The Best Competitive Disc Golf Rounds Played by Estonians of All-Time

In the past couple of years Estonian professional disc golf has reached NEW HEIGHTS!

Kristin Tattar becoming the 2022 FPO Disc Golf World Champion & MPO players casually playing all-time best worthy rounds every other weekend in high caliber pro tour events. But who’s performance ranks as the ALL-TIME BEST according to the PDGA rating? Let’s take a look!

All-Time Best Disc Golf Rounds by Estonian MPO players

1Egert Hütt2023 JEDGC Round 11093
2Albert Tamm2022 DGPT Open at Tallahassee Round 11080
3Albert Tamm2023 EDGC Round 11077
Mauri Villmann2023 Prodigy Disc Pro Tour #1 - Helsinki Round 21077
5Mauri Villmann2023 European Open Round 31073
6Albert Tamm2022 DGPT Santa Cruz Masters Cup Round 11072
Mauri Villmann2023 EPT Nokia Open Round 21072
8Mauri Villmann2023 EPT Estonian Open Monday Qualifier1068
9Albert Tamm2019 USDGC Round 31067
Silver Lätt2018 PDGA Worlds Round 31067
Hannes Kurn2024 Eesti Talvised Meistrivõistlused Round 21067
12Albert Tamm2023 European Open Round 21066
13Mauri Villmann2023 EPT Estonian Open Round 31064
Hannes Kurn2023 ET Konopiste Open Round 21064
15Mathias Villota2021 EDGL Järva-Jaani/Metsajõe Round 21063
Mathias Villota2020 V Open De Espana Round 11063
Roland Kõur2022 Prodigy Championship Round 21063
18Albert Tamm2019 European Open Round 11062
Kaspar Kukk2023 Virumaa MV 2023 Round 11062
Silver Lätt2023 Andalucía Open Round 11062
21Albert Tamm2020 PDPT Kuopio Round 11059
Albert Tamm2022 DGPT The Preserve1059
Rasmus Metsamaa2022 Eesti Meistrivõistlused Round 11059
Silver Lätt2021 DGPT The Preserve1059

All-Time Best Disc Golf Rounds by Estonian FPO players

Complete and utter dominance by Kristin Tattar and it’s not even close…

#Player nameEventRating
1Kristin Tattar2023 EDGC Round 21055
2Kristin Tattar2023 PDGA Worlds Round 21038
3Kristin Tattar2023 PDGA Worlds Round 11035
4Kristin Tattar2022 PDGA Worlds Round 41033
Kristin Tattar2022 DGPT Des Moines Round 11033
6Kristin Tattar2022 DGPT Green Mountain Round 21030
7Kristin Tattar2023 TPWDGC Round 31029
8Kristin Tattar2023 PDGA Champions Cup Round 11026
Kristin Tattar2023 DGPT Blue Ridge Round 11026
Kristin Tattar2023 MVP Open Round 21026
Kristin Tattar2022 PDGA Worlds Round 51026
12Kristin Tattar2023 European Open Round 21024
13Kristin Tattar2023 DGPT Portland Open Round 21023
Kristin Tattar2022 PDGA Worlds Round 11023
Kristin Tattar2022 TPWDGC Round 31023
16Kristin Tattar2023 DGPT Des Moines Challenge Round 31021
Kristin Tattar2023 DGPT WACO Round 11021
18Kristin Tattar2022 DGPT DDO Round 21020
Kristin Tattar2023 European Open Round 21020
20Kristin Tattar2023 PDGA Champions Cup Round 31019
Kristin Tattar2022 Memorial Round 11019

After playing some of the best disc golf of his professional career and taking down multiple victories and podium spots during May & the beginning of June 2023 , Mauri Villmann‘s rating has risen from 1009 to 1022 (+13!) with the latest PDGA ratings update, making him the highest rated Estonian MPO disc golf player!

After nearly 4 years of complete dominance by Albert Tamm, Estonia now has a new highest rated MPO player – Mauri Villmann

Mauri started his 2023 season with a BANG! Scoring a staggering 4 All-Time Best worthy performances in the beginning of the season & becoming a force to be reckoned with!

Estonian Open 2023 Hot round mauri villmann

In addition to Mauri Villmann’s stellar 2023 season start, young gun Hannes Kurn had himself a feast at the Konopiste Open 2023 Round 2. Kurn’s 12 under par score came in as a 1064 (unofficial) rated round.

Hannes Kurn Konopiste Open 2023 Round 2 -12 score

Lastly, if you don’t recall … Just last year (2022) Kristin Tattar became the first ever Estonian to win the PDGA Disc Golf World Championships & first player ever to reach over $100,000 in a single season tournament winnings.

She also came first in 2022 FPO DGPT points standings. Had all podium finishes through the 2022 season & was the Disc Golf Pro Tour FPO player of the Year. In total Kristin Tattar earned a staggering $103,141.00 prize money during the 2022 season!

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