How far can Paul McBeth throw?

How far can Paul McBeth aka McBeast throw

Paul McBeth, PDGA #27523, is a professional disc golfer and a 5-time PDGA World Champion from Huntington Beach, California, United States. He is widely considered as one of the G.O.A.Ts of disc golf. Paul has been a member of the PDGA since 2005 and turned pro in 2008. McBeth has won over 130 tournaments, including 5 World Championships, 10 Majors & 20 Nation Tour events and his disc golf career earnings stand at a whopping $547,118.09 (As of July 2021). In addition Paul McBeth Signed a 10-Year, $10 Million Contract Extension with Discraft, making him the most paid disc golf athlete in the sport’s history.

How far can Paul McBeth throw?

Paul McBeth has thrown a Discraft Zeus to a distance of 600+ feet (182+ meters), this incredible throw was recorded in a video where McBeth was throwing “Simon lines”, he crushed a near perfect 360-backhand throw. Additionally, in the 2019 Kansas City Wide Open tournament Paul McBeth parked his Discraft Zeus under the first hole’s basket when he threw an air shot over the trees, the hole lenght was 555 feet (169 meters). On both of these throws Paul McBeth used his Discraft Zeus. ad gif


Bear in mind that McBeth isn’t known for his insane distance off the tee like Simon Lizotte, Eagle McMahon or Anthony Barela, but if needed he can unleash his inner McBeast and throw the disc incredibly far.

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Paul McBeth maximum distance driver Discrraft Zeus

Paul McBeth’s near perfect 360-backhand form:

Check out Paul McBeth’s INSANE 555 feet drive OVER THE TREES on JomezPro Youtube channel:

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If you made it this far, I highly recommend subscribing to Paul McBeth’s YouTube channel.


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