable putt & approach discs as your go-to putting putters. Such discs as Discraft Zone, Dynamic Discs Slammer, Prodigy A2, Innova Pig, Westside Discs Harp and others alike. On the contrary to the name “putt & approach discs” these discs were mainly designed for approach shots and not for putting. They have a lot less glide, are designed to fade hard at the end of their flight and are less forgiving. While these discs excel for approach shots, they are not well-suited as go-to putting putters.

Overstable putt & approach discs.

Certainly, these might come in handy in some sitations, i.e extreme headwind putts or other situational putts, where you need the disc to fade hard. However, in general, relying on these overstable discs for putting may result in more strokes, which is counterproductive to improving your game.

What Putting Putters do Pro Disc Golfers use?

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Here’s a slow-mo video of how Andrew Marwede is putting:

Andrew Marwede putting, video by DGPT

That’s it! Even though putting might be frustrating from time to time, don’t forget to have fun out there!

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