Disc Golf Valley Foster Points

disc golf valley foster points

What are Disc Golf Valley Foster Points?

Disc Golf Valley Foster Points (FP) are made up points created by Foster Neill, one of the admins on Disc Golf Valley Players Page Facebook group, to spice up the community. Foster Points run on an economy of humor and good will.

How to get Disc Golf Valley Foster Points?

Disc Golf Valley Foster Points are awarded in the Disc Golf Valley Players Page Facebook group by Foster Neill. So make sure to join the Facebook group and contribute useful content into the Disc Golf Valley community.

NB! There is no system or scale on which the points are awarded, just be creative!

How much are Foster Points worth?

Foster Points are pretty much priceless. Nevertheless, if a player has a lot of Foster Points we can assume that the person is an active member of the Disc Golf Valley Players Page.

A short interview with the creator of Foster Points, Foster Neill

In your opinion, how big of an impact has this new point system had on the Disc Golf Valley Players Page Facebook group?

Hmm. Good question. I guess I’d say a big impact, at least relative to other “Events” that got a lot of attention. I think this has been compared to Rusty leaving, which was a pretty big commotion that sowed division in the community. People still care about that, but I’d say it died down with a day or two. Meanwhile, FP is still going crazy after a week? I’ve lost track! Too busy clearing notifications. But in non-relative terms has it has a big impact? I’d say no. The group is really big and still growing. The goal of FP isn’t to shift the purpose of the group, just sort of enhance it.

Where do you see Foster Points in 1 week/1 month?

Well my intention with FP was never to have memes about me/them or to have people striving to get them. In hind sight, I probably should have guessed that highly competitive people who are a bit bored waiting for the next update would use the system to add depth their game clout. But I think it will die down and maybe I’ll be able to actually award them as I intended. The guiding principle I’ve using in awarding points is on the quality of the content and how much I think someone put into it, whether that’s time spent or kind/valuable comments – basically just people helping people. So, one week from now? Hopefully half the FP posts. A month from now? Hopefully more or less back to normal. But only time will tell.

Disc Golf Valley Foster Points leaderboard

300 players have been awarded a total of 239 704 Foster Points to this date (15th April 2021).

DGV foster points leaderboard 15th april 2021

The Best Disc Golf Valley discs you should try out in real life

My #7 pick – Latitude 64 Ballista Pro

Speed: 14, Glide: 4, Turn: 0, Fade: 3

Stability: Overstable

Disc Golf Valley Latitude 64 Ballista Pro

🛒 Check Price on InfiniteDiscs 🛒 Check Price on Amazon

Aahhh, the infamous and the best distance driver in Disc Golf Valley, Latitude 64 Ballista Pro, bigger and badder brother to the popular distance driver, the Ballista. The Latitude 64 Ballista Pro flies extremely far in the Disc Golf Valley, my farthest drive in the game with the Ballista Pro stands at 850 feet (259 meters) … In addition, this disc is also go to distance driver for Albert Tamm, who is the curent reigning and multiple Estonian National Disc Golf Champion. Albert has thrown a Latitude 64 Ballista Pro to a distance of 626 feet (190.8 meters).

How far can Albert Tamm throw?

But for rest of us mere mortals, who don’t throw 600 feet or more in real life, the Latitude 64 Ballista pro is an overstable distance driver. Due to it’s overstability you can put all sorts of angles on it and it will fly far, thus it’s extremely handy in windy conditions. Check out Latitude 64 Ballista Pro here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

In Disc Golf Valley there are plenty of Trilogy discs to choose from, but which ones are the best to try out in real life? Click here to check out a list of 7 discs you should definitely try out in real life!

The Best Disc Golf Valley discs in real life

How to join Disc Golf Valley Players Page Facebook group?

Joining the Disc Golf Valley Players Page Facebook group is fairly simple. If you already have a Facebook account just click here or on the image below and you will be redirected to Disc Golf Valley Players Page Facebook group, where you can find a button to “Join Group” or just search for “Disc Golf Valley Players Page” on Facebook search.

Disc Golf Valley Players Page

Disc Golf Valley Foster Points memes

If you wish to submit your memes about Disc Golf Valley Foster Points, send them to malmiou@gmail.com and copy this text into the e-mail “I am the author of this meme and I consent DiscGolfFanatic.com blog owner to use this meme in the Foster Points article”. Thank you!

Disc Golf Valley Foster Points meme by Fred-Erik
Disc Golf Valley Foster Points meme by Peter Edvardsson


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