Best Disc Golf Gift Ideas

Best Disc Golf Gift Ideas

Whether it’s a Christmas Day gift, birthday present or you are just an awesome friend who is looking for the best disc golf gift ideas, here’s a complete guide what to gift to your friend who loves disc golf. Ideas ranging from e-gift cards to disc golf baskets, bags and even Züca all terrain carts.

But first things first. What does your disc golf friend need? Remember, that the best gifts are the ones they will use all the times! Do they need discs, disc golf equipment or other disc golf related accessories? Try to remember, perhaps they’ve recently lost their favorite distance driver or need a new putting putter because the old ones are too beat in? Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the best disc golf gift ideas!

Disc Golf Rangefinders

A disc golf rangefinder has become one of the most important devices that I’ve become accustomed to using on the course. The primary purpose of a rangefinder is simple, to measure distances between you and the target. It is therefore an amazing gadget to have given that it only has one relatively simple purpose.

The best rangefinders for disc golf, is Bushnell worth it

Which rangefinder to buy? Check out my TOP 3 recommendations here –

The 3 Best Disc Golf Rangefinders

Disc Golf Shoes

Every disc golfer wants disc golf shoes that are comfortable, durable, have excellent grip in all sorts of weather conditions, and are affordable.

My #1 pick & recommendation would be the Adidas Terrex Swift R3 Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes. These shoes from Adidas are extremely popular among disc golfers and for a good reason, they are affordable, durable and great for disc golf.

Check them out here on Amazon!

Or if you’ve already tried the Adidas Terrex R3 Gore-Tex shoes, you should try the Merrell Moab 2 shoes! Check out the rest of the best disc golf shoes here –

The 13 Best Disc Golf Shoes for 2023

Disc Golf Gift Cards – The Perfect Gift for Disc Golfers

Don’t know what to get as a present for your friend who loves disc golf or you simply prefer to let your disc golfer pick their own discs or equipment, you can count on gift cards. Infinite Discs has two options available:

E-GIFT CARDS – Infinite Discs will deliver a e-gift card code to the exact email address which you prefer which can be used to purchase products on the website. E-gift cards start as low as $5 and go up to $200! Grab your e-gift cards here on

Infinite Discs e-gift cards

Best Disc Golf Discs as Gifts

Safe to say that no disc golfer will turn down discs as presents, but where to start if you don’t know what kind of a disc they need in their bag? Try to remember, have they talked about a specific disc, disc golf equipment or accessory they wanted to try out or perhaps lost during a round? If not, you might as well get something that is widely popular or collectible. That way, whether they will use it, or keep it on the shelves, they will be grateful!

Here are a few discs you might want to consider gifting to a Beginner Disc Golfer as a gift!

The Best Disc Golf Discs as Presents for Beginner Disc Golfers

Distance Driver – Innova Leopard3

Check out the Leopard3 here on

Innova Leopard3 fairway driver

Best Disc Golf Midrange Discs for Beginners

Discraft Buzzz SS

Grab the Buzzz SS here on

Discraft Buzzz SS ESP plastic

Best Disc Golf Putter for Beginners

Innova Aviar

Grab an Innova Aviar here on

If your disc golfer friend already has a Leopard3, Buzzz SS or Innova Aviar putter, check out the rest of the list for gift ideas –

9 Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

Best Disc Golf Starter Sets for Beginners

Browse the best Starter Sets for beginners on by clicking here.

Or check out the Best Sellers & Amazon’s Choice for Disc Golf Beginner Sets here on Amazon!

