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Brodie Smith went to Twitter on a HOT TAKE spree so naturally, we have to react!

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Brodie went to his favorite app and tweeted: “Give me your best disc golf hot take right now.

Hot take: Caddies should be mandatory.

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I don’t think caddies should be mandatory, but I do see how they will be utilized more in 2024 with every player needing to keep score. Let’s be real; no one’s going to want to do that. So, if you’re attending any events next year, now’s the chance to ask to caddie.

Hot take: In order to keep pace of play moving. Cards should start on the first and 9th tees.

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I like the idea of this from the player’s point of view, which speeds up the play and the day overall. However, for the spectators, you’re limiting the experience. What was once an all-day activity, now ending hours earlier, ruins part of the vibe. Especially since the majority of disc golf events are in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. I mean, have you tried spending a week in Emporia before?

Brodie is, of course, going to have opinions that make his job easier, and I get that. But I’ve got to be the voice of the fans on this one. The longer the day, the more it’s worth the money for the spectators, and with the price of VIP, you’re going to want to be there soaking up as much of it as you can.

Hot take: Limit the amount of discs you can carry on the pro tour.

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I never understood the idea of limiting the number of discs for pros. One of the most popular reasons people play disc golf is for creativity and the multitude of ways to approach a shot. Why take such a crucial element out of the sport? And for whom does this even hurt? I don’t know more than a handful of professionals who carry more than 25 discs, and those people already get weird looks.

Hot take: Anyone that didn’t vote KT POY shouldn’t be allowed to vote anymore.

I don’t think a year ban from voting is necessary. At the end of the day, Tattar won by a landslide, so who cares? That’s coming from the channel looking for the weekly clickbait. Ella Hansen was recently asked if she voted against Tattar in a recent interview with Johnny Disc Golf, and this is how she responded:

“Absolutely not. I seriously feel like you would have to be delusional to not vote for Kristin. I mean, she won all four Majors. Even if she won all four majors and nothing else, how could you not vote for her? I don’t understand…”

Tattar 100% media votes POY 2023

Hot take: Brodie wins a Major next year.

That’s a dumb take for sure…

Hot take: Paige Pierce is set up to dominate Tattar next year.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t rooting for a Paige Pierce comeback, only because disc golf gets super boring watching the same person effortlessly win tournaments. Don’t get me wrong; it was awesome to see the past historic season from Tattar, but once is enough. Or, at the very least, I hope Paige can keep it close to the end of the tournaments.

But I have confidence that in 2024, the FPO field will be taking that next level. Holyn Handley played a consistent season and finally got the win off her shoulder at the end, which I think will propel her to be even more competitive. Ella Hansen has been putting up numbers year after year; it’s only a matter of time before she is battling for wins, and Missy Gannon, with the big win at the end, proves she can win when the best are playing.

Hot take: Calvin Heimburg will win more than 1 Major next year.

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I’m taking the under on this one, but setting the line at 1.5, I think, is great. We need the boys from ‘Hitting the Lines’ back to get the props back up.

Hot take: MPO needs to break away and form their own tour. They are carrying the FPO and it’s hurting the growth of MPO that has 4x the field size.

I’m not going to claim to know the right answer either, but I do know it’s stupid to say the FPO is hurting disc golf. It’s kinda lame not to call that out, and if you’re not going to defend your peers, why the heck quote tweet it? I’m not gonna pop up the old foundation tweet, but vibes are mad familiar for those of you who know.

Hot take: Buying your newborn kid a PDGA number is weird.

Nah that sh** weird as hell. Sorry.

Hot take: Ricky never wins a major again.

It doesn’t sound like the hottest take to say Ricky will win a major, but the last time he won one was in 2017. If he can stay healthy, I wouldn’t be surprised. However, if I knew a breakdown of everything I need to know about Wysocki’s 2023 season, I would probably be able to make a better decision.

That’s it! These were some of the best & worst hot takes we found. Be sure to check out the rest of them on The Disc Golf World’s video here on YouTube!

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