5 Best Disc Golf Control/Fairway Drivers for Beginners in 2022

As a novice, you may find it tough to select a fairway driver appropriate for your needs as you start to play disc golf. To help you out, I have compiled a list of the best disc golf control/fairway drivers for beginners to make it easier for you. Keep in mind that to become a better disc golfer, you must put in the time and effort to perfect your throwing technique. As a result, even as a beginner disc golfer, you should begin with discs that are easy to control down the fairway.

Control drivers are a wonderful place to start for newbies since they are easier to manage than other types of drivers; this is why they are referred to as “fairway drivers” and “control drivers”. Keep in mind that you may always switch to distance drivers whenever you have developped a proper technique, have appropriate arm speed, and further develop your skills and abilities. These control drivers will be of great assistance even after gaining experience as a more experienced disc golfer because they are not restricted to novices alone.

In the beginning, you probably won’t be able to throw distance drivers with enough arm speed or with the right form to control the angle of your throws. As a beginner, you can generate enough power with a fairway/control driver to make the disc fly the way it should. Fairway drivers usually also have a lot of glide, which means it will stay in the air for a long time, meaning the discs will be going further.

Reasons Why You May Want a Fairway/Control Driver


Fairway/control drivers allow you to keep control while also achieving the distance you desire while remaining focused on playing with proper technique.

Distance and Control

Control drivers do not require nearly as much power as distance drivers. That being said, a control driver may provide incredible distance without needing to throw it extremely hard. These drivers are also simpler to manage on those long approach shots or drives. They’re “control” drivers, and that’s precisely what they give you: control over your shots.

Best Disc Golf Control/Fairway Drivers for Beginners in 2022

Our #1 Pick – Discraft Heat

Discraft Heat fairway driver

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Speed: 9.0, Glide: 6.0, Turn: -3.0, Fade: 1.0

Fun fact! The Discraft Heat made its first debut under another name, it was called Ace Race Prototype back in 2014, and soon after its name change it gained popularity among players because of its flight characteristics, tremendous amounts of glide, and added distance even when used at slower arm speeds. It has a thinner than usual rim, making it very easy to hold and is being praised as a milestone in improving distance for new and emerging players. So, all in all, the Discraft Heat is a MUST get fairway/control driver for beginners! Grab yours here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

Our #2 Pick – Dynamic Discs Maverick

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Speed: 7.0, Glide: 4.0, Turn: -1.5, Fade: 2.0

The Maverick is a perfect fit for a beginner disc golf player. It has a thin rim, in addition, the Maverick has a manageable and smooth flight path even for slower arm players. The Maverick thrives in the woods, especially where there are low ceilings, tight fairways and tunnel shots required. Check out the Maverick here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

Our #3 Pick – Discmania Rockstar

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Speed: 8.0, Glide: 5.0, Turn: -2.0, Fade: 1.0

Discmania Rockstar fairway driver is suitable for players of all ability levels but is particularly suited to beginners. This disc was created with the player in mind, and it provides quick access to begin expanding the distance most of the beginners are looking for. If you can throw farther than 300 feet, you will find this disc is great for huge hyzerflips or long turnover shots because of its understability. Pick yours here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

Our #4 Pick – Prodigy F Model US

Prodigy F Model US fairway driver

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Speed: 10.0, Glide: 5.0, Turn: -2.0, Fade: 1.0

The Prodigy F Model US is a new understable fairway driver, which is a mix between a fairway and a distance driver, some even call it a hybrid driver because of its speed rating of 10. This disc’s flying characteristics allow for a wide range of shots, yet still act like any other fairway driver. Check out the F Model US here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

Our #5 Pick – Innova Eagle

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Speed: 7.0, Glide: 4.0, Turn: -1.0, Fade: 3.0

The Innova Eagle is a well-liked fairway driver among golfers of all abilities. This was the first high-speed fairway driver from Innova. It’s an overstable fairway driver with a lot of fade at the end. This gives it a smooth flight path with a predictable final fade. Check out the Innova Eagle here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

Here’s what a beginner player named has to say about the Innova Eagle, he gave it 5 stars out of 5 stars and tagged it as “very beginner friendly”:

This was the first driver I bought when I went to the local disc shop. I learned how to throw with this disc, and I love it. Even after hitting abut 1200 trees, the thing still has reliable fade. This is my go to shorter range drive and in the woods disc. on hyzer it will hold the line, it will fly straight with predictable fade, and on anny will hae a beautiful flex shot. I will always have an Eagle in my bag.

Final Thoughts

Not a single disc on this list is a wrong choice for a beginner. Start with these fairway/control drivers to gain consistency and extra distance. On our list of the best disc golf fairway drivers for beginners, you’ll also find discs so good that most disc golfers who try them will return to them as they progress. So, try out a few of these discs to see which one you prefer most.

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