5 Best Disc Golf Bags for Beginners

Choosing the best and correct disc golf bag from the many options available on the market might be a bit challenging. However, this should not be the case if you know what you need.

Choosing a disc golf bag is not only limited to needs and preferences. There are many other factors you ought to consider when buying one, and they include:

  • The carrying capacity of the bag in question;
  • Quality of the material, which translates to the durability of the bag;
  • The level of comfort you need;
  • The style and stability of the bag;
  • Your skill level in disc golf and the types of rounds you are playing.

Besides the above factors that you ought to consider while selecting a disc golf bag, you need to have clear reasons why you need one. Before we narrow down to selections, here are 3 types of disc golf bags, and they play a crucial role in choosing one that will serve you best.

Types of Disc Golf Bags

There are three types of disc golf bags, and their categorization depends on the carrying capacity of a bag. The smallest of disc golf bags has a maximum capacity of eight discs, while the largest can hold more than 20+ discs. Below is an in-depth outline of the three types of bags, their price range, and whom they are best suited for.

Small disc golf bags

The small type disc golf bag suits best for beginners. Most of them have e a carrying capacity of between 4 to 8 discs, which is extremely beginner-friendly due to novice players do not usually have a lot of discs in their arsenal, at least not yet. In addition, these bags are relatively cheap, prices usually varie between $10 and $30. However, their quality might not the best if you compare them to the other 2 categories.

Medium size bags

These are a common preference to most intermediate as well as beginner disc golf players. Medium size bags have a carrying capacity between 8 and fourteen discs. Medium size bags usually cost around $30 to $50.

Large bags

The large disc golf bags have a capacity of at least 15 discs. Out of all the three categories these ones cost the most, however bigger price tag usually means better quality. Large disc golf bags cost between $50 and $250, some custom made bags reach up to $500 or even more.

Vast majority of the professional disc golf players use large bags, because they can carry around many discs for all sorts of shots needed on the course. In addition, due to the adequate space, you can carry other disc golf accessories and essentials like several bottles of water, snacks, towels, extra pieces of cothing, among other necessities you may require during your round of disc golf.
And here’s the best part, most of them are suitable for all disc golfers despite their skill level.

Now that you are well aware of the available types of disc golf bags, here are the best disc golf bag options you ought to consider, if you are looking to buy a disc golf bag.

Best Disc Golf Bags for Beginners

My #1 Pick – MVP Shuttle Bag

MVP Shuttle disc golf bag
MVP Shuttle disc golf bag picture 1
MVP Shuttle disc golf bag picture 2
MVP Shuttle disc golf bag picture 4
MVP Shuttle disc golf bag picture 3


The MVP Shuttle Bag is an excellent and lightweight disc golf bag for all skill levels. The main compartment is designed to hold 12 to 14 discs while the side pocket can hold up to 4 discs or all the accessories or personal items you might want to store away while playing. Besides the main and side compartments, this bag also has a top pocket which can hold additional discs or any other accessory you might want to use during a round such as towels.

Of course, you’ll need to carry your bag, so it’s designed with comfortable padded shoulder straps. These straps are adjustable, which makes the bag ideal and comfortable for players of all sizes. 

This is, without a doubt, a top-notch choice for disc golfers of all levels. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned disc golf veteran, this bag is sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


  • Can hold up to 24 discs;
  • Plenty of storage room;
  • Padded and adjustable straps;
  • Bottle holder;
  • Made from lightweight but durable materials.

Check out the MVP Shuttle bag here on Infinite Discs.

Or here on Amazon.

My #2 Pick – Infinite Disc Slinger Deluxe Bag

Infinite Discs Slinger bag

The Infinite Discs Slinger Deluxe bag is probably one of the best economy disc golf bags out there. It’s very affordable and it covers all the basic requirements a disc golfer has.

This isn’t your normal shoulder bag. Instead, it’s a crossover between modern backpacks and traditional shoulder bags. This means that it gives you a plethora of options in terms of how you can carry it. You can choose to throw it over your shoulder, carry it in your hand, or sling it across your body. 

This bag can comfortably hold up to 14 discs, including 3 slots for your go-to discs. It also has a water bottle holder and another vertical zipper pocket that allows you to conveniently carry your accessories and small items including your phone and keys. In addition, Slinger Deluxe is designed with a double eye-hole on its top to allow you to easily clip your towel. 

In essence, this is a very comfortable and affordable disc golf bag that’s designed with beginners in mind, but can also be ideal for experienced players. 


  • Can hold around 14 discs;
  • Bottle holder;
  • High-quality padded and adjustable shoulder strap;
  • Affordable.

Check out the Slinger Deluxe bag here on Infinite Discs.

Or here on Amazon.

My #3 Pick – Innova Adventure Pack

Innova disc golf adventure bag

The Innova Adventure Pack is a compact and lightweight disc golf bag that can hold up to 25 discs as well as other accessories including your personal items and favorite beverage. Besides the main compartment, it has a top & side pockets with zippers. In addition, you can store your go-to disc in the front mesh pocket for quick and easy access.

The bag’s exterior is made out of 600D Nylon, which makes it resilient to wear and tear.


  • Can hold up to 25 discs;
  • Weighs only 2 pounds when empty!
  • Comfortable & padded shoulder straps;
  • Has an adjustable drink holder;
  • Has a padded top handle;
  • Plenty of storage space.

Get yours here on Infinite Discs.

Or here on Amazon.

My #4 Pick – MVP Cell Disc Golf Starter Bag

mvp cell disc golf bag

With a main compartment that can carry up to 12 discs, the MVP Cell bag is an entry-level disc bag that will make your life on the course more enjoyable. It’s arguably the most compact disc golf bag currently on the market given its size. 

In addition to the main compartment and the putter sleeve, this bag has an inner mesh pocket for storing your items. The quality of its material is top-notch as it’s made with water-resistant and abrasion-resistant material. 

If you believe in simplicity and want a bag that is meant for carrying just your discs, a few accessories, and your water bottle, look no further than the MVP Disc Cell Bag.


  • Can hold up to 12 discs;
  • Made from water-resistant and abrasion-resistant materials;
  • Designed with an inner mesh pocket to hold a few accessories.

Check out the MVP Cell starter bag here on Amazon.

Or here on Infinite Discs.

Final Thoughts

Disc golf bags are of great importance, and the need to choose one specifically for your needs should not be overlooked. This applies to disc golfers of all levels, including training rounds and field work. Therefore, ensure you don’t compromise on the selection to avoid any inconveniences that may arise from lacking a disc golf bag or choosing one that doesn’t serve your needs appropriately.

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