Kristin Tattar has been nominated for the Estonian Female Athlete of the Year award!

I’ll be blunt, if Kristin Tattar, the reigning and two-time Disc Golf World Champion from Pärnu, Estonia, is not chosen as the Estonian Female Athlete of the Year for 2023, then the entire Estonian Olympic Committee’s “Estonian Athlete of the Year” awards ceremony might as well be cancelled…

Why should Kristin Tattar be awarded the title of Estonian Female Athlete of the Year in 2023?

Note: The following list includes achievements ONLY from the 2023 season!

✅ Kristin Tattar successfully defended her Disc Golf World Champion title, making her a two-time Disc Golf World Champion! 🏆🏆

✅ GRAND SLAM! Kristin became the first disc golf player in history to win all 4 Major tournaments in a single season!

✅ In addition to the 4 Major tournament victories, Kristin won 7 Disc Golf Pro Tour events, totaling 11 WINS out of 17 competitions on the highest level disc golf tour! When Kristin didn’t win, she finished on the podium in second place four times.

✅ Won the first European Championship title of her career in front of a home audience at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds!

✅ Disc Golf Pro Tour season points standings winner!

✅ Kristin was selected as the Best Female Player of the Disc Golf Pro Tour season!

✅ Best Female Player of the season according to the Professional Disc Golf Association’s (PDGA) points standings!

✅ Tattar received the highest recognition in Estonian sports, the national sports award!

✅ Kristin was selected to the Estonian Olympic Committee’s (EOK) elite sports program Team Estonia!

✅ Pärnu city awarded Tattar an Order of Merit for outstanding achievements in elite sports and promoting disc golf!

✅ Kristin set a new women’s PDGA rating point record, reaching 999 PDGA rating points! No female player has reached such a high rating before!

✅ Tattar set a new PDGA earnings record, earning the most prize money in a single season, a total of $116,247 USD!

PS! I’m sure I missed a few, but these accomplishments should give an idea of what an exceptional season Kristin Tattar had!

The community calls Kristin’s 2023 season the “DREAM SEASON”!

My choice is definitely 110% certain! Kristin Tattar is the Estonian Female Athlete of the Year for 2023! 🏆

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Tattar purustas discgolfi raharekordi!

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