TOP 20 Tournament Prize Money Earners in Disc Golf in 2023 – July Update!

Kristin Tattar has the highest average earnings per event with $4552.9 per tournament!
In addition, Kristin Tattar has also earned the most cash in 2023 so far, total of $63,740 in just 14 events.

PS! There are 6 FPO players and 14 MPO players in the TOP 20!

Here are your TOP 20 Tournament Prize Money Earners in Disc Golf in 2023 – July UPDATE:

NamePDGA#DivisionCountryEventsAVG $ per eventTotal Cash in USD
Kristin Tattar73986FPOEstonia144552.963,740
Calvin Heimburg45971MPOUSA163533.856,540
Gannon Buhr75412MPOUSA192923.355,543
Isaac Robinson50670MPOUSA202199.743,993
Anthony Barela44382MPOUSA201564.131,282
Paul McBeth27523MPOUSA161930.930,894
Eagle McMahon37817MPOUSA142175.930,463
Adam Hammes57365MPOUSA211437.630,190
James Proctor34250MPOUSA181638.429,492
Catrina Allen44184FPOUSA161754.328,069
Aaron Gossage35449MPOUSA191468.727,906
Missy Gannon85942FPOUSA161735.527,768
Kyle Klein85132MPOUSA132062.226,809
Corey Ellis44512MPOUSA132037.126,482
Ricky Wysocki38008MPOUSA112352.025,872
Ohn Scoggins48976FPOUSA151672.125,082
Emerson Keith47472MPOUSA241004.624,111
Holyn Handley133547FPOUSA171341.722,809
Matthew Orum18330MPOUSA151511.122,666
Ella Hansen144112FPOUSA191139.321,647

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Who earned the most tournament prize money in disc golf in 2022?

Wysocki averaged a staggering $5288.8 per event (best in MPO) and Kristin Tattar averaged $4686.7 (best in FPO). Last year’s TOP 10 Prize Money Earners in Disc Golf can be found here –

TOP 10 Prize Money Earners in Disc Golf in 2022

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