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The European Open week is here, with the President’s Cup taking place on Wednesday, July 19th, 2023, in Nokia. The European Open will be held from July 20th to 23rd, 2023, featuring a fierce battle for the year’s second Major victory and a total prize pool of $100,000.

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European Open 2023 Preview

Are you traveling to Nokia to watch the European Open? This article has compiled all the most important tips for the disc golf tourist for the European Open week.

European open 2023 dates july 20-23

European Open @Nokia

The European Open is held in the city Nokia, Finland. Most top players competed in the PCS Open in Norway the previous Saturday. Many travelled to Finland on Sunday and towards Tampere, so there’s a great opportunity to spot top players in Tampere and Nokia already on Monday.

Many players stay in Tampere, which is less than 15 kilometers away from Nokia DiscGolfPark where the competition takes place.

It is also worth considering accommodation in Tampere for disc golf tourists. There are still accommodation options available in Nokia, but Tampere offers a bit more to do between competition rounds. Moreover, public transportation is quite convenient from Tampere to Nokia, close to The Beast.

The editorial team investigated the accommodation situation in Tampere. Ville Virkki, owner of Dream Hostel&Hotel, commented on the situation: “There’s plenty happening in Tampere during the European Open weekend. We still have free accommodation right in the center of Tampere, which has good public transport links to Nokia.”

2023 European Open Area Map:

European Open 2023 The Beast MPO layout

European Open for the audience

There are plenty of parking spaces available in Nokia for travelers, but it’s better to use public transport. The most important resource is Nysse’s route guide, which can help you figure out the buses and stops conveniently – the destination is Nokia Ice Hockey Hall.

More spectators info can be found here on the European Open website.

Tee times and results are available from the UDisc Live service online or from the UDisc app. Tee times will be determined the day before.

Disc Golf Network broadcasts the European Open live for subscribers. The broadcast is also viewable on-site on large screens.

Disc Golf Network subscribe today button

DGN subscription fee is fairly affordable, being only $12.99 a month for the 2023 season.

PS! PDGA members can enjoy a 50% discount on the monthly subscription by using their PDGA number to generate a 50% discount code! Click here to learn more about the 50% discount!

Disc golf courses in the Tampere area

It goes without saying that all disc golf travelers have discs in their car trunk. If you have time from watching the European Open, you should consider heading to these courses in the Tampere area.

The Beast – Spectator’s round

Spectators have the opportunity to play the legendary The Beast course for a fee. The round costs 20€/person. Tickets are sold in the competition’s online store.

Tampere Disc Golf Center

The already legendary “Sentteri” is the best course in the Tampere area. The 27-hole top-notch course is located near Tampere’s downtown in Ruotula. The previous weekend the course is one of the venues for the European Amateur Open, so Sentteri should also be in top condition.

You might also see American top players at Sentteri, as several practiced there during the European Open week.

Tampere Disc Golf Center in Finland

Julkujärvi DiscGolfPark

Located in the neighboring municipality of Ylöjärvi, Julkujärvi DiscGolfPark is an 18-hole challenging course for competition players. Julkujärvi is also one of the venues for the European Amateur Open the previous weekend.

Kylmäkoski DiscGolfPark

About a 30-minute drive from Tampere is the really pleasant 27-hole Kylmäkoski DiscGolfPark. This course challenges even the most seasoned players, but birdies don’t require monster throws with a few exceptions. Kylmäkoski DiscGolfPark is a slightly quieter course in terms of visitor numbers, so if you don’t like waiting, you should head to Kylmäkoski.

Kortekumpu Disc Golf

Kortekumpu Disc Golf is a nice 18-hole course completed in Kangasala. The diverse forest-/field course is pleasant to play, located 20 minutes drive from downtown Tampere.

Pirkkala DiscGolfPark

Located in Pirkkala, this course is a clear forest course that was updated to 18 holes a few years ago. The overall setup is nicely challenging. Pirkkala (positively) has the problem that it is quite crowded due to local juniors.

Epilä DiscGolfPark

In Tampere’s Epilä, the former European Open venue, Epilä DiscGolfPark is a nice 15-hole park course. This occasionally crowded setup is pleasant to play on a summer day by the lake. Conveniently on the driving route from Nokia to Tampere.

Short park courses for evening rounds:

Vihioja DiscGolfPark – Legendary 9-hole Vihioja course in Viinikka about 2.5 kilometers from downtown.

Sellupuisto disc golf course – 9-hole park course in Lielahti, good to stop by on the drive from Nokia to Tampere.

You can check the visitor numbers of Tampere’s courses conveniently from the DiscGolfPark Live counter.

Other highlights from a tourist’s perspective

Sauna VIP Experience

Unique oppurtunity to relax in the sauna and enjoy pro level disc golf at the European Open 2023

At the European Open, you can enjoy a sauna and watch top disc golf live. Check out the available sauna shifts from the European Open shop.

Tammerfest July 20-22, 2023

Tammerfest in Finland 2023

Want to enjoy good music after a day of disc golf? Grab a day ticket to Tammerfest or head to Laukontori, where the music carries quite well from Ratinanniemi across Tammerkoski. The entire festival program and performers can be found here.


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