Silver Lätt IN THE BAG – Team Latitude 64

Silver Lätt, from Estonia, is widely known for having one of the best & cleanest sidearm/forehand throws in disc golf. Silver Lätt is a 3x Estonian Pro Tour overall champion (2015-2017), 2017 Estonian Champion, first ever 1000+ rated Estonian player and a 2019 Euro Tour overall champion.

Silver Lätt in the bag, full list of discs:

BagLatitude 64 Core Pro E2 Backpack-
Putting putterDynamic Discs EMac JudgeClassic blend
Throwing putterLatitude 64 PureGold-X
Throwing putterWestside Discs HarpMedium
MidrangeDynamic Discs JusticeLucid
MidrangeDynamic Discs SuspectHybrid X
MidrangeLatitude 64 TrustGrand
MidrangeLatitude 64 SaviorGrand
Fairway driverLatitude 64 ExplorerOpto
Fairway driverLatitude 64 Saint ProGrand Orbit
Fairway driverWestside Discs AhtiVIP
Fairway driverLatitude 64 GloryGrand
Fairway driverLatitude 64 PioneerOpto
Fairway driverLatitude 64 HonorGrand
Distance driverLatitude 64 GraceGrand Orbit
Distance driverLatitude 64 RiveGrand Orbit
Distance driverDynamic Discs EnforcerChameleon

How good is Silver Lätt’s forehand game? Check the videos down below to see for yourself!

Where to Buy Discs What Silver Lätt is Using?

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What Disc Golf Bag is Silver Lätt Using?

Silver Lätt is currently using the Latitude 64 Core Pro E2 Backpack.

The bag’s main compartment holds up to 18 discs depending on molds. It’s new & ergonomic design will keep the weight close and high up on your back. It’s pretty much a better version of the Core bag, with more sturdy design and more storage, but much lighter than the Luxury backpack.

Silver Lätt rocking his Latitude 64 Core Pro E2 Backpack:

Silver Lätt using the Latitude 64 CORE PRO EDITION 2 backpack

What Disc Golf Putters Does Silver Lätt Use?

For putting putters Silver Lätt uses Dynamic Discs EMac Judge, in classic blend plastic.

Here’s a video of Silver Lätt putting … in wintertime & snow:

What Throwing Putters is Silver Lätt Using?

For throwing putters, Silver mainly uses the Westside Discs Harp in medium plastic and Latitude 64 Pure in Gold-X plastic.

Here’s a video of Silver Lätt throwing a Westside Discs Harp. Oh yeah, that’s in slow-motion … Crazy smooth and clean, right?

What Disc Golf Midranges is Silver Lätt Using?

Dynamic Discs Justice – Lucid plastic

Dynamic Discs Suspect – Hybrid-X

Latitude 64 Savior – Grand

Latitude 64 Trust – Grand.

What Fairway Drivers is Silver Lätt Using?

Latitude 64 Explorer – Opto plastic

Latitude 64 Saint Pro – Grand Orbit

Westside Discs Ahti – VIP

Latitude 64 Glory – Grand

Latitude 64 Pioneer – Opto

Latitude 64 Honor – Grand.

Here’s a video of Silver Lätt’s forehand driving form:

What Distance Drivers is Silver Lätt Using?

Latitude 64 Grace – Royal Line Grand

Latitude 64 Rive – Royal Line Grand

Dynamic Discs Enforcer – Chameleon

Silver Lätt’s signature Latitude 64 Royal Line Grand Rive Team Series:

Silver Lätt’s Favorite Disc Golf Distance Driver and TOP 2 Putters

Silver’s absolute favorite driver is the Latitude 64 Rive. His 2 favorite throwing putters are the Pure and Harp.

Silver Lätt Signature Series Discs

Silver Lätt’s most popular signature team series disc is the Latitude 64 Rive.

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