How Many Discs Does Paul McBeth Carry?

How many discs does Paul McBeth carry

Paul McBeth carries ~20 discs at all times, in his latest in the bag video he showcases 11 different molds he likes to carry, meaning he has several backup discs just in case he loses one.

In his latest in the bag video, Paul McBeth gives us a brief overview what discs, which plastic and how many discs he carries.

He’s bagging two different putter molds. PS! He always bags two putting putters, just in case one goes into the water. McBeth uses Discraft Lunas as his go-to putting putters and for throwing putters, he’s currently using Discraft Z Zones.

For midrange discs, Paul McBeth uses Malta, Big Z plastic Buzzz and Z plastic Wasp.

Paul McBeth’s go-to fairway drivers are the Discraft’s Predator, Anax, Undertaker and Heat.

And lastly, for distance drivers, McBeth’s using Discraft Zeus and Force.

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Check out Paul McBeth’s in the bag videos here:


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