Disc Golf Black Friday, Thanksgiving & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Holidays Date: Nov. 23 – Nov. 30– 2023


Where can YOU find the BEST Black Friday Deals for Disc Golf?

  1. Infinite Discs – The leading online e-shop in the disc golf scene, boasting a vast inventory of tens of thousands of discs available year-round. Furthermore, Infinite Discs consistently presents exceptional deals during the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday holidays. Don’t miss out on the fantastic offerings available at the Infinite Discs online store. Explore their selection by clicking here!
  2. Amazon.com – To some this might come as a surprise, but almost every single bigger disc golf manufacturer sells on Amazon, this means a lot of awesome accessories, gadgets, shoes, clothing and many more disc golf related products are for SALE on Amazon! Check out the wide selection of disc golf products on Amazon by clicking here!
  3. Disc Golf Deals USA – Just like the site’s name suggests “Disc Golf Deals” they offer a wide range of disc golf discs and accessories at the lowest prices. With over 25,000 discs in stock, Disc Golf Deals USA provides fast shipping and excellent customer service. Check out their BLACK FRIDAY deals by clicking here!
  4. Disc Golf United – DGU is an online disc golf store and an official pro shop for Innova disc golf. As Innova’s Factory Store you can expect a wide selection of Innova discs & products, latest releases & exclusive Innova BLACK FRIDAY deals! Shop the Disc Golf United store online by clicking here!
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BLACK FRIDAY deals on Infinite Discs!


Infinite Discs Black FRIDAY 2023 offers

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BLACK FRIDAY deals on Disc Golf United!


Disc Golf United Black friday deals 2023

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BLACK FRIDAY deals on Disc Golf Deals USA!



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Disc Golf BLACK FRIDAY deals on Amazon!


Amazon Black Friday 2023 disc golf deals

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Disc Golf Black Friday 2023 Sales quick links

Black Friday QUICK LINKS


Not sure what to buy, but know you want to get it for cheap? A Mystery box is for you!

Here is a complete list of MYSTERY BOXES on Infinite Discs:

The black box infinite discs black friday

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Shoes for Disc Golf

Merrell Moab 2 vs Adidas Terrex R3

best disc golf shoes for the season of disc golf

Looking for shoes for disc golf? Here you go! The Merrell Moab 2 hiking shoes and the Adidas Terrex Swift R3 Gore-TEX hiking shoes are one of my favorite disc golf shoes. Whether you’re on or off the trail, dry or rainy conditions, these multifunctional hiking shoes cater to a variety of activities. They offer both waterproof protection and breathability.

Grab a pair of adidas Terrex Swift R3 Gore-Tex here on Amazon.

Or the Merrell Moab 2 hiking shoes here on Amazon.

black friday disc golf beginner sets deals 2023

Disc Golf Starter Sets

My #1 Pick – Innova Disc Golf Set

🛒 Check Price on InfiniteDiscs

Innova‘s Disc Golf Set stands as the ultimate choice for beginners! The set includes three essential discs – a putter, a midrange, and a driver – this set provides everything necessary to dive into the world of disc golf. If you’re new to the game and lacking discs, this beginner set is the ideal solution to kickstart your disc golf journey!

Grab an Innova Disc Golf Set here on Infinite Discs.

Or here on Amazon.

Here is a complete list of discounted beginner sets on Infinite Discs:

black friday disc golf distance drivers deals 2023

Distance Drivers

My #1 Pick – Latitude 64 Grace Distance Driver

Latitude 64 grand royal grace

🛒 Check Price on Amazon

🛒 Check Price on InfiniteDiscs

The Latitude 64 Grace is an 11-speed distance driver, boasting impressive glide and a substantial fade towards the end of its flight. While particularly well-suited for intermediate and advanced players, its versatility makes it an appealing choice for professionals and beginners alike. Notably, Kristin Tattar, a 2X Disc Golf World Champion, relies on the Grace as one of her preferred distance drivers. If you’ve found Innova Destroyers too oversatble for your liking, you should most definitely check out the Latitude 64 Grace!

Check out the Grace here on Infinite Discs.

Or here on Amazon.

If you are looking for more disc golf distance drivers, check out this list of the Best Distance Drivers – https://discgolffanatic.com/best-disc-golf-distance-drivers/

black friday disc golf putter deals 2023

Putting Putters

My #1 Pick – Innova Aviar

Innova Aviar putter

🛒 Check Price on Amazon

🛒 Check Price on InfiniteDiscs

If you have NOT tried the Innova Aviar, do you even disc golf? It’s the #1 best-selling disc golf putter ever, racking up more World Championships than all the other putters combined! No doubt, it’s one of Innova. Oh, and here’s a cool fact for you—the Innova Aviar putter got the PDGA thumbs-up back on 01/01/1984.

Check out the Innova Aviar here on Infinite Discs.

Here on Disc Golf United, the Official Innova store.

