5 Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers for Beginners in 2024

Why should a beginner disc golfer use fairway drivers instead of distance drivers?

When just starting disc golf, many players make the mistake of going straight for high-speed and overstable distance drivers, tempted by the prospect of getting more distance off the tee. However, for amateur and beginner disc golfers, fairway drivers are a much better option to gain some extra distance and control.

Most of the beginners lack the arm speed, technique, and precise release angles to throw these advanced discs properly. Using them too early leads to frustration, lack of distance and a lot of uncontrolled throws.

Hence why I highly recommend understable fairway drivers, in particular, they are much more suitable for beginner disc golf players, leading to extra distance and more precise throws. For now, though, here are the five understable fairway drivers I’d recommend to every beginner in a heartbeat.

The 5 Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers for Beginners

1. Axiom Crave

The Axiom Crave is a straight-flying neutral fairway driver, making it an ideal stepping-stone disc for newer players seeking to advance beyond purely understable molds. Its sleek profile fits like a glove in the hand, while the flight path’s subtle turn helps reveal form flaws to amend. In addition, the Crave has a glide rating of 5, which makes it glide through the air, excellent for that extra distance. The disc responds well to both maximum and minimal power, flying long and straight, exactly what a beginner disc golfer desires. Check out the Axiom Crave here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

2. Latitude 64 Diamond

Latitude 64 Diamond fairway driver

“A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.” – Henry Kissinger.

A staple workhorse fairway mold found in almost every beginner’s bag, the Latitude 64 Diamond lives up to its name. The Diamond is an easy to use & light weight 8-speed fairway driver with stupendous amounts of glide. The disc has a relatively narrow rim, which fits perfectly for smaller hands, for example women and children, but also an excellent disc for all beginner-level players.

Fun fact! The Latitude 64 Diamond is only produced in weights between 145 to 159 grams! Making it easy to throw and control. Interested? Check out the Latitude 64 Diamond here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

3. Innova Leopard3

Innova Leopard3 fairway driver

Probably one of the most popular Innova fairway drivers ever made, which is also suitable for beginner disc golf players. The Leopard3 is a perfect disc if you want a controllable fairway driver that goes straight as an arrow right out of the box. It’s an all-purpose fairway driver that can be used for all sorts of shots for disc golfers of all skill levels.

Get your Leopard3 here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

4. Latitude 64 River

Latitude 64 River fairway driver

The River is one of the most popular fairway drivers from Latitude 64, mainly due to its ability to glide what seems to be like forever. It is one of the few fairway drivers that has a glide rating of 7. It is easy to use/throw and suits most player’s skill and power levels. Check out the Latitude 64 River fairway driver here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

5. Discraft Heat

Discraft Heat fairway driver

The 9-speed Discraft Heat behaves far more friendly than it first might appear. It has a narrow rim and a turn rating of -3 with a minimal fade, which is excellent for beginners! Heat is mostly known for its big left-to-right sweeping flight path & even rollers amongst intermediate players and for those, who are approaching higher arm speeds, but it fies dead-straight for amateur disc golfers.

If you want to try out the Discraft Heat, get yours here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

Final thoughts

As an amateur player, learning proper throwing form and mastering skills through consistent practice with beginner-friendly fairway drivers instills habits critical to long-term improvement in disc golf. Their forgiving flights offer feedback to amend common mistakes while building confidence in hitting lines and gaining extra distance. Even though not hitting your lines might frustrate you, keep in mind that it’s just a game! So, invite your friends and go have fun out there!

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