Can a Sponsor Terminate a Disc Golf Player’s Contract Because of Pregnancy?

In the beginning of 2024, female professional disc golfer Macie Velediaz revealed on Facebook that her sponsorship with Dynamic Discs has come to an end following unsuccessful negotiations for a new contract. There are claims that Dynamic Discs substantially reduced their offer upon learning about Macie’s pregnancy and her plan to play a limited 2024 Disc Golf Pro Tour Season.

Here’s Macie Velediaz’s statement on her Facebook profile:

Macie Velediaz shed a light on why she and Dynamic Discs parted ways

Fortunately for us, the Disc Golf dot Law YouTube channel has looked into this matter and has given a brief overview of what’s going on. Be sure to check out the video below as they explore the legal aspects surrounding pregnancy discrimination and how they relate to Macie’s situation.

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