Oh, you’ve already tried Innova Aviar, but still missing putts? Here’s a list of the best putting putters you should try out – https://discgolffanatic.com/best-disc-golf-putters/

black friday disc golf basket deals 2023


My #1 Pick – MVP Black Hole Pro

MVP Black Hole Pro disc golf basket 2023

🛒 Check Price on Amazon

🛒 Check Price on InfiniteDiscs

MVP Black Hole Pro disc golf basket key features:

  • Affordable;
  • Heavy Duty & High Quality;
  • 24 chains (12 outer and 12 inner);
  • Easy to set up and disassemble (in under 1 minute).

The MVP Black Hole Pro disc golf basket stands out as one of the best portable baskets available. Its affordability, top-notch quality, and hassle-free setup and transport make a strong case for itself.

Check out the MVP Black Hole Pro basket here on Amazon.

Or get yours here on Infinite Discs.

Looking for more information? Here’s a great list of the best portable disc golf baskets on the market:

black friday disc golf bag deals 2023

Disc Golf Bags

Here is a list of discounted bags on Infinite Discs:

black friday disc golf carts deals 2023

Carts & cart accessories

Here is a list of discounted cart accessories on Infinite Discs:

My Recommendation – Zuca All Terrain Cart

Zuca All Terrain Cart

This one is easy. If you want a high quality and a reliable disc golf cart, check out the ZUCA All Terrain Disc Golf Cart – One of the most popular disc golf carts ever made. The All Terrain cart is built to carry a lot of discs and provides a place to sit during those longer rounds and is able to carry bunch of other accessories, from extra towels to an umbrella. In addition, the Züca All Terrain Cart comes in multiple color combinations for any taste. Check out the Züca All Terrain Cart here on Infinite Discs.

Already have a cart, but don’t have the Power Pocket Putter Pouch? Check it out here on Infinite Discs.

Other disc golf cart accessory, click here to see if they are in stock on Infinite Discs.

black friday disc golf rangefinder deals 2023


My #1 Pick – Infinite Discs APEX NP600 rangefinder

Infinite Discs APEX NP600 Rangefinder

🛒 Check Price on InfiniteDiscs

The Infinite Discs APEX NP600 is a rangefinder specifically made for disc golf and if you’re into the nerdy stuff the APEX NP600 uses 905 nanometer class 1 laser to measure distances. It can deliver the distance in yards, feet, or meters, ranging from between 10 to 2000 feet away (3 to 610 meters). One of the best features of the Infinite Discs APEX NP600 is that it can measures the speed of an object moving towards and away from the device.

Check out the APEX NP600 rangefinder here on Infinite Discs.
Or here on Amazon.

black friday disc golf grip enhancers deals 2023

Grip Enhancers

black friday disc golf retrievers deals 2023

Disc Golf Retrievers

black friday disc golf towel deals 2023

Disc Golf Towels

Here is a list of discounted towels on Infinite Discs:

black friday disc golf apparel deals 2023

Disc Golf Apparel

Got discs, but no apparel … Do you even disc golf? Check out disc golf apparel here on Amazon and Infinite Discs.

black friday disc golf fairway drivers deals 2023

Fairway Drivers

My #1 Pick – Innova Leopard3

Innova Leopard3 fairway driver

Believe me when I say that the Innova Leopard3 stands out as one of the best fairway/control drivers suitable for players of all skill levels. It is particularly beginner-friendly, while advanced players can throw impressive long turnovers. In summary, this fairway driver is a essential addition to the disc golf arsenal, particularly for those starting out in the game.

Grab yours here on Infinite Discs.

Or here on Amazon.

black friday disc golf accessories deals 2023

Disc Golf Accessories

Here’s more accessories on sale on Infinite Discs:

black friday disc golf midranges deals 2023


My #1 Pick – Discraft Buzzz

Buzzz discraft

Never tried the Discraft Buzzz? What are you waiting for?! The Buzzz is one of the best-selling midranges on the market, catering to both beginners and seasoned players alike. The Discraft Buzzz is a game-changer; take my word for it! If the standard Buzzz feels a bit too overstable or understable for your liking, consider experimenting with the OS (overstable) or SS (understable) variants. Trust me, you want to know what’s the Buzzz all about! Get yours here on Infinite Discs.

BLACK FRIDAY @ Infinite Discs

The 2023 Black Friday Sale by Infinite Discs promises to be the ultimate extravaganza for disc golf aficionados. Featuring exclusive releases, unbeatable doorbuster deals, and substantial price reductions on some of the most cherished disc golf brands!

Whether you’re a fan of Infinite Discs, Innova , Prodigy, or Kastaplast, each day of this sale offers fresh opportunities to expand your disc collection and upgrade your equipment, all at significantly reduced prices. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary shopping journey that will leave you wanting more, thanks to discounts that are truly out of this world. So, gear up, mark your calendars, and prepare to take your disc golf game to unprecedented heights during this phenomenal event!


Infinite Discs 2023 black friday schedule
Click on the image to shop @ Infinite Discs!

MEGA Disc Deals!

