How far can Anthony Barela throw?

Anthony Barela, PDGA #44382, is widely considered as one of the farthest throwing disc golf players in the world. Barela is currently sponsored by Discraft & he is the 2013 (MJ3) & 2015 (MA1) PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Champion, in addition, he won the USA Amateur Disc Golf Championship in the MA1 division back in 2015. Even though AB has not yet won a Disc Golf Pro Tour Elite Event nor a Major, he has been close so many times! His best finish at a Major so far has to be the 2nd place at the 2023 PDGA Pro World Championship, where he also earned his biggest payout ever—a check for $20,000.

How far can Anthony Barela throw?

Anthony Barela has thrown a Discraft Big Z Nuke to a distance of 713 feet (217 meters). Barela threw this incredible maximum distance throw at the 2024 Disc Golf Pro Tour All-Stars Distance competition, which was also the longest recorded throw in that event. Anthony crushed a near perfect 360-backhand throw.

Anthony Barela Big Z Nuke Discraft

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In the “How far can I really throw?” video Barela was testing out how far can he throw using various throwing techniques. Here’s a quick summary how far Anthony Barela can throw using backhand, forehand & thumber:

Backhand: 642ft/196m with a Discrat Big Z Nuke.

Forehand: 532ft/162m with a Discraft Zeus.

Thumber: 425ft/129m with a Discraft Nuke OS.

Be sure to check out a video of Anthony Barela throwing BOMBS here:

What else does Anthony Barela throw?

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