The 9 Best Portable Disc Golf Baskets

Disc golf is a fun game and can be perceived as a game or sport depending on the experience level of the player in question. However, you cannot downplay the importance of choosing the best disc golf basket despite your level in disc golf. This cuts across all levels, including training even for the kids and beginner level players.

What to look for before buying a portable disc golf basket?

How do you know what’s the best portable disc golf basket to settle for? Here are some of the aspects you might want to consider before choosing a disc golf basket:

  • The intended use of the disc golf basket;
  • How portable the basket you need is, for easy transportation;
  • How much you plan to spend because of the varied price ranges;
  • Finally, the basket’s ability to handle hard putts, weather & wear and tear.

Here are the best disc golf baskets you can consider with the above aspects in mind and some other specifics discussed below.

The Best Portable Disc Golf Baskets

My #1 Pick – MVP Black Hole Pro HD Basket

The MVP Black Hole Pro HD Portable Disc Golf Basket has a total of 24 chains, 12 outer and 12 inner ones. This reduces spit outs and cut throughs. In addition, the basket is made out of heavy-duty metal and has a sturdy chain rack and deeper cage compared to the standard MVP Black Hole Pro basket.

MVP Black Hole PRO HD basket specifications:

  • Weight: 42 lbs (19 kg);
  • Height: 53.5 inches (136 cm);
  • Chain Rack Diameter: 21 inches (53.34 cm);
  • Chain Weight: Premium Build;
  • Band: 2 inches (5.08 cm);
  • Wire Construction: 8mm Wire;
  • Easy Set Up;
  • PDGA approved.

Black Hole Pro HD portable basket is engineered for fast and easy assembly, it takes less than a minute to assemble. Hence, it’s a perfect home practice basket or even for tournaments because of it’s realistic putting experience. In addition, the MVP Black Hole Pro HD is PDGA approved.

Check out the MVP Black Hole Pro HD basket here on Infinite Discs or here on Disc Golf Deals USA!

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What if the MVP Black Hole Pro HD basket is SOLD OUT?

Don’t you worry about that! If the MVP Black Hole Pro HD Basket is sold out, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the MVP Black Hole Pro Basket. It’s the “HD’s” version predecessor. But overall, they almost look identical (check the image down below) and it catches discs practically as well as the HD version.

Check out the MVP Black Hole PRO basket here on Infinite Discs, here on Amazon or DiscGolfDealsUSA!

MVP Disc golf basket Black Hole PRO HD vs MVP disc golf basket black hole pro

Here’s a picture for comparison of MVP Disc Golf Baskets.

Black Hole Pro HDBlack Hole ProBlack Hole MacroBlack Hole Mini and Black Hole Micro.

My #2 Pick – Innova DISCatcher Pro Basket

Innova disccatcher proInnova DISCatcher Pro basket is the golden standard and most common disc golf basket on most disc golf courses globally. It’s mainly designed for permanent installations, but can be used as a portable basket with the portable base. It’s a high-quality disc golf basket and an excellent investment any disc golf course should make. Below are some of its outstanding features, which are worth every penny despite the relatively high price.

Innova DISCatcher Pro basket specifications:

  • Most commonly used disc golf basket on the market;
  • 28 chains – 14 outer, 7 intermediate and 7 inner chains;
  • Mainly designed for permanent installation;
  • DISCatcher Pro will last the life of the course;
  • Lockable sleeve for easy relocation and prevents theft;
  • PDGA approved.

The highly visible Innova DISCatcher Pro disc golf basket meets all the levels of PDGA standards. It has 14 outer, seven intermediate as well as seven inner chains. It’s a permanent and highly durable basket with impeccable disc-catching abilities. The lockable sleeve feature gives you relocation efficiency and, at the same time, securing it from theft. These are the main reasons why the Innova DISCatcher is one of the best disc golf baskets on the market. Check them out here on Infinite Discs.

Like I mentioned earlier, these baskets are extremely popular and can be found everywhere. Here’s one at Mäetaguse disc golf course, Estonia.

Mäetaguse disc golf park basket

My #3 Pick – DGA Mach Lite Fold-Up Basket

DGA Mach Lite foldable disc golf basket

The DGA Mach Lite disc golf basket is the best options for disc golfers who are looking for a portable and easy to set up disc golf basket. This foldable disc golf basket gives you precisely that. You can dismantle and break down the basket and carry it with you to wherever you want to go. It’s the perfect portable disc golf basket for backyard putting sessions and fieldwork. Making the DGA Mach Lite the best portable and foldable disc golf basket.

DGA Mach Lite Fold-Up specifications:

  • 16 dual layer chains;
  • Full-size collapsible disc golf target;
  • Groundbreaking design;
  • Catches like a championship level basket;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Sturdy steel frame;
  • Carrying bag with shoulder strap;
  • PDGA approved.

DGA Mach Lite portable and foldable disc golf basket

It’s a PDGA approved basket made of sturdy steel frames and has a 1 year warranty. This foldable basket has a base and wide top with 16-dual layer chains. In addition to the above, it is incorporated with the reflex chain and sliding link technology to offer you the best experience during your leisure training or on the course.

Check out the DGA Mach Lite here on

My #4 Pick – DGA Mach 2 Disc Golf Basket

The DGA Mach 2 disc golf basket is one of the best portable disc golf baskets you can consider despite it being fully made of metal. Nevertheless, it’s worth the price. It’s made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, which is rust-free and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

DGA Mach 2 disc golf basket specifications:

  • Weather resistant hot dipped galvanize finish and high quality;
  • Comes with standard portable base;
  • Two rows of 18 strands of chains;
  • Suitable for outdoor installation;
  • PDGA standard level target
  • 20 year warranty!

