Weekend Wrap Up – Gannon Buhr is the Best Troll in Disc Golf?!

This week in disc golf, we all owe Redditor Self_Aware_Meme an apology as Eagle McMahon officially announces his departure from Discmania.

Disc golf sleuths may have already pinpointed a possible landing zone for Eagle. Discmania had a pre-announcement ahead of the future announcement on the brand’s future. Gannon Buhr continues to troll, Tattar receives another award, and so much more.”

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Eagle McMahon leaves Discmania after 9 years

The entire week’s buzz has surrounded the latest news about Eagle, so let’s begin there.

Eagle made his departure from Discmania official on January 8th, despite it being mistakenly teased by him days earlier. Redditor u/Self_Aware_Meme, I would like to take a moment to apologize for any speculation I had. You deserve full credit for breaking this announcement, even if the entire community was expecting it.

The announcement officially ended the nine-year relationship where the player and brand grew in unison during that time. Eagle became one of the top-tier talents in the sport, all while being a mere 25 years of age, and Discmania elevated the brand to the likes of some of the biggest manufacturers in the sport. This also marks the end of a chapter, as Eagle was the last remaining part of the famous “Crush Boys”, who were so intertwined with the brand for nearly a decade.

What Eagle has done for Discmania this year alone certainly needs to be acknowledged, and for some, it might have been controversial. There were warning signs during the past year that may have alluded to contract discussions being held during the season, including his famous disc golf drama tweet:

Unlike other professional leagues, conversations with manufacturers and players can happen at any point. As one of the most popular players in the game, both here and overseas at the age of only 25, it would be foolish for all brands not to reach out to Eagle and inquire about his interest, especially after Simon’s departure to MVP.

Fire Sale at Discmania!

Now, add his injury that forced him to miss time during the season. Eagle chose to ignore doctors’ recommendations and played through his injury for the remainder of the season. Whether you felt that decision to not go ahead and have surgery was right or wrong, it is difficult to ignore the possibility of a departure looming over Eagle’s head as a part of that decision-making process to finish out what would be his final season with Discmania.

Eagle has remained silent on any speculation about a future signing at this moment. With the latest news and Discmania set to make an announcement this Saturday, the community could anticipate a signing announcement from Eagle at the earliest next week, but don’t be surprised if it comes later than that.

To honor Eagle, Discmania announced a signature Cloud Breaker release for fans looking to support him one last time and acquire the remaining vestiges of the brand with Eagle’s attachment. If the Cloud Breaker wasn’t enough, they have also released the Eagle Signature Series on multiple molds.

As the release is a pre-order, it’s uncertain how many of these discs will be ordered. Regardless, it represents a nice parting check for both the brand and the player.

I don’t want to downplay the fact that this marks the end of an era for the brand, player, and fans of the sport. However, most of these discs will likely be displayed or packed away, similar to every newspaper a boomer collects for major historic events. It’s pretty cool to look at and appreciate, certainly with perceived value, but in the end, it’s something someone else will have to deal with later – no different than your buddies who still have those unthrown JC (James Conrad) commemorative Envy’s, and those have been collecting dust for only two and a half years.

And yes, despite all that knowledge, my will is too weak – I still bought one. But if anyone is looking for an unthrown Envy, hit your boy up.

Eagle to MVP?

Regarding a possible landing spot for Eagle, we’ve covered some of the major notes in previous videos and TWIDGs. However, disc golf sleuths may have also shed some light on Eagle’s new manufacturer this week!

The community exposed that Eagle began following the manufacturer Streamline, which is under MVP. This gives credence to the overly speculated signing and subsequent division of the entire MVP lineup with James Conrad, Simon, and Eagle.

Unlike Gannon Buhr and a few others, Eagle doesn’t seem interested in trolling or teasing the community with information. So, this discovery feels more legitimate. Adding to this, MVP’s recent posts building to a banner alluding to an announcement themselves has many pointing to Eagle once again or, at worst, a Pixel release.

Is Gannon Buhr the Best Troll in Disc Golf?

Back to Gannon, who seems to be posting daily, teasing new or multiple manufacturers in videos and photos. This has many in the community’s heads spinning, with others deciphering these daily nuggets like a scene from a National Treasure movie (the one with Nicolas Cage).

Here’s one for you… MVP Disc Sports basket and an Innova disc, so which team is he joining?

You’ve got him throwing the Hooligan, putting on MVP baskets with what seems to be a propped-up Innova driver in the background, asking for overstable Envys runs on the MVP collector page, and one of my favorites, his friend stealing and wearing his hat in full Discmania apparel.

It’s nice to see Gannon having fun during this offseason, especially considering what he went through last season.

For those who don’t know or don’t remember, Prodigy sued Gannon Buhr for Breach of Contract, continue reading here – https://discgolffanatic.com/prodigy-sues-gannon-buhr-for-breach-of-contract/

Can’t wait for the 2024 DGPT season to start!

It is becoming more and more evident that we need some actual disc golf already. These announcements, teases, and speculation-inducing posts are getting tiresome. The end might be near, as the Eagle piece was one of the final straws needed to close out the remaining offseason.

Adding to the anticipation is Discmania’s teaser, the ‘future is here’ announcement that will go live this Saturday. Many are expecting that this will be the anticipated Gannon Buhr signing announcement, and I hope, for the community and all that is holy, it is.

Because I don’t want to be hit with another brand remodel and another week of ‘when or if Gannon will go to Discmania’ talks, and even worse, added Gannon trolling.

More off-season announcements

Now, let’s get into even more off-season announcements and teases that don’t involve Eagle or Gannon.

Hanna Huynh announced she signed with Discraft, and many are anticipating a future announcement coming from Chris Clemons.

However, with Clash teasing a future announcement themselves, a possible marketing fit, ‘Clemonade,’ might be on the way—a seamless fit.

Another name being attached to the announcement is Niklas Antilla.

A number of signed players are already sharing their 2024 schedule. Not much of a surprise for Chris Dickerson to skip multiple stops on the west coast swing. What was surprising, though, was his wife saying it out loud in response to a post, ‘We don’t plan to ever go to the west coast, so don’t expect to see it on his schedule.”

Kona announced she has just started putting practice again.

Stacey Rawnsley weighed in on the Tattar Player of the Year vote, even questioning why they are even voting.

Speaking of Kristin Tattar, she sweeps her hometown awards like Oppenheimer at the Oscars, winning sportsperson of the year, sports performance of the year, and female athlete of the year in Pärnumaa county!

This week’s social media quick hitters:

Brodie and the GOAT try to cancel Ken Climo’s fake account on Twitter:

Danny Lindahl is leaving Dynamic Discs:

Holyn Handley built a disc golf course:

Gannon builds another Lego set:

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