This Black Friday Sales Event will feature multiple deals, encompassing $4 discs, $5 discs, $6 discs, and more. You won’t encounter discs at a lower price throughout the entire year!

Shop MEGA Disc Deals here on Infinite Discs!


Doorbuster Deals and Discounted Accessories

Check what’s on sale here on Infinite Discs!


Disc Golf Brands on Sale All Week

In addition to Infinite Discs Line being on sale for the whole Thanksgiving week, here’s a list of other brands on sale all week as well!

Shop all disc golf brands here on Infinite Discs.


Disc Golf Brands on sale all week long at Infinite Discs Black Friday 2023

Black Friday – 24th November – Infinite Discs Day

As the Black Friday sale kicks off, make sure to circle Infinite Discs’ special day on your calendar! Load up on your preferred Infinite Discs gear with astonishing discounts and deals that will turn your disc golf fantasies into reality. Whether you’re in the market for top-tier discs or essential accessories, seize this opportunity to snag incredible savings on the complete range of Infinite Discs products.

Brand new Infinite Discs stamps & ALL Infinite molds, including a huge selection of misprints and X-outs, will be on sale!

These new and unique stamps are as follows:

Infinite Discs black friday sale

Saturday the 25th: Innova Day

The excitement continues beyond Infinite Discs as they dedicate Saturday to disc golf’s premier brand, Innova. Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of remarkable offers on Innova discs and equipment, guaranteeing that your gear will be abundantly replenished for the upcoming season. As always, anticipate the release of exclusive editions of Innova Discs that will be exclusively accessible right at Infinite Discs.

In addition to Innova and Millenium Discs on SALE, Infinite Discs will also have a limited releases including:

Innova saturday black friday sale

Sunday the 26th: Discraft and DGA

Be sure not to overlook Sunday’s offerings, where you’ll uncover an extensive selection of discounted Discraft and DGA merchandise. Whether you’re a devotee of the Buzzz, the Undertaker, or any other Discraft disc, get ready to seize incredible bargains and exclusive releases that will propel your game to new levels of excellence. Keep an eye out for special edition releases that will be exclusively obtainable at InfiniteDiscs.com.

Triple foil stamps:

Discraft’s NEVER before run molds in Z Swirl plastic:

Discraft and DGA black friday sale 2023

Disc Golf Cyber Monday Deals on Infinite Discs: MVP, Axiom, Streamline, TSA, and Mint Discs

Cyber Monday elevates the excitement of the sale for aficionados of gyroscopic discs, as MVP, Axiom, Streamline, TSA, and Mint Discs step into the limelight. Anticipate remarkable markdowns on these well-regarded brands, and brace yourself for unexpected limited-edition releases that will undoubtedly ignite a frenzy among collectors.

The Axiom Discs Simon Line Time-Lapse will release on Black Friday, Nov, 24th!


AXIOM simon lizotte time-lapse dorp

Thought Space Athletics will have an assortment of discs with thes special triple foils stamps, as well as a BRAND NEW mold – The Pneuma, a Thomas Gilbert signature putter. This mold will release on Black Friday, Nov. 24th!

Thought Space Athletics black friday sale 2023 infinite discs

Tuesday, November 28th: Prodigy, Clash, Lone Star, and Gateway

Prepare for yet another remarkable day of the sale, featuring the arrival of Prodigy, Clash Discs, Lone Star, and Gateway Discs. Capitalize on the exceptional offers available for these top-tier discs and accompanying accessories, all while staying vigilant for exclusive releases that will undoubtedly enrich your collection.

Clash Discs:

Lone Star Discs:

Check out the special stamps again on many PRODIGY molds:

Gateway Discs:

Wednesday, November 29th: Kastaplast, Dino, and Doomsday Discs

Wednesday shines the spotlight on Kastaplast, Dino, and Doomsday Discs. Immerse yourself in the celebrated Swedish craftsmanship of Kastaplast, explore the distinctive designs of Dino discs, and uncover the exceptional quality and innovation embodied by Doomsday Discs.

Two speciality discs dropping on Wednesday, newly release Vass & ALL BLACK K1 Soft Berg:

Thursday, November 30th: Trilogy Day – Dynamic Discs, Westside, Latitude 64 & Discmania

As the sale approaches its conclusion, brace yourself for an extraordinary finale featuring Trilogy discs, which encompass Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, Westside and Discmania. This is your last opportunity to seize outstanding deals on these highly coveted brands, along with any exclusive releases that may pleasantly surprise you.

Notably, Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64 adhere to strict MAP pricing guidelines. Black Friday week stands as the one occasion each year when we can offer their discs below MAP prices. Expect phenomenal discounts on what many consider to be the finest plastic in the game during Trilogy day.

Best Disc Golf Gift Ideas

Here’s a great list of disc golf gift ideas – https://discgolffanatic.com/best-disc-golf-gift-ideas/

Ever wondered what putting putters professional disc golfers use?

Here’s a list of over 130+ professional players and their putting putters – https://discgolffanatic.com/what-putters-professional-disc-golfers-use/

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