But what if your disc golf friend is not an amateur and knows their way around discs like they know the back of their hand? No worries, I got you covered! The only thing you need to know is that are they loyal to one manufacturer/brand? For example, do they use only Innova or Discraft discs? If not, I highly recommend giving a look at the recommended discs for certain level they are at. Check out this article for more information –

Recommended Disc Golf Discs

BIG Disc Golf Gift Ideas

Looking to blow your disc golf friend’s socks off? Hit them with a BIG ticket item and they will love you forever! Here are a few ideas:

Zuca All Terrain Cart

ZÜCA All Terrain Disc Golf Cart – Probably one of the most popular disc golf carts ever made. Züca cart is built to carry a lot of discs and provides a place to sit during those longer rounds and is able to carry bunch of other accessories, from extra towels to an umbrella. There are several other extra features that can be added to the cart, for example, padded seat cushions, extra drink holders, putter pouches and many more add-ons. In addition, the Züca All Terrain Cart comes in multiple color combinations for any taste. Get the Züca All Terrain Cart here on

Already have a cart, but don’t have the Power Pocket Putter Pouch? Check it out here on

Other disc golf cart accessory, click here to see if they are in stock on


Do they have a practice basket at home?

Check out the wide selection of portable disc golf practice baskets here on

DGA Mach Lite foldable disc golf basket

The Best Portable Disc Golf Basket – DGA Mach Lite Fold-Up

DGA Mach Lite Fold-Up specifications:

  • 16 dual layer chains;
  • Full-size collapsible disc golf target;
  • Groundbreaking design;
  • Catches like a championship level basket;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Sturdy steel frame;
  • Carrying bag with shoulder strap;
  • PDGA approved.

Click here to check out the DGA Mach Lite Fold-Up practice basket.

Apex NF600 Rangefinder

Apex NF600 Rangefinder – The Apex NF600 Rangefinder is designed specifically for disc golf. Using a 905 nanometer class 1 laser to measure the distance between an object and the rangefinder. This is ideal to determine the distance between yourself and the disc golf basket, or any other target on the fairway. This can also be used as part of course design: providing accurate distances from possible tees to targets. It can deliver the distance in yards, feet, or meters. Grab a Apex NF600 Rangefinder here on

Hyzer Discs Disc Golf Rack

The Hyzer Disc Rack was specially designed to hold and safely store your disc collection in your home. The rack’s dimensions are 48 inches tall, 27 inches wide, and 11 inches deep. The rack can hold approximately  150 discs. Grab one here on

New disc golf bag for the upcoming season?

Shop the largest selection of disc golf backpacks on the internet from top suppliers like Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, Innova, Grip, Discraft, and more here on

InfiniteDiscs Large Backpacks

If you are looking for the best disc golf bags, I highly recommend giving a look at this article first –

Other various and extremely cool disc golf gift ideas!

Infinite Discs 1000 piece puzzle

The Infinite Discs 1000 Piece Puzzle is here. Get cozy and settle in for a fun journey of deciphering 1000 pieces of disc golf discs. Perfect for days when the weather is bad, but you want to do something related to disc golf. Finished size is 20″ x 29″. If you don’t like Disc Golf Puzzles and prefer Disc Golf board games instead, check out the selection here on 

DiscDot for puttingA gift that will help your disc golf friend become better at putting!
The DiscDot is designed to fit on the chains of your practice basket. They are to help make a target link more easily seen. Each pack will come with one classic yellow and one UV Pink. Classic color DiscDots are bright and UV resistant made to last years. This will fit most chain sizes, a minimum chain link spacing of 1″ (space in between the links the long way) is required to fit a DiscDot. Please measure your chains to make sure the dot will fit your chains. DiscDot fits all the most common baskets except some “marksman” style baskets. Grab a DiscDot here on

Disc golf appareal. Disc golf clothing and apparel from all the most popular brands. Buy disc golf hats, t-shirts, polos, socks, gloves, wrist bands, beanies, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, and more. Check out the wide selection here on

Still don’t know what to gift after going through all of the disc golf discs, equipment and accessories above? Then I would highly recommend gifting a simple e-gift card or a physical gift card. The last thing you want is to gift is a present they will never use!

Disc Golf retrievers! The retriever is an excellent gift for all disc golfers. If you nor your friends carry one on you all times, you should really consider getting one! It’s an irreplaceable tool and comes in handy if you somehow get your disc stuck in a tree or throw into water. When picking between disc retrievers I recommend getting one which can telescope out to at least 12 feet long and has multiple heads.

Check out the disc golf retrievers here on Infinite Discs.

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