Joel Freeman IN THE BAG – Favourite & Highly Recommended Discs

Joel Freeman in the bag, heaviest bag on tour

Joel Freeman, PDGA #69509, is a professional disc golfer from Loveland, Colorado, United States. He’s been playing disc golf since 2011 and professional disc golf since 2014. Joel has won numerous events and his total career earnings so far are 71,247.33$ (According to the PDGA, as of June 1st 2021).

Even though Freeman did not participate in the 2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour, he is back for the upcoming season of 2021.

Meet Joel Freeman – Professional Disc Golfer

Joel Freeman In The Bag

Now that you have met Joel Freeman. Let’s take a deeper look into his bag for the 2021 disc golf season.

For starters, Joel Freeman is using the Innova ProtoPack backpack bag, which looks fairly similar to the GRIP EQ AX4 bag. The ProtoPack’s main storage can store more than 22 discs at a time + on deck putter pocket is adjustable and fits 3 putters.

Innova ProtoPack backpack bag

Now to the good stuff, the disc golf discs.

Joel freeman in the bag part 1

In the picture displayed above, Joel explains that every disc golfer should ideally have 15 different kind of discs.

For example, 3 different kinds of putters, one overstable, 1 stable and 1 understable. Same goes for the midranges, fairway drivers, control drivers and distance drivers.

Let’s dive deeper into his bag.

Putting putters

For putting putters, Joel Freeman is using his Infinitediscs Signature Series X-Blend Scarab, which are fairly overstable.

Throwing putters

Innova Glow Champion Whale – Overstable;

Innova Glow Champion Whale – Stable;

Discmania D-Line P1X – Understable.


Innova Gator3 – Overstable – Joel’s favourite mold of ALL-TIME;

InfiniteDiscs Glow C-Blend Chariot – Stable;

Innova Star Foxbat – Understable.

Fairway Drivers

InfiniteDiscs I-Blend Exodus – Stable;

Innova Joel Freeman Signature Glow TL – Understable.

Control Drivers

Innova Champion Firebird – Overstable;

Innova Star Thunderbird – Stable;

Discmania C-Line CD2 – Understable.

Joel Freeman’s most highly recommended disc is the Discmania C-Line CD2. In his opinion CD2 is one of the best discs ever produced. He loves the Discmania C-Line CD2 mold, because it has all the control of a fairway driver with all the distance of a distance driver. To sum it up, it’s an incredible disc you should definitely try out!

Discmania C-line CD2 control driver joel freeman
Discmania C-Line CD2 & Joel Freeman

Distance Drivers

InfiniteDiscs I-Blend Emperor – Overstable;

Innova Luster Destroyer – Stable;

InfiniteDiscs Metal Flake Glow C-Blend Pharaoh – Understable.

Miscellaneous discs

In addition to the basic 15 spots, Freeman also has a couple of discs in the bag that don’t quite fit in any of those categories listed above.

These discs are:

Joel Freeman innova star destroyers

  1. Innova Ricky Wysocki Star Destroyer
  2. Innova Paul McBeth Star Destroyer
  3. Discmania Metal Flake PD2 – Very overstable distance driver & for windy conditions;
  4. Innova Star Sidewinder – For rollers & late turnover shots;
  5. Innova Champion Firebird – Super flat top, overstable control driver;
  6. Innova Scott Withers Glow Gator – Overstable midrange;

Plus, a few discs that are not in the bag, but Joel considers them as a part of his disc golf bag, depending on the location and the course.

  1. Innova DX Katana – Extremely understable, unique purpose;
  2. Innova Champion Shryke – For distance shots, also a substitution for the InfiniteDiscs Pharaoh if needed;
  3. InfiniteDiscs Metal Flake Sphinx – Interchangeable with the Innova Sidewinder;
  4. Innova Champion Glow Savant – Innova’s version of the Discmania CD2;
  5. Innova Metal Flake Max – Probably THE MOST OVERSTABLE disc ever made, extremely similar to the “Tilt”;

These are all the discs that Joel Freeman is bagging in the upcoming season of 2021.

PS1! If you paid close attention, you can see that the overstable fairway driver spot is kind of funky and missing a disc’s name. That’s because Joel has not yet found a suitable disc for that spot, although he has tried out a couple, like the Innova Whippet and the Hyzer Bomb MOAB, but in his opinion it feels weird in the hand, so for now this category remains empty.

Joel Freeman in the bag 2021

Non-disc items in Joel Freeman’s bag

  1. 2 big towels;
  2. Sharpie;
  3. A few mini marker discs + 1-2 extra ones;
  4. Bean bag for grip;
  5. Carmex lip balm;
  6. A ton of pencils;
  7. Gloves (for winter);
  8. DD Discs retriever;
  9. Ibuprofen;
  10. Hacky sack;
  11. Sunscreen;
  12. A couple of bucks in cash;
  13. Sander (for smoothing the edges or scuffs);
  14. PDGA official rules of Disc Golf manual;
  15. Rain fly for the bag;
  16. 40 oz water bottle.

PS2! Joel is known for his extremely heavy bag.

So there you have it, that’s what’s in the bag of a professional disc golfer Joel Freeman.

Be sure to check out Joel Freeman’s social accounts, go follow him on Instagram, like his Facebook page and most definitely go SUBSCRIBE to Joel Freeman’s YouTube channel!

Here’s a video of Joel Freeman in the bag:


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