The Best Putter in the Modern Era of Pro Disc Golf

You drive for show, but putt for dough. – Bobby Locke

We’ve been blessed with statistics ever since UDisc Live partnered up with the Disc Golf Pro Tour back in 2016. After a thorough research & going through thousands of rows of data, here’s the best putter in modern era pro disc golf. Just for quick clarification:

  1. In this article “modern era” refers to UDisc Live era, ranging from 2016 to 2023.
  2. C1X = Circle 1X = putts between 10ft to 33ft/3m to 10m AKA the bullseye and the edge of circle one.

Best Putter in Pro Disc Golf, period.

Based on the UDisc Live statistics it’s safe to say that the best putter in modern era of pro disc golf is MPO player Andrew Marwede.

Andrew Marwede putting. Photo by DGPT.

Which putter and in what plastic is Andrew Marwede using?

Andrew Marwede is putting with the DGA Splatter Stone Steady BL putter, check out the Steady BL here on Infinite Discs. Fun fact! Marwede was so good in putting that his sponsor DGA even released this sick stamp in celebration of his incredible 92% C1X putting performance in 2022.

The best putter in disc golf Andrew Marwede putting putter, DGA Splatter Stone Steady BL putter.

The nitty-gritty stats of Andrew Marwede’s putting

During the 2023 season Andrew Marwede made 620 putts out of 666 attempts, that’s a whopping 93.09% putts made from anywhere between the bullseye and circle one’s edge, which ranges from 10ft to 33ft/3m to 10m. That is one of the BEST putting performances EVER on the DGPT! (Best if we exclude Corey Ellis 2021 season, where he only had 147 attempts)

2023 Disc golf season best C1X putter - Andrew Marwede

But wait, there’s more! Andrew Marwede wasn’t just the best in cashing in putts from all over the C1X in 2023… c’mon now, it takes a bit more than that to be named the best putter in pro disc golf… Marwede has been one of the best putters for 5 years in a row now! Solidifying the case in point even more.

Andrew Marwede’s C1X stats from UDisc Live, from 2017 to 2023:

YearC1X putting %RankingTotal putts made
201777.78%N/A7 of 9
201881.58%N/A62 of 76
201985.12%6th509 of 598
202088.44%1st260 of 294
202189.91%2nd481 of 535
202291.99%1st655 of 712
202393.09%1st620 of 666
Andrew Marwede putting stats over the years from 2017 to 2022.

Comparing Andrew Marwede’s C1X% to the rest of the best putters in pro disc golf:

Best DGPT Season C1X putting %

“What we’re looking at here is every DGPT season with at least 89% C1X and at least 147 attempts. First graphic highlights which points are Andrew Marwede while the second graphic highlights in blue the seasons that happened in 2023. Note: only 7 of these seasons exceeded 90%. Marwede has 3 of them, no other player has more than one. That leads us to the third figure: C1X% over the last two seasons combined. As you could imagine, it’s not particularly close.”

Info via @upanddownpodcast. Source –

Andrew Marwede’s incredible putting performance from 2021 to 2023:

The best putter in pro disc golf

Here is a combined Andrew Marwede’s C1X putting % during the 2022-2023 season vs the rest of the best MPO putters:

Andrew Marwede set a new record for the highest single-season C1X putting percentage in the UDisc Live era, achieving an impressive 93.1% during the 2023 season. This surpasses his own previous record of 92% established in 2022.

Here’s a closer look at the best MPO players and their C1X putting percentages from the 2023 season, stats by UDisc Live:

To make things crystal clear, Andrew Marwede isn’t just good in putting from C1X, he is also “lethal” and one of the best in putting from Circle 2, which ranges from 33ft to 66ft/10-20m.

Marwede had an incredible 34% C2 putting percentage during the 2023 DGPT season, placing him 8th in that list and 2nd in 2022.

Best C2 putters in MPO in 2023

In conclusion, the statistics speak for themselves, it’s pretty safe to say that Andrew Marwede isn’t just “good” in putting, he’s the best putter in modern era of pro disc golf!

Here’s a slow-mo video of how Andrew Marwede is putting:

Video by DGPT

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