Where and how to buy Cloud Breaker 2?

Cloud Breaker 2 sold out?

Well, you most certainly can’t buy Discmania Cloud Breaker 2 from your local disc golf store or e-store anymore, because they are all SOLD OUT!

Discmania Cloud Breaker 2's are all SOLD OUT

Where to buy Discmania Cloud Breaker 2?

There are plenty of them on the Disc Golf secondary market. For example, on Ebay or Facebook disc golf groups, such as Dollar Disc Golf Auctions. Just search for similar groups on Facebook and I’m sure you will find someone, who is selling a Cloud Breaker 2.


While Discmania and other stores and e-stores sold Cloud Breaker 2’s for 23.99$, the secondary market prices are WAY higher.

How high are the secondary market prices for the Cloud breaker 2 you ask?

At the Dollar Disc Golf Auctions Facebook group, some of the max weight and pretty ones have nearly reached the 60 to 80 US dollar mark, which is not that much for a limited and special edition disc golf disc.

But it’s nothing close to the prices on Ebay, where scalpers sell them for nearly 10 times the original price. Reaching 200 USD or even more!

Ebay cloud breaker 2 INSANE prices

Should you buy the Cloud Breaker 2?

Yes, you should, but it all depends on the price. If you can get one for a decent price you should definitely try it out.

NB! Friendly tip, if you manage to get one, throw it on the grass field first so you won’t scratch it that much and if you do not like it, just resell it. As they are in high demand, you can probably sell it for the same price you bought it for or even get a small profit out of it.

Or if you are patient enough, just wait for the Cloud Breaker 3 release in the Spring of 2021.

Discmania cloud breaker 2 out of production and cloud breaker 3 coming in the spring 2021

But if you are looking for something similar to Cloud Breaker 2, just buy the regular Discmania S-Line DD3 or take a look at these 12 best disc golf distance drivers.

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Discmania S-Line DD3

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Looking for a Discmania Cloud Breaker 3?

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