How far can Simon Lizotte throw?

Simon Lizotte aka The Wunderkind aka The Crush Boy, PDGA #8332, is a professional disc golfer from Bremen, Germany, who now lives in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United States. Lizotte is widely known for his huge arm, trickshots and “Simon lines” playstyle. Alongside with Eagle McMahon, the second part of The Crush Boys, Simon is very likely to have the longest drive in the game and he also holds the unofficial record for the fastest disc golf throw ever recorded at 166km/h (103mph).

Simon started playing disc golf at a very young age, hence the extremely low PDGA number. For your information, he has one of the lowest if not the lowest PDGA number amongst the touring USA professional disc golfers.
Lizotte joined PDGA in 2005 and turned professional in 2008. Simon Lizotte has a total of 72 career wins, including 2-time European Championship winner (2012 & 2018), PDGA EuroTour 2013 Champion, Ledgestone Insurance Open 2015 Champion, Memorial Championship 2018 winner and 4-time German Disc Golf Champion (2010, 2012, 2013 & 2015). Lizotte’s disc golf career earnings stand at $167,782.04 (As of August 2021). Simon Lizotte is currently sponsored by Discmania Golf Discs.

Simon Lizotte Disc Golf Distance World Record

Lizotte was the previous disc golf distance World Record title holder in 2014 to 2016, when he threw a disc to a distance of 863.5 feet (263.2 meters) and then broke his own record in 2016 with a throw of 903.9 ft (275.5 m). But just 2 days after Simon’s World Record distance throw, the current disc golf distance World Record holder David Wiggins Jr. upped the ante and threw a new World Record. The current disc golf distance World record stands at 1108.9 ft (338 meters) thrown by David Wiggins Jr. Lizotte’s personal best disc golf distance drive stands at 1030 feet (314 meters). Both of these disc golf World Records were achieved with significant tailwind (20-40 mph).

How far can Simon Lizotte throw?

Simon Lizotte is widely considered as one of the farthest throwers in disc golf history, he held the disc golf distance World Record title from 2014 to 2016. Back in 2014 he threw a 863.5 feet shot and later in 2016 broke his own World Record with a massive 903.9 feet (275.5 meters) throw. But wait that’s not all, Simon Lizotte’s personal best disc golf distance drive stands at 1030 feet (314 meters), which was achieved using a 360-backhand throwing technique and heavy 20-40 mph tailwind. During disc golf tournaments, Lizotte alongside with McMahon are probably one of the few if not only disc golf players in the world, who can consistently break the 650′ barrier and occasionally even 700 feet distance barrier with their backhand throws. No wonder they are referred as the “Crush Boys”.

Here’s a video of Simon throwing in more realistic conditions. He threw a bomb of 708 feet aka 215.8 meters. He used a Discmania Cloud Breaker 3, which is his go-to MAX distance driver, with a 360-backhand throwing technique and his armspeed was measured at 79 miles per hour (127.1 km/h).

Simon Lizotte’s “The Mile Challenge”

The disc Simon Lizotte threw in the 1 mile challenge using his 360-backhand technique: Discmania DD3 Cloud Breaker.


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Discmania S-Line DD3

Simon Lizotte’s “The Mile Challenge” video:

What are Simon Lizotte’s “Simon lines”?

Simon Lizotte is best known for his INSANE “Simon lines” backhand throws. What exactly are “Simon lines”? Well, if you can throw over 600+ feet (182+ meters) it will open a lot of doors for you, such as going over EVERYTHING, including the trees. Why? Because there are no trees in the sky, simple as that.

Just watch this throw from Simon Lizotte, parking a 435′ hole while his disc goes 200′ in the sky!

No wonder the Discmania DD3 also made it to my “Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers” list. If you are looking for more disc golf distance drivers, I’d recommend you to check out this article –

If you made it this far, I highly recommend subscribing to Simon Lizotte‘s YouTube channel.

Also, I recommend checking out these 2 videos from Simon Lizotte on the topic of backhand form.


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