Best DGA Portable & Practice Disc Golf Baskets in 2022

DGA portable and practice disc golf baskets

Best DGA Disc Golf Basket for Putting Practice – The DGA Mach Shift Training Basket

DGA Mach Shift disc golf training basket target

The DGA Mach Shift 3-in-1 disc golf basket is the best target for practicing your putting. It’s all-metal, yet lightweight and can be shifted into 3 different positions as displayed in the picture above:

Standard Shift Position – Regular catching size with 2 rows of chains.
Advanced Shift Position – Chains moved to a 12 inch center ring, which makes the basket a skinny target for practicing your putting accuracy.
Pro Shift Position – Very challenging position where the entire chain assembly is lowered to improve your putting pinpoint accuracy.

In short summary, DGA Mach Shift is the best DGA basket for putting practice. Grab yours here on or

Best Portable DGA Disc Golf Basket – The DGA Mach Lite

DGA Mach Lite foldable disc golf basket

The best portable disc golf basket in the DGA selection is the DGA Mach Lite target. This lightweight portable basket is perfect for players on the road and pop up courses. It’s plain and simple to set-up, the whole process takes about 30 seconds. Interested? Check out the DGA Mach Lite here on

How to set-up DGA Mach Lite portable disc golf basket:

  1. Open the leg tripod and put it on ground;

  2. Put the basket on the tripod and remove the carry-bag;

  3. Open the basket part and lock it in place;

  4. Open the chains and lock in place.

  5. That’s it! Have fun!

DGA Mach Lite is also my 2nd favourite portable disc golf basket, check out the best portable & permanent disc golf baskets here –

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Best DGA Disc Golf Basket for Backyard Practice – The DGA Mach 2

The DGA Mach 2 disc golf basket is the best DGA basket for backyard putting practice due to it’s heavy-duty galvanized steel construction, which is rust-free and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

In addition, DGA Mach 2 has two rows of 18 strands of chains, purposefully designed to prevent spit outs as a result of disc hitting the centre pole. Grab yours here on


FeaturesMach ShiftMach LiteMach II
Number of Chain Strands161618
Rows of Chain1-2 Adjustable Rows2 Rows2 Rows
Metal FinishZinc & Powder Coated SteelZinc Coated Steel & NylonHot-dipped Galvanized
Warranty1 Year1 Year20 Years
More InfoMach Shift Product PageMach Lite Product PageMach 2 Product Page


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