It comes with two rows of 18 strands of chains, purposefully to prevent spit outs as a result of disc hitting the centre pole. It’s crafted with sliding link technology that softens the impact, giving players a smooth putting experience. It has a standard portable base, but you can choose to mount it outdoors permanently.

Grab your DGA Mach 2 basket here on Amazon.

My #5 Pick – Dynamic Discs Scout Foldable Basket

The Dynamic Discs Scout basket is portable and one of the best foldable disc golf baskets on the market. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble due to it’s tripod base and basket lock.
The DD Scout basket comes in a carrying bag so it can be stored and carried with ease. The whole basket weighs only 24 lbs (10.88 kilograms), making it fairly lightweight and easy to move from one place to another. It has a sturdy base and construction making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor putting practice in all sorts of weather.

Dynamic Discs Scout disc golf basket specifications:

  • Extremely light weight, 24 lbs (10.88 kilograms);
  • Portable and foldable basket;
  • 18 zinc-coated chains, 8 outer and 8 inner and 2 cross sectional;
  • 24 inches wide, 55 inches tall when assembled;
  • 12 inches wide and 55 inches tall when disassembled;
  • Perfect for back yard putting or fieldwork.

The Dynamic Discs Scout portable disc golf basket has a total of 18 chains, 8 outer, 8 inner and 2 cross sectional chains, which prevent spit outs and cut throughs.

The basket is 24 inches wide and 55 inches tall when assembled and 12 inches wide and 55 inches tall when disassembled.

Check out the Dynamic Discs Scout basket here on

Option #6 Latitude 64 ProBasket Trainer

Latitude 64 ProBasket Trainer

It’s one of the best choices for disc golfers who are looking for a highly durable and portable disc golf basket. The Latitude 64 ProBasket Trainer is also suitable for temporary courses and can be used at home & field practices as well. In addition, it is PDGA approved.

Its main features include 26 zinc-coated chains, half in the inner and half on the outer part. It has a 3-inch band to improve visibility. For the case of stability, it has tension screws. Finally, it comes in only two pieces for easy assembly, storage and transportation.

Grab yours here on

Option #7 Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket

Dynamic Discs Recruit basket

The outstanding features of the Dynamic Discs Recruit Disc Golf Basket include 26 zinc-coated chains, half in the inner set and the other half on the outer set. Tension screws for stability and wheel attachments to enhance portability.

It’s a high-quality and heavy-duty disc golf basket that is highly portable, thanks to the portable wheel attachment provision. Besides portability, it has tension screws that increase stability. It is a PDGA approved basket and can be used in all events up to the B-Tier.

Check out the Dynamic Discs Recruit basket here on 

#8 Axiom Pro Basket

Axiom Pro Basket-redThe Axiom Pro portable disc golf basket comes in 6 vibrant color variants: Yellow, Red, White, Orange, Lime, and Light Blue. Its high-quality design and opulent visibility meets the PDGA standards. This also applies to its size and height regulations. Below are some of its outstanding features.

It is made of sturdy and well-jointed metal frames electrophoresed and coated with tough powder for its protection and durability. Its 24 highly visible and heavy-duty chains are coated with zinc. This compactly designed basket has a standard load distributed base and can be assembled or disassembled within a minute.

Check out the Axiom Pro basket here on InfiniteDiscs or here on DiscGolfDealsUSA.

#9 MVP Black Hole Precision Basket

MVP Black Hole Pro HD Basket

The MVP Black Hole Precision is a portable disc golf basket and one of the best training baskets for all levels of disc golfers who are out to practise their putting skills. It’s considered best for training because of its precision due to the small chains and affordability. In addition, its narrow design ensures you focus on your aiming and concentration, thus sharpening your putting skills.

Its unique features include a seamless, highly visible matte black color. 12 heavy-duty zinc-coated chains. A sturdy and well-jointed construction that is electrophoresed and coated with powder to increase its durability. Overall, it’s a compact disc golf basket that you can assemble and disassemble within a minute.

Check out the MVP Black Hole Precision basket here on Infinite Discs or DiscGolfDealsUSA!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, before you settle on a disc golf basket, you ought to be sure of its intended use. When you’re sure about this, you can select one with the features that suit your needs.

The Best Portable Disc Golf Baskets Comparison Table:

Basket's nameTypeWeightChains
MVP Black Hole Pro HD BasketPortable (disassembles)42 lbs (19 kg)24 heavy-duty chains (12 outer & 12 inner)
Innova DISCatcher Pro BasketPortable (disassembles)60 lbs (27 kg)28 heavy duty chains (14 outer and 7 intermediate, and 7 inner)
DGA Mach Lite Portable BasketPortable & Foldable25 lbs (11 kg)16 chains (2 rows)
DGA Mach 2 Disc Golf BasketPortable (disassembles)50 lbs (23 kg)18 heavy-duty chains (2 rows)
Dynamic Discs Scout BasketPortable & Foldable24 lbs (10.8 kg)18 chains (8 outer and 8 inner and 2 cross sectional)
Latitude 64 ProBasket TrainerPortable (disassembles)53 lbs (24 kg)26 heavy-duty chains (13 inner & 13 outer)
Dynamic Discs Recruit BasketPortable (disassembles)60 lbs (27 kg)26 heavy-duty chains (13 inner & 13 outer)
Axiom Pro BasketPortable (disassembles)34 lbs (15.5 kg)24 heavy-duty chains (12 outer & 12 inner)
MVP Black Hole Precision BasketPortable (disassembles)24 lbs (10.8 kg)12 heavy-duty chains

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